Autism Tattoos: A Growing Trend for Awareness and Support

autism tattoo

Courtesy: Inked for Autism, Tattoos With A Purpose

With autism now affecting 1 in 110 children (with a much higher unofficial rate), you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is not directly or indirectly affected by the disorder. Because of these high numbers and the growing popularity of tattoos in recent years, many tattoo shops across the country are seeing a large spike in demand for autism-themed artwork.

There are also a growing number of tattoo parlors that are partnering up with autism organizations to help raising awareness and funding, with a
portion of proceeds going towards treatment and services. For example, Expressions Ink in Wausau, Wisconsin is a tattoo shop that has previously donated funds from its autism-themed work.

Adding to the growing popularity of autism tattoos, Inked for Autism, Tattoos With a Purpose is a Facebook Page established in July of 2011 for the purpose of recognizing "those who have branded their bodies in honor of someone or themselves with autism." The group has a great gallery of user-submitted photos from people who have been inked with autism-themed tattoos.

I think the idea of tattoos for autism fundraising is a great concept that has the potential to gain some serious momentum. If you are a tattoo artist (or shop owner) and are interested in donating a portion of your proceeds from your autism-related tattoos, please email us with your information and we’ll add you to this page as a resource.
Be sure to include where you are located and a website or Facebook Page link. 

When choosing where to donate your funds, be sure to do your homework and consulte with your customer on what organization is the best fit for you both. Not all autism organizations are the same, so do some research and choose wisely! If you need help selecting, see our foundation and organization page for some ideas.

For those who are interested in getting a tattoo, keep in mind that this is a permanent commitment and a decision that should not be taken lightly. Check out this tattoo advice page
for some great tips and ideas if you are in the market for a tattoo. If you do make the leap, or have done so already, be sure to email us your tattoo photo and we’ll be sure to share with our readers (no inappropriate pics, please).