Autism Service Dog Stolen from Little Girl

Autism Service Dog

Courtesy: WCSC

South Carolina brings us an upsetting story involving the theft of an autism service dog on Tuesday from a family’s front yard in Moncks Corner, a small town north of Charleston. Toby, an American Bull Terrier, was snatched by a white female with blonde hair after she stopped in front of the family’s home. The dog provided services to Allie Nolan, who has autism and is said to be taking the loss very hard.

Parents of the young girl have stated she has very limited communication skills and doesn’t know why Toby is gone. The dog often provided a "voice" for her when she was upset or in danger. Witnesses say that the alleged thief was driving a black Dodge Charger when the dog was taken.

The optimist in me would like to believe that someone wouldn’t be so callous to knowingly steal a service dog from a little girl with special needs. However, these pets can cost upward of $20,000, so it’s possible there may have been a financial motive behind the incident. Hopefully, enough people will circulate this story in the media, pressuring the thief into doing the right thing and return the dog.

The family has said they will continue searching and leave Toby’s water bowl out and wait for him to come home.  If you have any information on Toby, you can contact the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department at 843-719-4234.

A reward is being offered for the dog’s safe return.

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