James Durbin Discusses Family, Adam Lambert Comparisons

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We recently received a comment by someone who noticed the excessive coverage of American Idol’s James Durbin on our site. My response was that we have not covered him nearly enough. 

James Durbin is currently shattering many misconceptions and stereotypes about what individuals with special needs are capable of and is raising a tremendous amount of awareness for both Asperger’s and Tourette’s. The positive feedback we have received about Durbin has been nothing short of remarkable and he has been responsible for giving hope to many affected by autism and other related disorders. As a result, I feel it’s necessary to continue reporting on James as much as possible so people will continue to learn about his story and discover just how far he’s come to get where he is.

A few days ago at an American Idol Top 13 party in Los Angeles, James was interviewed by HollywodLife.com and opened up about his family, personal life and even addressed the many comparisons being made to Season 8 American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert. The interview, which can be seen below, is fascinating for several reasons.

First of all, it is one of the first times we have seen James in an unscripted, unedited environment. His facial tics are overwhelmingly noticeable and while watching the interview, I couldn’t help to think about the horrible teasing he must have endured while growing up. In fact, a reader posted the following to our site yesterday:

I am from Santa Cruz, California. I know several people who know James, or who have kids who went to school with James. As the story goes, James was bullied horribly for his afflictions. I am not sure if he is on medication or what his deal is. But I know that the tourettes (sic) and Aspergers (sic) (which was not even named until 1994) were very visable (sic) in James while he was in school. I have heard stories from too many people. 

I wish James well.

And despite his talent and accomplishments, James has received some harsh criticism online, mostly because people think he’s not "autistic enough" and others who are die-hard Adam Lambert fans who claim that he’s only a knock-off version, with a narrower vocal range.

In his interview, Durbin addresses these comparisons and also mentions that he had auditioned for American Idol several years ago and did not make the cut.

With all of the obstacles and challenges James has overcome over the years, his accomplishments so far have been truly inspiring. Additionally, judging from the interview, James appears to be a very genuine and grounded individual and it’s highly likely that as he continues to advance in the competition, his fan base will only continue to grow, increasing his chances to become the next American Idol.

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  1. Slinky says:

    I think he sounds like a very nice man but I am not impressed by his voice. I might cast some votes for him but not based on his singing. I wish him luck and hope he does well.

  2. StaceyAG says:

    I just heard him sing “Rainbow in the Dark” ~ He has an amazing vocal range, & just blew my hubby away who loves Rock & metal music. I love his voice he is so young, I see a very bright future for James, & yes I want him to win American Idol this year!


  3. StaceyAG says:

    Also I wanted to add that I am so glad Steven Tyler is on the panel this year, I wish he was there when Adam was on Idol, I wanted him to win so badly it hurt! so glad James is on board, I know you can do it James! You will go very far! xoxo

  4. Angel says:

    Not all Adam Lambert fans are against James Durbin. James seems to have comparable range but has to overreach to achieve it, but the real problem is a lack of control (although he improved considerably in the last performance). James is not even the most polished singer this season, much less in Adam’s league (a true once-in-a-generation voice). However, James is an exciting performer in his own right and has an otherwise very good, indeed, nice-sounding voice. James also has a compelling back story and deserves respect for what he is trying to do with his life. I hope he gets the break that he deserves. In fact, all true fans of Adam who want to be more like Adam, a quintessentially positive and encouraging influence in today’s world, will want to wish James the best of luck on AI and beyond.

  5. kumulus says:

    I am a total Adam fan and after James’ last performance, he and Jacob were my top 2 guys, then Casey. I look forward to more performances from James and wish him MUCH success!!!!

  6. Sue says:

    Great interview! James deserves to be seen for who HE IS. I am a huge Adam fan, and I admit I was a bit shocked by initial comparisons of James and Adam. The way I see it now, the comparisons are not in the music arena. Both have true talent. Both have overcome huge obstacles and have faced difficult situations in their young lives. Both want to share their music. Both are highly motivated. I hope James is willing to work as hard as Adam has-if he is, I’m sure he too will be successful.
    Good luck, James! I’m cheering for you!

  7. don says:

    will these comparisons ever die…mentioning Adam’s name just brings you lots of hits…give it up

  8. Mel says:

    First of all the article did not include Adam just to get hits. It is about the comparisons between Adam and James. Secondly I am a huge Adam fan, James is not my favorite but he is by far n ot my least favorite either. He needs some work with his upper range. A lot of respect for what he is trying to accomplish, but I think the emulation needs to stop. Much better if he is totally himself.

  9. don says:

    whenever Adam’s name is mentioned the site gets lots of hits…main reason for using his name..how many people would go to this site to read about James if AL wasn’t in the main headline…

  10. lina says:

    Please please stop saying james is emulating Adam! Adam is not the only singer with a rock scream!!! This video was taken in 2008- before adam was even on idol- please do some research before you say things like that! http://bit.ly/eNNJyD

  11. lina says:

    Furthermore if you youtube james singing zeppelin’s whole lotta love- his performance was 2 months before adam sang it on idol:

    ames Durbin: Led Zeppelin – “Whole Lotta Love”

    Performed by: James Durbin and The Dead Ringers
    LIVE at The Britannia Arms in Aptos.
    Recorded March 28th 2009.

  12. CNB says:

    James has raw talent and could use some vocal training for his lower register when he’s not doing a high pitched wail. I wish him and the other contestants of Season 10 well as they are all very talented. It is great that James is getting this exposure and contact with people like Steven Tyler and Jimmy Iovine. Hopefully, they can be influential in directing his future career.

  13. Cyndie says:

    I am a huge Adam Lambert fan, and I’m also very impressed with James Durbin. I think he is a great raw talent that just needs a little polishing. I believe he can have a great recording career if he has the right guidance and makes good decisions. I think it is sad, though, that this unpleasantness has developed regarding the Adam/James comparison. Perhaps more than any other of today’s successful recording artists – Adam Lambert praises other artist’s talent. He always takes to twitter and shares his enthusiasm when he is blown away by another artist’s performance. It is really sad that his name is being tainted by his controversy.

  14. Ya, Durbin using Adam’s name once again to gain recognition, who would even come to your site if Adam Lambert’s name wasn’t mentioned? Ya, no one! As for the sperger’s and Touretts’s, I have it, half the member’s in my family have it, we are all into music, none of us were ever hindered by our conditions to forward our careers, this guy usung these conditions to forward his career is embarassing and phony, we are not suffering from some mental illness that makes it impossible to do what we want in life and this James guy saying so is insulting to all of us!! If you’re talented, you’re talented, you work for what you want, you don’t use something like this to forward your career! I have family memebers who srite songs, belong in a band, play all kinds of musical intruments, not once did the Asperger’s or Tourettes get in our way of or success! Shame on you and shame on James for using it to forward his career! As for him using Adam’s name to forward his career, also shame on you! I discovered Adam Lambert when he was in the Zodiac Show, I was blown away by his talent, he should have been signed a long time ago but of course we all kn ow why he wasn’t, he’s gay! You want to talk about overcoming obstacles? Look at what Adam has had to overcome and still is! I wish all artists the best of luck in this political music industry that is run by dollars and hype, but please, lets start focusing on the music and the talent. Leave the medical activism in it’s rightful place and it certainly isn’t in the music industry!

  15. Kevin says:

    I’m not a fan of Durbin’s singing. He is all over the place and sometimes I have to use the mute button. He doesn’t seem to have any control. Are you suggesting people vote for him out of sympathy because he was bullied in school? This is what I hate most about American Idol. It’s become who has the best story rather than the most talent. He has no control whatsoever of his voice. But people get so wrapped up in his story including the author they just can’t see it. Kids are bullied everyday. Kids are bullied to the point of suicide. That problem should be addressed. Bulling in school should be addressed. But American Idol should be about singing talent and not the movie of the week sob story. In this competition Durbin doesn’t even come close to the vocal abilities of some of the other men or women. Not sure why the author dragged Adam Lambert’s name into this. A couple of bloggers made the comparison and that’s it. I believe Adam Lambert was from 2 or 3 seasons ago?

  16. CNB says:

    Speaking of Adam Lambert, don’t miss the Idol Results show this Thursday, March 10th. Adam is a guest performer and will be singing his acoustic version of “Aftermath” which is a beautiful song about picking up the pieces of your life if you have been bullied or have had any other difficulties or losses to cope with. He wrote it with his best friend, Alisan Porter, and performed it in more than 100 sold out Glam Nation shows worldwide in 2010. Yes, Adam should have been discovered and signed to a record label a long time ago and he should have performed on the Grammy show and been awarded the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance but he is still dealing with the stigma of being gay. James will not have to deal with that and will probably be more accepted than Adam has been.

  17. Gary G. Porter says:

    @don Hit count was not a factor in mentioning Adam. This article focused on the content of the embedded video, which includes James addressing the comparisons himself. But based on your comment, it’s safe to assume you did not even take the time to watch the video. If you did, you would have seen that it puts the article in proper context.

    @Fellow What’s wrong with supporting a contestant for something other than his or her music? That’s what being a fan is all about.

    It appears as if a few of the comments are validating some of my observations in the original article.

  18. CNB says:

    Gary, I see your point, but I am a huge Adam Lambert fan not because of or despite the fact that he is gay. I recognize his amazing talent and mesmerizing charisma, stage presence and vocal range as an outstanding performer and entertainer. James needs to be recognized in the same way — for his amazing vocal and performance talent and not because he has overcome a handicap! I personally prefer Casey and Paul this season but wish James and all of the contestants the very best of luck as they pursue their dreams!

  19. Lisa says:

    I have not watched the interview yet but I had to speak. I am a die-hard glambert and yet I fell in love with James instantly when he auditioned for idol. I think he is an amazing young man and I hope he is so very proud of what he has done so far and what he is sure to accomplish in the future. How could you not admire his strenght, regardless of what you might think about his singing style. I certainly look forward to adding songs by James Durbin to my iPod along with all of my Adam Lambert music. ROCK ON, JAMES!

  20. Susan says:

    Vocal training can be taught, his kind of charisma cannot. If he doesn’t win and is the first runner up, that bodes well. Lambert didn’t win and now no one remembers who beat him.

  21. GoJames says:

    I, too, am a Glambert, & I love James already! It has nothing to do with Adam, he’s James…two different people. I hope we can get past the comparisons & appreciate James for who he is & his talent. To anyone who is in doubt, go to youtube! There are plenty of videos, many going back a few years, that highlight his beautiful voice. Try this one > http://bit.ly/fJbg8R I will be rooting & voting for James as long as he remains on Idol, & supporting him even after. Rock on, James! \m/

  22. Durbin fan says:

    Love this kid…..Aspergers and Tourettes, can’t notice any of it when he’s singing. Music soothes the soul!

  23. Gina says:

    I’m a big Adam Lambert fan but I like this guy also! James should feel complimented for the compairson to Adam. If you have a great voice and someone tells you that you sound like Adam, say “thank you”. Like James, I also like hard rock but the way music is today, I am afraid that it is on the back burner. James should show people his range. Good luck James!

  24. Phyllis says:

    I hate that comparisons have been made to Adam Lambert, but James honestly brought this on himself by adopting Adam’s style and deciding on “A Change is Going to Come.” It may have been genius by James to get attention because he certainly is getting more than any of the other contenders. He also referenced Adam in conversations, and whether he meant it or not, he came across as if he was set on proving how much better he is than Adam. Yes, James has a large vocal range, but it takes more than range. His demonstrated vocals to date are out of control. I look forward to him showing us his unique style (not Adam’s) and his unique arrangements on songs (not Adam’s) and his unique dress (lose the tail James. Adam had it way before you).

    Obviously with James’ background and his ability to overcome hardships and bullying, we are all routing for him to be successful. That being said, we all want to see what James can bring that is truly James’.

  25. Michie says:

    Phyllis, I agree with every word you said. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words. Adam and James are so completely different that if James himself had not brought Adam’s name into this the comparisons may never have been made to the extent that they are.

    Not really a fan of his vocals or style so far but I do wish him well.

  26. JLM says:

    I think they really need to stop these comparison’s with Adam and let James try to establish himself as an artist and let America see what he’s got – one way or another. He has a huge vocal range and I for one am interested to see if he can use it effectively and control it and really put some music out there. Time will tell, but I wish him and all the Idols the best of luck. I am an Adam fan, but I know there is only one Adam, so I hope these comparison’s stop so James can move on. I don’t care if he was first to compare himself – it needs to stop and let this new bunch of Idols show us what they can do.

  27. Pam says:

    Adam is and always will be my #1, but I’m very very excited to see James perform every week and look forward to him being out there making music. In the 70s there was room for many phenomenal big voices, and we have some great classics from lots of different bands because of it. Even as a massive Adam fan, I have to admit that James’ vocal range appears to be very comparable to Adam’s. I look forward to both of them being out there making great music. :) One other thing I wanted to do is give this site major kudos for their early support of James. It’s something that Adam didn’t have very much of from the LGBT sites and organizations early on, and it’s very nice to see y’all coming on board early.

  28. jack says:

    James is similiar to Adam Lambert but that doesn’t mean he isn’t unique or less talented than Adam. And the fact that he suffers from tourettes and got this far is incredible.Go James!

  29. Lina says:

    Phyllis…ans evetyone else out there- James did NOT..I REPEAT NOT adapt Adam’s style!!!!
    James sang this way before adam was in the picture. Adam did not invent this style and he does NOT own the song “change is gonna come” the song obviously meant something completely different to james, he even said that this opportunity was the change dfor him and his family that he has been waiting for!!!!

    please watch the following videos. Zeppelin’s whole lotta love performed by James was recorded march 28 2009_ Adam performed the song the following May almost two months later


    this video of “while my guitar gently weeps was recorded in 2008- a year before anyone ever heard of Adam Lambert


    please refrain from making ignorant statements before doing any research- thank you. Your ignorance makes me ashamed I ever associated myself with “glamberts”

  30. Lina says:

    By the way phyllis, the tail is a James trademark whether adam had it or not , as you can see in the video of “while my guitar gently weeps that I posted let me post it again….


    this is recorded a YEAR BEFORE adam auditioned for Idol and james has the tail, hes wearing the exact outfit he wore vegas week…

  31. B says:

    You know @Lina,

    Phyliss made very thoughtful comments regarding the Adam/James thing. Wishes James well,too!

    YOU should refrain from making scathing remarks and keep them for people who are really nasty. I don’t believe Phyliss was being nasty. She made an observation and expressed it. More people should learn to differentiate an attack vs. an opinion. Believe me, Adam Lambert and his fans have seen their share!!!

  32. GoJames says:

    I am glad Lina pointed out that James had his style before we saw Adam on AI, but agree with B it could have been stated nicer :) Let’s all just support James & his talent for what it is, and who he is…he’s not copying anyone, least of all Adam. Big fan of Adam & James!

  33. Deb says:

    I don’t know if I am a Glambert, guess I am, because I am an over the top Adam fan, love the guy, his talent, his generosity, everything about him, can’t imagine that changing. Having said that, I also love Jame’s talent, admire him for his courage, the way he has handled his challenges, love the way he is a proud papa, anyone who had obvious love and devotion for his child like that is OK in my book. He is absolutely right, he is James, with his own style, Adam is Adam with his own style. I think the media and fans have carried on this comparison, certainly not these two uniquely talented young men. Adam is just soaring into the stratosphere with his career, and James is just getting started, but I think the guy is talented, will keep going, and I hope to see alot of him in the future, just my two cents. Love ya Adam, and James, love you too and the best of luck to you.

  34. Emerie says:

    I’m surprised that some commenting here are showing the disrespect to carry their fan-war mentality to this site, which clearly deals with Autism. The comparison (or lack thereof) between James and Adam Lambert is so very irrelevant in this context. The important thing is that people can learn about both Tourette’s Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome, thanks to the fact that James is now in the public eye.

    I don’t know a lot about Tourette’s, but I recall seeing a program or documentary in which a person with Tourette’s was able to “reign in” some of his “tics” when it was really important to ~ only to have his control over them weaken, once he was “relaxed.” I’m thinking this might be why James’ tics are so much more pronounced in the video. It must be all he can do to control them as well as he does, while on Idol.

    Asperger’s I’m intimately familiar with, as one of my adult children has it. The bullying he endured was the stuff of nightmares, but I don’t know anyone who would suspect today that he has it. He is successful, has a family, and is funny, intelligent and likeable. From the little I’ve seen of James, it would appear that his Asperger’s, too, may be indistinquishable today. Having both disorders must be quite a challenge for James, and I am so impressed by his openness and his determination.

    The only comparison I will make between James and Adam is that both grew up having to endure heart-breaking intolerance, simply because they were “different.” Given that, they are both to be admired — Adam for being open about his sexuality, and James for not hiding the disorders he lives with.

    P.S. I happen to be an ardent fan of Adam Lambert (and am enjoying James’ performances), but I feel that a critique of his -and James’- singing styles doesn’t belong here. The focus here is on those who live with Autism, and do what they can to better themselves. I’m so glad that James’ newfound celebrity will open many hearts and minds — That’s what we need more of in this world.

  35. Marlene says:

    I am a retired music teacher and I feel qualified to say that James Durbin puts everyone away this year. He’s the whole package. Sounds like the kid has perfect pitch and his voice quality is refreshing. And he is not like Adam. They may have liked the same music but they are two different performers.
    The fact that he has Aspergers and Tourettes is another reason I’m rooting for him. He’s one of those inspirational stories that would make a big difference in the lives of people who have children with autism.
    Austism is just a way of looking at life differently and apparently, there are a lot of extremely bright people with it. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein are just two names that come to mind. These are people that God has gifted with talents and brains that are remarkable. Can’t wait to hear him sing. And oh yes, he’s the sweetest young man with that sweet amile. God bless him.

  36. Lovinlambert says:

    What a great interview! James is very likable and very talented and I’ve been a fan since the auditions. I think he’s an amazing singer and has overcome incredible odds that make him who he is today and he will just keep honing that. I think the comparisons to Adam Lambert (who is talented beyond this universe) are unfair to both, but are also a compliment to James. People just need to be nicer. I hope James does well in this AI season cuz he has earned it and is a front-runner to me. It’s talented people like him that keep bringing me back to watch Idol. It’s so great to give people a chance that would otherwise not be heard. And obviously the judges have picked him becuz James has the talent to be there! Go James!

  37. Abyone saying that James didn’t adapt Adam’s style is foolong themselves! Not sure it was just him, pretty sure the show is doing it for ratings! Look at the group number (that James lipsang BTW which was proven by a TV monitor site) they got him try and repeat the move of arm waving that Adam did in his group number, giot him to sing Black and White! Come on people, are you blind and deaf? They have you wrapped so tight hope you don’t burst! LOL!! No matter what they do to try and clone Adam it will backfire on them, might work in homophobic America but not anywhere else! You want to talk about beating odds? Try being a gay guy in teh entertainment industry in America!

  38. Sharon says:

    I wish James well, Having said that he is in no way even comparable to what Adam was on idol, that guy owned the show, he knew who is was and stayed true to who he was no matter what his fate was! Poor James is already falling into the idol trap by agreeing to do similar things that Adam did on his shows! Too bad, he might be good if he finds who he is and runs with it like Adam did! But the fact of the mattter is, James is not the best talent on that show, Pia, Casey, Scot, Paul, Steven all have a unique style and mega talent! I wish people would not shaft the best again by using a sob story to gain sympathy votes or by using another Artist’s name to advance him! jmo

  39. ‘Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism-A Family Experience’ is ENJOYING James Durbin on American Idol Season 10.! We like his rock and soft sings. We like his stage presence and performance style. We like his clothes and his hairstyle. EnjoyHi5Autism hopes James Durbin wins!

  40. I have a high fuctioning Aspergers grandchild whom also has sensory integration,loves music and plays a trumpet. He has been glued to the American Idol and watches James and truly believes that their is hope out there. He is ten and people around him are relising that he’s different even though he tries to be like the rest. He is a special boy like all!!!!!!

  41. billo says:

    What a voice, we enjoy every note that
    James puts out. Thanks guy

  42. Rob says:

    I really, really admire James for taking on a challenge like American Idol, especially considering the effects of stress on the disorders. People will say incredibly cruel and false things about one contestant to indirectly support their favorite contestant, knowing how real and sensitive James appears to be, I hope he doesn’t take any of this ‘trolling’ to heart. The Adam Lambert comparisons are great examples of complete nonsense. Adam himself could probably relate well to some of the bullying James must have received growing up. Success is the best revenge.

    So not only is James undeniably talented, but he’s got a high degree of courage, and you’re right, we can’t hear enough about him.

  43. Lia Conti says:

    James Durbin is absolutely amazing; he is extremely talented and shows the world you can do anything. Wish you a world of much success.

  44. Hi James,
    Let me tell you that you have moved me. I have watched American Idol from your first interview, and you had me hooked. I worked in a public school system for a munber of years with students who had special needs.I have an understanding of what you may of gone thru while attending school, and I cannot stress enough how proud I am of you, what courage you have shown. You have an amazing talent, passion and gift of self confidence, which also comes from having an amazing family who is supporting you on your journey. May you continue with your dreams, and may your future be blessed with happiness and success. I have voted for you each week and whether you win(I know you will) or not you will be a great success in you life. Keep up the great work.

  45. Christy Kauk says:

    Hi James! You are an inspiration to students and teachers of all types! I’ve worked closely with children w/ severe disabilities all the way to minor learning disabilities. You amaze me with all you overcome each day! I wish nothing but the best for you and your family! God bless! Now win this thing!

  46. ann mckinnon says:

    James has a beautiful voice. I know he wants to do metal but there is also a whole – huge- group of people that like to simply hear the quality and gift- in his voice– which is manifest in his romantic ballads. He can be a role model for all the world- not just to show that a person with a disability that there is hope in this beauty-conscious society- for anyone with a dream and a plan. I am hoping he can also be a poster musician for keeping out of drugs and alcohol. He has a chance to change our society because and only because of his God-given talent. He could not do any of it on American Idol without his incredible voice. I have already downloaded his songs.

  47. ANNA MILLER says:


  48. momof2 says:

    James is truly inspirational. As a mother of a son with motor ticks, watching James has resulted in my son opening up about some of the cuelty among the kids his age. He has also made it real, that people with disabilities can shine. I hope James becomes a spokes person to encourage kids with disabilities in addition to all his concerts! James is in it to WIN it!

  49. lourdes caravia says:

    all of us in our family love and admire james durbin. we wait every weel excited too hear him sing. he most definitely should win american idol. go james.

  50. lourdes caravia says:

    go james !!!!!!!!!!! you are an inspiration to anyone out there with any type of disability. you’re going to do great.

  51. Jude says:

    I am smitten with James Durbin on a number of levels. I agree with all the above and I want to make one really random comment. Does he have gorgeous skin or what? :) is it just me, or is this kid hot looking?

  52. loretta says:

    James has stolen my heart! From the first day I saw him, I knew he was someone special. Not for his condition, but for his giant heart.
    I have a nephew with aspbergers and he is so much like him, sensitive and loving. He even hugs trees!! and everyone he meets.
    You deserve it all..you are truly talented and you will be the next “Idol”.
    If not, you will be very special in anything you attempt.
    Hug your baby…that’s real joy!!

  53. Barb Shilowich says:

    We think James is a huge talent and deserves to be the next American Idol. the fact that he has overcome his disabilities to be able to do as well as he can and perform live in front of thousands of people is amazing. he’s had our vote evry week since Week 1 of the show..he never lets us down and has had amazing performances every week. While we can see the comparison to Adam, We actually like him better. He’s a gentler soul with mega talent!

  54. April says:

    James is so awesome! He moves people and is very passionate about every song he sings. I am a special education teacher and I tell my kids you can do anything look at James. I really hope James wins this thing and can go to different school to talk to special education students about overcoming obstacles and how to deal with bullying.

  55. Cherie Leyva says:

    James–I post your performances on my facebook all the time. I have been a fan since your audition!! You remind me of my high school rock n roll days and it takes me back to such fun times. I can’t wait to hear you sing some Guns and Roses and Aerosmith. Your music is perfect to work out to!! My husband and I are both Paramedic Firefighters and we rock out to you in the Medic Van and the Fire engines!! Good times James keep it up, luv it want more of it!! Olympia Washington loves James Durbin!
    Team Durbin

  56. Barbara Sodergren says:


  57. Krisi says:

    I just want to say how much I love James. He is so incredibly talented and just plain likable. As a parent of a high functioning autism spectrum/possibly Asperger’s kid James is a huge inspiration for me. The reason the people who are ignorant of autism (as I once was) don’t understand or “see” any differences about him is because he’s in his element when he is on stage. The music is what comes over him and makes him whole. It’s such a beautiful thing. He’s an amazing talent. I hope he wins, but even if he doesn’t I’m sure he will go far, and he already is a winner. God Bless him.

  58. kyaaa says:

    No one can be compared to the great Adam. the end.

  59. dena says:

    I absolutely loved james. haley should have been voted off and james was the best out of all of them. I can tell you this. this show is getting worse and worse. they aren’t voting for talent anymore. I am giving up on idol and I am going to start watching voice or the xfactor when it starts in the fall. enough is enough.

  60. metalhead says:

    james durbin is NOT adam lambert. if adam lambert sings any heavy metal song, i bet it won’t sound as good because he is a pop singer, one who conforms to whatever the recording company throws at him and you know what, heavy metal knows no conformity to trends. and by being voted out, there will be better chances of expressing himself through heavy metal; something that he and we metalheads believe in so much and will never stop loving. so, NEVER EVER compare him with adam lambert. they’re totally different.

  61. Paola says:

    James! Você é demais!! Assisto sempre o programa aqui, no Brasil, e hoje, chorei junto quando cantou “without you”. Foi lindo. Estou torcendo por você. beijos.

  62. Louise says:

    Iam a 60 yr.old woman & I was shocked when I saw JAMES DURBIN was out. THE PRODUCERS SHOULD CHANGE THE RULES HOW TO VOTE. Don’t let the people vote but you can have an idea how to change AMERICAN IDOL’S VOTES…COME ON WAKE UP! Every year contestants like BO BICE, ADAM LAMBERT, CHRIS DAUGHTRY …were booted off & BIG MISTAKES were made ,and this year JAMES is off too ??????? SCOTTIE can sing only country songs but ask him to sing POP/ ROCK/ METAL …& HE WILL BE GOING DOWN. People have rob JAMES but I hope that the producers will at least let him sing with AEROSMITH & STEVEN TYLER… PLEASE AT LEAST LET HIM HAVE THIS DREAM. I love you JAMES & NEVER GIVE UP . X0X0X0

  63. Liz Dodd says:

    Congratulations on a fabulous career. Keep loving your fiancee and baby. You epitomize the words brave and strong.

  64. I love James and he will go far, and people should not compare him to Adam or no one else, God made each one of us in his image and we are all made as one individual, James is as special as any one on this planet and his talent will take him far, believe me you he has been reconized.

  65. Patti says:

    I love James Durbin. I think he is awesome and I hope he has a huge career. As for the idiots that are claiming that people come to this site just because Adam Lambert’s name is mentioned – how inanely uber focused on Adam are you? This is an autism support site. Of course people will come here – and it has nothing to do with Adam Lambert. Do you honestly think that people come to this blog for any other reason other than families affected by autism seeking support and to learn from one another? It just astounds me that certain Adam fans, rightly dubbed the “glambullies,” will troll sites looking for any mention of Adam and then attack. Leave the autism sites alone. This is not a place for you. Troll elsewhere. You only show yourselves to be less than what you claim to be. NOH8.

  66. Crutchless says:

    Yes, you do write about him too much. I followed him intently at first because of his aspergers and the special meaning it has for my family which I will not dive into. However, his behavior after the show has been nothing short of embarrassing. He is not a role model or example.

    In addition, James Durbin really needs to control his pitch. He is all over the place and his screams can be ear piercing at times. Not sure if he has much of a future in the music industry based on voice but he can parlay his talent into teaching guitar lessons.

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