Christopher Duffley Overcomes Blindness and Autism


By all accounts, Christopher Duffley didn’t have a fighting chance. Born in May of 2001, Duffley’s biological parents tested positive for Oxycontin and cocaine, contributing to a premature birth. Weighing in at less than two pounds, Christopher was born permanently blind (detached retinas), along with a myriad of other health problems, requiring a seven-month hospital stay.

Initially placed in foster care, Christopher’s aunt and uncle soon took him in as their own, eventually adopting him at the age of 2.

As if the his existing health problems weren’t enough, Christopher didn’t speak in full sentences until the first grade and was later diagnosed with autism.

Despite the challenges, Duffley’s adopted parents (who are devout Christians), didn’t lose hope or waiver in their faith. And as the years passed, they would discover that Christopher displayed tremendous giftings in music. Particularly fond of Christian praise and worship songs, Christopher is now in high demand to perform at churches, sporting events and other venues.

Duffley’s story is an amazing testament that no matter how challenging one’s situation may appear, there will always be silver linings in the midst of the obstacles and pain. In fact, Christopher’s parents have used his story to advocate on behalf of pro-life groups to show that what society would often consider "damaged" or unwanted, is actually something to be considered very special.

Check out the performance below from last year, when Duffley sings "Open the Eyes to My Heart" at a church service — be sure to have some Kleenex handy.

33 Responses to Christopher Duffley Overcomes Blindness and Autism

  1. David Rubin says:

    I’m tired of seeing disabled people with freaky skills. It denies their true suffering. It give false hope for people who have friends, relatives, or are themselves disabled and simply have to learn to live with it.

  2. Deanna says:

    david…. i don’t see any ‘freaky skills’ …just a very talented child who has been thru a lot in his life. every person with special needs(not disabled as you refer them to) have there own talents and gifts, no matter how small they may seem to someone else.

    your comment comes across as pessimistic ,and bitter. what’s wrong with having some hope? im pretty sure my autistic child will never be a savant or an american idol, but this story still was uplifting and gave me hope in other areas that he may be able to accomplish in his life.

    whats wrong with that?

  3. As a parent of two severely autistic children, I rejoice at the accomplishments of this boy. God bless him and his family!

  4. Ruth Cogar says:

    We are all equipped with talents and gifts that are mostly left untapped. What I see here, is a young boy that has been encouraged to use these special talents that God has placed inside of him. It just so happens he has had a much harder beginning than most that I’ve seen. It’s a true blessing for sure. What a much better place to live would this world be, if all of us were to step up to the plate and share what God has placed inside of us with all the courage this little boy displays as he shares his heart. It encourages me where I am in my life.
    Thanks little guy.

  5. lisa douglas says:

    To David, YOU really are an A**HOLE!!! It’s people like you that keep the world in misery, hatred and hopelessness. How bout a little human compassion, acceptance, patience and kindness. I hope that YOU or anyone in your family NEVER have to experience what WE as parents of these incredible children have the power to go through every freakin day!!!!

  6. ANGELINA says:


  7. Lisa B says:

    Once again, another perfect example of why NOT to give youe children vaccines on schedule, especially if they are premature and not even the weight of a normal baby- much less a two year old, on which is the age vaccines are tested on!

  8. Heidi says:

    @ Lisa: The study of vaccines that cause Autism were in fact proven to be not the cause of it. I, myself have 6 boys one of which is Autistic. He was born on time and showed signs of it till 6 months of age.

    The struggle that these kids endure and the hurdles that they over come is a direct reflection of those they hold dear to their hearts. My Autistic son inspires me, he holds no fear, no hate, and certainly refuses to understand DEFEAT. He sings (not quite like Christopher) but, as with all he the things he does, he does it with determination and grace. He is my 10 year old angel, who knows only preserverance. He sees his brothers and is determined to be just as normal (for what ever that’s worth) as they are.

  9. mike says:

    You people talking about your god’s gift to this child and praising jesus are ridiculous. If your god is so fantastic, why not give him the gift of sight and the gift of…oh I don’t know, not being autistic? The only explanation you can possibly have is that “God moves in mysterious ways” or “God has a purpose for him.” Either way, if this is the case, then your god is an arsehole, incompetent or an incompetent arsehole. Religion is poison.

  10. Alana Worthy says:

    Where there is life there is hope. The fact that he is alive and can make so many people happy (including himself) is what is important. There is so many kids out there who are very healthy but because of their delinquency, I would rather have Christopher. All of us a disabled (or rather special needs) It is up to us to choose whether to make happiness out of if like Christopher or to be miserable about if. Only Jesus can give you wisdom to choose the first option. Even if religion were poison I will still take it.
    Watching Christopher sing is seeing the Glory of God, how he can make something out of nothing.

  11. Paris says:

    Its amazing how God has used Christopher Duffely. This young man can sing to the Glory of God. The simpe fact that people don’t believe that God is real, is sad. People are always up searching for stuff like this, yet bash every second of it. God DOES have a purpose for Christopher’s life. God does everything for a reason and even though you may not see the wonderful things He does, you just wait. God is real and you just wait and see.

  12. keith says:

    This boy is amazing. I just watched the video. 4 those people that is trashing god and this boy. god has a reason and a purpose 4 special people like chris. I just redetacated myself 2 god after watching this video. We may never know the impact 2 the world this boy has until we get 2 heaven.

  13. Tigger J says:

    I am sick and tired of all these people who comes to websites like these and say hurtful, pessimistic ,and bitter things. My brother is autistic and to see wonderful accomplishments by anther autistic person is truly uplifting. I can’t not say whether God or another religious blessed this boy, but it is NOT your place to judge others religion,(@mike). So stop being a troll and shut your ugly, hurtful mouths. I am a fourteen year old, and I know that people like you will be going to hell when you die.

  14. Dr says:

    I think that this is just a testament to the awesomeness of God. What a treasure found in this little child that inspires us all.
    Poor David, may God open the eyes of your miserable little heart. There’s nothing freaky about this child being able to sing like an angel. The only freaky thing here is your foolishness. Pull it together sweetie!

  15. I don’t wasn’t blessed with children, but I was blessed with nieces and nephews, which one of my nephews who has a light case of Autism. He might have a slight learning problem, but that doesn’t stop him from going out and having fun with his brother and sister. He is into sports and hunting with his dad, so Mr. David, I think you need to stop and think about what you are going to say before you open your mouth. All children that is blind, deaf, has one leg or no legs, or children that has autism, or downsyndrom, they are all children of God. God bless the Duffley family, and keep spreading the word of God.

  16. Mekia says:

    This video was so heartwarming and awesome there isn’t words to describe it! God has a master design he has crafted for each and everyone of us!! Who r we to question his actions and outcomes that come to us in this life! God brought u to it he can bring u thru it! And to David and all others who say horrible things! If u can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all! And I really hope u straighten up ur life and thoughts about our God! He is ur God too and u will answer for the negativity and nasty things u have done! And in that moment u will wish u could do everything different!

  17. charles morgan says:

    god is wondrefull and will be with you for ever little guy thank you

  18. kenny hill says:

    Chris you are something God gave to the world.Your singing gives me goose bumps and tears love you little man.

  19. Ruby says:

    From the first time I listened to Christopher sing I was moved to tears; not tears of sadness but of joy. Christopher has a beautiful voice. I had to buy Christopher’s first CD so I could listen to him any time I wanted to. My grandson has aspergers, he is very artistic and has a very loving heart; his feelings are easily hurt. Wished there was a way that hateful comments would not be able to be posted about such a wonderfully talented young person.

  20. jenique jno.baptiste says:

    i feel so sorry for that little boy he sounds so nice when he sings but im glad that he has now overcome it and i all have to say to christopher and his family is that to keep having faith and trust in the lord

    yours truely a 11 yr old girrrl

  21. john m baxter says:

    Chris what a blessing you are to people.

  22. Kenneth Smith says:

    I just cant stand uneducated people comment on things they know nothing about. Please keep the hole in your head closed . Makes me want to bust some mouths.
    Christopher Duffley, you truely are an inspiration .Truely amazing. Thank
    you for sharring your talents with the world. Wish I knew you buddy.

  23. Retha says:

    To David and Mike: I’m sorry you feel the need to trash something really beautiful. God did’t give this wonderful boy autism, He did not make him blind. Our amazing God just demonstrates how He can take something tragic, turn it around and use it to inspire and uplift people. That is the real miracle!

  24. Katie says:

    I do not understand all the hateful comments? What do you feel will be gained from them? I understand that perhaps some of you are hurting about something in your life. But, let this awesome person, who is young and able to go on stage with amazing confidence just sing his song. He is inspirational because he is obviously doing what he loves and he’s good at doing so! Isn’t that what we all want for our loved ones, and ourselves? I will never understand hurtful comments, but I beg to all of you to never forget that often others are hurting and do not know how to deal with their pain just yet…and to not take it personally. This young man and his family share one of my favorite gifts of all: love and music xxx . God Bless.

  25. Marja (Mare) Sepers says:

    Reality is different for each and every one of us. The realities some folks carry are seemingly enviable while the reality of others are, seemingly, not. From the comments I see posted, I know the attitudes of those I prefer to envy, even knowing I cannot possibly conceive their reality, as they do. However, hearing the boy sing, be he blind, with autism, be he clear of sight, without autism, be he ANY boy, ANY child, man or woman, with a heart that knows they are free to sing – I feel blessed by the freedom one knows they have to share their heart. I believe that freedom is God-given. So is the ability to be blessed by ANY singer – for a singer …a true singer, sings of heart. I therefore have been given permission to listen, about THAT human heart. THAT IS the blessing. THAT IS a facet of freedom which one can accept or reject. I know I was blessed to hear that THIS BOY SINGS and I am blessed by his singing. He too is blessed by it. No complaints here. Pity, yes, for those who don’t feel or reject or recognize such gifts that are given to be received.

  26. jason says:

    i cant believe how these two *#@### can say such hurtful things about someone like chris. i had a drug and alcohol addiction for years and when i first watched chris sing i broke down and cried. im now clean and free from drugs and alcohol. chris you are a truly gifted young man and you changed my life in a big way. thankyou mate. to david and mike, maybe you should grow up and pick on each other instead of a innocent boy who has more struggles than you will ever know about. you both are inmature sellfish toddlers for saying stuff like that hiding behind your computer. would love to meet you two and i promise to give you both disabilities and see how you cope and feel when people say stuff about you.

  27. Lyn says:

    To all those saying bad stuff about David. God doesn’t want you to call him names. That would be judging. What he really needs is to have the eyes of his heart opened, like the song that Christopher sings. Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

  28. wade says:

    Lisa B are you smoking crack? how could you come to the conclusion that drug addict parents vaccinated their child and caused this?

  29. Marilyn Terrana says:

    He really touched my heart! We all have obstacles to overcome, some are just more easily seen. God has shown us through Christopher, that he has gifted his children with great blessings!

  30. Christie says:

    This is a very special boy that was a gift to us from God. Christopher if you get the chance to read this know that you a an inspiration to many and I am so glad that your family has shared your talent with the world. To those that are unable to see the beauty in Gods love through Christopher I hope that one day you can ask God to open the eyes to your heart and let him in. I have had struggles with my faith over the years and just recently fully allowed God in. Everyday it is hard work to try and be a better person but everyday I also feel more at peace. Hearing Christopher sing made me feel closer to God. We all suffer;some from illness and others with other struggles and non of that is Gods fault, its how we deal with our struggles and our attitude reflects on what God has given us. ROMANS:5:3-5 More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

  31. Tammy strong says:

    This just really gave me hope for my niece who is blind as well. She was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia when she was a few months old due to my sister’s drug use. She absolutely love’s to sing as well;) I received custody of her back in 2009 and I am so blessed to see how far she has come and how far she will go in Jesus name!

  32. john says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you people but Chris seems like a happy kid to me it’s got to be the music that keeps him going.

  33. ann mclean says:

    I agree with you fully Deanna :)

    Christopher you shine like a *STAR* what a courageous young man touching many hearts & inspiring people everywhere. My son has Autism & Adhd & he too loves to sing & dance..It’s a Gr8 way 2 express himself & he’s good at it ♡.

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