Canadian Authorities Continue Search for Boy with Autism

Courtesy: Laval Police Department

A potentially heartbreaking
has emerged from Canada in Laval, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal.

Three-year-old Adam Benhamma, who has autism and is both non-verbal and deaf,
has been missing since Sunday afternoon after playing outside with his sister.
The youngster disappeared during a game of hide-and-seek while his father
briefly went inside the house they were visiting. The area is heavily wooded and
police suspect Benhamma may have fallen into a nearby river. After two nights of
cold and wet weather, police say it’s unlikely the boy could have survived
without finding some sort of shelter.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Benhamma family during this difficult
time. Both parents have not been speaking to the media and police have reported
that Adam’s mother went into "shock" after learning of her son’s

Please pray for Adam and his family and hopefully, we can report back with some
miraculous news in the near future.

Benhamma has black hair and was wearing a black-and-purple hat, a black coat, blue jeans and blue running shoes when he disappeared. 
He is two feet tall and weighs 25 pounds. If anyone in the area has information,
please contact the Laval Police Department at 450-662-4310.