Christopher Duffley Overcomes Blindness and Autism


By all accounts, Christopher Duffley didn’t have a fighting chance. Born in May of 2001, Duffley’s biological parents tested positive for Oxycontin and cocaine, contributing to a premature birth. Weighing in at less than two pounds, Christopher was born permanently blind (detached retinas), along with a myriad of other health problems, requiring a seven-month hospital stay.

Initially placed in foster care, Christopher’s aunt and uncle soon took him in as their own, eventually adopting him at the age of 2.

As if the his existing health problems weren’t enough, Christopher didn’t speak in full sentences until the first grade and was later
diagnosed with autism.

Despite the challenges, Duffley’s adopted parents (who are devout Christians), didn’t lose hope or waiver in their faith. And as the years passed, they would discover that Christopher displayed tremendous giftings in music. Particularly fond of Christian praise and worship songs, Christopher is now in high demand to perform at churches, sporting events and other venues.

Duffley’s story is an amazing testament that no matter how challenging one’s situation may appear, there will always be silver linings in the midst of the obstacles and pain. In fact, Christopher’s parents have used his story to advocate on behalf of pro-life groups to show that what society would often consider "damaged" or unwanted, is actually something to be considered very special.

Check out the performance below from last year, when Duffley sings "Open the Eyes to My Heart" at a church service — be sure to have some Kleenex handy.