Autism Film Hopes to Make Impact in 2012

Richard Everts

Richard Everts -- Courtesy:

Last year, we reported about an upcoming autism documentary from producer/director Richard Everts that involved a 40-day cross-country trip and 20 different autism families, speaking 5 different languages. At the time, producers of "The United States of Autism" were seeking funding for post-production expenses and marketing of the film. It now appears they are one step closer to getting it released.

Last week, it was announced that "The United States of Autism" was submitted to its first film festival (TriBeCa) in New York City. If selected, the film will be shown at TriBeCa in April (coinciding with Autism Awareness Month).

In following the progress of this project for about a year now, it’s evident that the entire production team, as well as the families involved in the film, have invested countless hours in ensuring their stories and voices are heard. Let’s rally behind these folks to make sure this film gets the distribution it deserves and has an impact in 2012. 

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