Another Child with Autism Wanders and Drowns

Blake Murrell

In what has seemingly become a regular occurrence, another child has tragically
died in a wandering and drowning-related incident, this time near Tulsa,

Four-year-old Blake Murrell, who had autism and was non-verbal, was found
deceased in a duck pond yesterday afternoon just a short distance from his home.
Murrell was reported missing at around 11:30 a.m. by his mother and was found
and recovered about 4 hours later.

As we
recently reported
, autism wandering deaths have become so prevalent in
recent years, some of the largest autism organizations in the country have
teamed up to form AWAARE, a group that focuses on preventing wandering incidents
and wandering-related deaths through education, resources and awareness.

Children with autism are prone to wandering and are often attracted to water due
to its texture. A child with autism can disappear out of sight in a matter of
seconds, so it’s very important that parents, caregivers and educators be extremely vigilant on this issue.

To obtain a very helpful wandering brochure from AWAARE, visit: 
(Adobe Reader Required).

This story is a parent’s worst nightmare and our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.