DAN Doctor Directory Offers Alternatives for Parents of Children With Autism

DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) doctors are physicians who follow the "DAN Protocol,", which involves various forms of biomedical treatments, which may include Methyl B-12 injections, nutritional supplements, chelation, IVIG, and implementation of the GFCF diet.  Many parents have claimed tremendous success in treating their children with autism using DAN doctors.  However, many DAN! physicians are often criticized by the mainstream medical community because of their unconventional treatment methods.  Additionally, medical insurance typically does not cover the costs associated with DAN treatments, and many of these autism doctors have rates that average between $300 to $400 per hour, not including supplements or medication.

Despite some negative publicity involving DAN treatment and DAN doctors (see Dr. Andrew Wakefield), there are many, many instances of children and adults with autism improving from the use of DAN biomedical treatments.  Some have even claimed that autism is reversible using these biomedical treatment methods.

To find a Defeat Autism Now physician in your area, follow this link: http://www.healing-arts.org/children/amyholmes.htm#danlist   This partial list breaks down DAN practitioners by state.  As a side note and disclaimer, we do not endorse any of the listed physicians.  This is merely a resource to investigate whether or not a DAN doctor is right for you or your child.

15 Responses to DAN Doctor Directory Offers Alternatives for Parents of Children With Autism

  1. Lori Wold says:

    I live in south Chandler , AZ I have three boys on the autism spectrum I am looking for a D AN physician in Arizona.
    Lori Wold

  2. Sarah says:

    My son has ADHD, and I have recently been told that he has Aspbergers(?sp). Ive read some on this, but dont think that he has this for sure. I need some help, because I truly would like to know if my son has both ADHD & Aspbergers, and dont know where to turn to.

  3. emu says:

    have you checked taca link? http://www.tacanow.org this has all types of resources. also autismspeaks.org

  4. Rick says:

    You can check out Dr. Miranda at Bright Minds Institute he works a lot with autistic kids.


  5. Jaime says:

    Im looking for a DAN! Doctor for my son. We live in Michigan, does anyone know of a doctor we could see?

  6. Lori Krebs says:

    Dr Amy McKenzie at Spectrum Wellness Center 15501 Metropolitan Parkway Suite 110 in Clinton Township Mi 48036 (586) 286-9720. She is amazing!!!!!! Very smart and she is a medical doctor who has a son with autism.She is now a DAN Doctor because she wanted to help other children with autism like she did her son. God bless you Jaime.

  7. The physicans at Mensah Medical, an international biomedical clinic, see patients diagnosed or suspecting autism or Asperger’s, or experiencing anxiety, ADHD, depression, mood swings, etc. Patients meet with Albert Mensah, MD and Judith Bowman, MD who gained considerable clinical experience at the original HRI Pfeiffer Treatment Center (now closed). They target the root causes and biochemical imbalances with advanced nutrient therapies. Their main clinic is near Chicago and their U.S. Outreach/Travel Clinics are in Scottsdale, AZ, Annapolis, MD and near San Francisco and Los Angeles. Telephone: 630-256-8308.

  8. Juditih Crimmins says:

    I am looking for a board certified M.D., psychiatrist, who can treat extreme ADHD in an adult who also suffers from anxiety, depression, psychoses, and other mental disorders. He is against taking medications and has been on Adderall, Wellbutrin; been diagnosed 4 times with extreme ADHD but has not been able to find someone who will look at the whole person…this adult functions fairly well, holds a job and is extremely intelligent. Do you treat such a person, what insurances do you accept and are there regular office hours in Scottsdale Az.? Thanks you, Judith Crimmins

  9. Kathy SERAVALLI says:

    I am looking for DAN Doctor in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Any suggestions?

  10. kiren says:

    i am a mother of a 4 year old autistic boy from london in England i am interested in enlisting the help of a Dan Doctor and would appreciate some help on the best place to start . Thanks.

  11. Rodrigo Jardim says:

    I am a Brazilian looking for a DAN doctor in Florida. It would help if he or she spoke Portuguese, but Spanish and English are OK. Can you help me?

  12. Katrina Reaves says:

    I have a daughter on the autistic spectrum and I am searching for a DAN doctor. I live in staten island ny and need a doc in staten island, Brooklyn, manhattan or nj

  13. Holly Wicks says:

    Living in the Augusta, Georgia area and looking for a DAN Dr for my son.

  14. Sur says:

    Can anyone suggest me a DAN Dr in Arkansas?

  15. Laura says:

    Looking for DAN (biomedical) doctors in NY area….any help would be appreciated!

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  • * In 1970, Autism affected 1 out of 10,000 children
  • * Autism now affects 1 out of 88 children
  • * Autism affects 1 in 54 boys
  • * 1.7 million Americans have some form of autism
  • * 4 out of 5 autistic children are boys

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