Donald Trump Jumps Into Autism-Vaccine Controversy

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Donald Trump is a well-known celebrity entrepreneur who has never been afraid to speak his mind. Earlier this month, he decided to weigh in on the
autism-vaccine controversy on Fox & Friends, a weekday morning program on the Fox News Channel. 

On Autism Awareness Day, Trump made his weekly appearance and was asked about the dramatic rise in cases of autism over the past several decades. The conversation quickly focused on the autism-vaccine debate, when Trump shared his "theory" that autism is caused by vaccinations.

He cited anecdotal evidence, including a family he knows who had a two-year-old child that had "lost it" one month after being

When challenged by host Gretchen Carlson that most physicians disagree with his theory, Trump admitted that his opinions were controversial,
but said he could care less what others thought.

The autism-vaccine controversy is something that stirs up tremendous emotions on both sides of the debate and his comments have already been heavily criticized as irresponsible.

Ironically, Trump’s opinions are in direct conflict with Autism Speaks’ official position on vaccinations, an organization he claims to support through various fundraisers.

While I applaud Mr. Trump for speaking out on behalf of parents who feel vaccines may have played a role in their children’s autism, his ignorance on this issue is painfully evident. As such, it’s probably best to let vaccine safety advocates who are better informed to address the media in the future.