Temple Grandin HBO Movie Starring Claire Danes

Movie trailer and recap of the 2010 HBO Original Movie, Temple Grandin starring Claire Danes. This film has been recognized with numerous awards, including a Golden Globes Award for Claire Danes’ performance as Temple Grandin.

The movie is a semi-biographical account of Temple Grandin, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age and recommended to be institutionalized by doctors. However, she was able to overcome many obstacles and challenges along the way and be an incredible success and inspiration to many with autism.

Temple Grandin Interview

Dr. Temple Grandin is a professor at Colorado State University and was diagnosed with autism in 1950. She is an author, autism advocate, and her story was depicted in the 2010 HBO movie, “Temple Grandin,” starring Claire Daines. Dr. Grandin has overcome enormous challenges during her life, and was once quoted as saying that if she could snap her fingers and become non-autistic, she would not do it because autism “is part of who I am.”

Snow Cake Movie Trailer

Snow Cake starring Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. This is the trailer to Snowcake a movie where Sigourney Weaver plays the role of a high functioning autistic woman.

The Miracle Project Trailer – Autism Program

The Miracle Project is a special program founded by Elaine Hall and is a theater and film program for children with autism and children of all abilities. More info at: http://www.themiracleproject.org


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Did You Know?

  • * In 1970, Autism affected 1 out of 10,000 children
  • * Autism now affects 1 out of 110 children
  • * Autism affects 1 in 70 boys
  • * 1.7 million Americans have some form of autism
  • * 4 out of 5 autistic children are boys
  • * Autism has an annual cost of $90 billion worldwide
  • * The estimated healthcare costs of someone with autism over their lifetime is $3.2 million

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