Autistic Girl Seized by Canadian Government Heading Home

Ayn Van Dyk

Ayn Van Dyk

Of all the sad autism stories I have encountered, perhaps none has haunted me more than that of Ayn Van Dyk, the ten year old Canadian girl who was abducted from her school by Canada’s Child Protective Services.  As this site has documented in the past, Ayn had been successfully found safe and sound after a wandering incident at her home, but authorities seized her and put her in state custody “to lighten the load” of her single father of three.

While in custody, she was heavily drugged on anti-psychotics as her frantic father Derek, fought tirelessly for her release. 

So it was with great trepidation that I recently set out to learn what had become of her in the many months since I had followed the story.  To my great and utter delight, the Freedom for Ayn blog has reported that the family’s horrible ordeal of more than five hundred days is now drawing to a close.  Ayn is coming home very soon. 

While details are scant, it appears that her father finally had his day in court. 

In a time when we’re overdue for good news, this is indeed a candle in the darkness. Ayn won’t be the same little girl who wandered out of her yard so long ago and the damage to this family has been done, but at least now the recovery and healing can begin.

For more details on Ayn’s story, here’s a timeline of previous posts that shed more light on her and her family’s plight:

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Yes, Ayn is coming home to her daddy and 2 siblings. Derek, however, did not receive his day in court… Actually, MCFD entered with a deal to avert a trial just days prior to a scheduled hearing. An agreement was reached in which the Ministry conceded, no finding of need to intervene existed! More than a year and a half has transpired since the nightmare began; an unacceptable delay of justice.

The story of Derek Hoare and his little girl, Ayn, is a tragic one; one that sadly, is afflicting many Canadian households: Children with disability, such as Autism, are being herded under the scope of Child Welfare Intervention despite absence of negligence or abuse.

SAMANTHA’S LAW in the neighbouring Province of Alberta could have averted this tragic demonstration of Ministry’s ignorance towards the disabled community in British Columbia. Caring families dealing with issues of medical and developmental diversity must be handled distinctly from the Child Welfare Intervention Model.


Velvet Martin,
Spokesperson for Protecting Canadian Children

8 Responses to Autistic Girl Seized by Canadian Government Heading Home

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for the specifics, and the clarification. Settling short of trialis even better. Sweet vindication.

    Sadly this kind of things happens in the US way too much as well. Real horrors slip through the cracks, and innocents are persecuted.

    Again, I appreciate your message.

  2. Deb Ellis says:

    Yes, Ayn is being reunited with her family! Why is it with such utter sadness that I post this? The damage, as Velvet Martin has stated, has been done. One cannot change the past=the damage child ‘protection’ has done IS unchangeable. A child with autism has a much more difficult time trying to adapt to changes. This is a fact. Therefore, in my mind, the damage our Canadian government has done this child (and her family) is far from done…it has just barely begun! I have been researching other countries just to see where else might be an actually democracy…

  3. Susan says:

    Please share the results of your search…

  4. Julie says:

    Susan, thank you for posting this….and keeping those of us who want to be aware, but just are not as aware as we should be, thinking. My GOD, the horror of this is unthinkable! If one of my tagged dogs were out, it would be returned to me. And they speak of ‘lightening the load’ of this father?? I cannot imagine the depth of anger, rage and hostility he must feel. It’s reprehensible what has been done to this beautiful girl, her family, and so many other ‘unseen’ children. Reading these posts and watching the videos made me cry….for the beauty of a parent’s love for a child….then sob, for the government’s complete and total disregard for these children. Blessings to Ayn and her family, and may they survive and thrive, despite what has been done. My hope is that Ayn will grow to know there truly ARE good people in the world, who love and cherish her for who she is and who she will become!

  5. Michael says:

    I’ve been frightened for this girl since a friend of mine first shared the story with me. This truly is something that will NEVER end for that girl. She’d been traumatized…and it’ll never let go of her. And if the government really wanted to “lighten” her father’s “load” they would have provided services and given him support. Not abducted his child and drugged her until she was unconscious. That’s what kidnappers do. Not officials who are looking out for someone’s “safety and well being”.

  6. Susan says:

    Yes, it’s truly horrific…

  7. Jean Nicol says:

    Sadly, it has been nearly 6 months since we were told that Ayn would be going home. It has now been 709 days since she was abducted from school on June 16, 2011…………. in 21 days she will have been held in captivity by CPS in Abbotsford, BC for 2 years. They have stated that Derek Hoare is a good parent and Ayn did not need protection!

    For any updates please go to , the blog I have dedicated to Ayn and her family.

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