Follow Up to Shackled Child Story: Help is On the Way

In my recent article reporting the tragic story of a eight year old child with autism being arrested and shackled for throwing a tantrum at school, I cried out for a way to intervene in these situations and educate police departments and schools about autism.

Realizing I was my own answer to my plea, I contacted Dennis Debbaudt, founder of Autism Risk & Safety Mangement, law enforcement expert and world leader in educating police departments on autism. 

I previously mentioned Mr. Debbaudt in a recent story as a ray of light in the ongoing hardships of individuals with autism clashing with law enforcement and contacted him through his website. Within an hour, he answered that he has contacts in Alton, Illinois and will have them get the word out to the chief of police.  

This site has previously been in touch with Mr. Debbaudt in the past and even did a podcast back in 2007 regarding his specialized training and services.  That interview that can be heard here.

Words cannot describe how relieved and appreciative I am that this horrible event will become a teachable moment for the police department of Alton, Illinois. 

Thank you Mr. Debbaudt!

Susan Moffitt