DAN Doctor Directory Offers Alternatives for Parents of Children With Autism

DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) doctors are physicians who follow the "DAN
Protocol,", which involves various forms of biomedical treatments, which
may include Methyl B-12 injections, nutritional supplements, chelation, IVIG,
and implementation of the GFCF diet.  Many parents have claimed tremendous
success in treating their children with autism using DAN doctors.  However,
many DAN! physicians are often criticized by the mainstream medical community
because of their unconventional treatment methods.  Additionally, medical
insurance typically does not cover the costs associated with DAN treatments, and
many of these autism doctors have rates that average between $300 to $400 per
hour, not including supplements or medication.

Despite some negative publicity involving DAN treatment and DAN doctors (see Dr.
Andrew Wakefield), there are many, many instances of children and adults with
autism improving from the use of DAN biomedical treatments.  Some have even
claimed that autism is reversible using these biomedical treatment methods.

To find a Defeat Autism Now physician in your area, follow this link: http://www.healing-arts.org/children/amyholmes.htm#danlist  
This partial list breaks down DAN practitioners by state.  As a side note
and disclaimer, we do not endorse any of the listed physicians.  This is
merely a resource to investigate whether or not a DAN doctor is right for you or
your child.