Earthing Offers Potential Health Benefits

Since time immemorial, man has been connected to the earth. Working in fields or gardening, walking barefoot on
beaches, or sleeping under the stars are all activities that link us to the natural, electrical energy of the earth’s surface. But modern man, in his concrete world filled with monitors and machines, has become more estranged from these elemental forces. 

Earthing (aka grounding) is a term that refers to the conscious choice to re-establish that lost connection. People who subscribe to earthing report better sleep, less stress,
reduced chronic pain and faster recovery from trauma. Earthing has been reported to
equalize the body to the same energy level as the earth’s, resulting in the
synchronization of our biological clocks, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms. Hence, the body is
suffused with healing through negatively charged electrons present on the earth’s surface.

Earthing as a scientific and medical movement began in the late 1990s when a retired cable TV executive named Clint Ober started to think about the human body in terms of electrical
grounding. Mr. Ober drew parallels between the workings of cable TV and the
human body’s electrical system. He realized that most people wear synthetically-soled shoes that insulate their bodies from the
earth’s energy field, which stabilizes not only cable TV, but all electrical
equipment throughout the world. This realization has lead people to
recognize scientifically what man has always known intuitively: direct contact with the earth is beneficial to one’s health.

In fact, two separate studies on earthing/grounding were conducted in 2004
and 2010 and published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 

In the latter study, twenty-eight men and women took part and were subjected to a grounding
device while sitting in a standard reclining chair for two hours.
Readings were taken during all phases of "treatment" and surprisingly,
they indicated changes in blood oxygenation, pulse rate, perfusion index and respiratory rate.
As a result, the following was concluded by Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, who oversaw the study:

"These results warrant further research to determine how grounding affects
the body. Grounding could become important for relaxation, health maintenance
and disease prevention."

More details of this 2010 study can
be viewed here

Grounding as a potential treatment for autism came to my attention through my son’s physician, Dr. John Green of Oregon City.
Dr. Green only works with children with autism and also specializes in environmental health and immunology. His response
was, "I think earthing will prove helpful with sleep quality in some of the sleep disturbed
children and may in the longer term help with oxidative stress, which is such a huge factor in most kids on the

As alternative treatments go, grounding appears to be safe, natural and very
intriguing. Earthing "blankets" can be purchased at a relatively inexpensive
price and while no one method should serve as a substitute for traditional
autism therapies, it’s certainly worth investigating to examine its potential

We would encourage anyone who has tried (or will try) grounding to report back
on their experiences.