Heavy Metal Icons Team Up for Autism Awareness

Courtesy: RedLambOfficial.com

Dan Spitz and Dave Mustaine, former members of legendary thrash-metal bands Anthrax and Megadeth, respectively, have recently teamed up on a new project entitled Red Lamb. The self-funded collaboration includes the new single "Puzzle Box," a song co-produced and written by Spitz and Mustaine that addresses the complex issues of autism.

As we previously reported, Spitz and his wife Candi became passionate autism advocates several years ago, shortly after their identical twins were diagnosed with the disorder. During that time, Spitz has used his celebrity to help raise awareness and support, particularly among those within the music community. The platform of music is where Spitz seeks to further advance awareness and acceptance for those living with the condition. He was recently
quoted as saying
, "It’s time for someone in music to wake the world up to autism. We have Holly Robinson Peete in film, we have vocal people in NASCAR, and of course Dan Marino and others in sports. Now it’s time for someone who lives it to speak the truth to the people in true metal fashion."

Red Lamb also features Grammy award winner Chris Vrenna (of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson fame), Patrick Johansson (drums) and Don Chaffin
(vocals).  The band has been described as a combination of hard rock, punk, alternative rock and a "dash of thrash."

Spitz and Mustaine have been long-time friends and their previous endeavors have collectively sold nearly 50 million records. I grew up listening to these and other metal bands, so it’s great  to see these guys stepping up to the plate and helping others in the process. As Spitz alluded to, we need more public figures to use their influence to educate others about autism.  The more this occurs, the more everyone will benefit.

Because Red Lamb is a self-funded project, I would encourage everyone to support them by downloading their album on iTunes here:   http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/red-lamb/id500685070