Child with Autism Taken by Authorities, Remains in Custody

ayn van dyk

Ayn and Derek in Happier Times

Today is January 31, 2012. For Derek Hoare, this simply means it’s day number 230 — the number of days his 10-year-old daughter with autism has been kept from him by Child Protective Services (MCFD) in Canada.

The tragedy began in Abbotsford, British Columbia on June 16, 2011 when Canadian authorities removed Ayn Van Dyk from her home after a wandering-related incident. 

Hoare, a single father of three, briefly lost sight of Ayn while she was playing in the family’s backyard, which was surrounded by a 6-foot fence. Hoare immediately called police and a frantic search found her safe over in a nearby neighbor’s backyard. 

Four days after the incident, Canadian authorities whisked Ayn away to a psychiatric facility where she was given dangerous and powerful antipsychotic drugs, maintaining they were simply lightening Hoare’s load. Ayn has been kept away from the family ever since.

We have previously covered this story, never believing this nightmare would continue for so long. Unfortunately, it has and by the looks of it, could continue for
the foreseeable future. 

Last week on a blog supporting Ayn, Derek was quoted as saying the process of getting his daughter back could continue well into 2013 and is being handled through a painfully slow legal system.

We need to rally around Derek and draw additional media attention to this story. The fanfare has died down because the process has taken so long but in the meantime, the Canadian government continues to steal precious time away from this beautiful little girl and her father — time that they will never be able to get back.

Government intrusion in the lives of its citizens continues to increase and if situations like these are allowed to continue, they will only repeat
themselves — next time, it may even be your child. Spread the word of this injustice and help bring Ayn home:

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