James Durbin in American Idol Voting Controversy?

James Durbin

Confusion? Durbin was assigned the "05" suffix despite performing last.

In what could be reminiscent of the 2000 presidential election, there has been some Internet chatter about a potential American Idol voting controversy involving James Durbin and Lauren Alaina and the possibility that some votes intended for Durbin were accidentally funneled to her instead.

Typically, when the Idol field is narrowed to a handful of contestants, they are required to sing multiple songs in the same night. As a result, contestants are assigned several phone and text numbers for voting purposes and those numbers are usually given in sequential order based on appearance. 

For example, if there are four remaining contestants and someone performs first, that person would usually sing their second song in the fifth slot, and the suffix of the voting numbers would be based on the order of his or her appearance (i.e. 866-IDOLS-01 and 866-IDOLS-05).

However, for reasons unknown, American Idol producers decided to re-arrange the order in which the contestants performed their second songs on Wednesday night, forcing James Durbin’s performances to be the first and eighth of the evening. However, the phone numbers assigned to James did not correspond to that order. Instead, his voting numbers ended with "01" and "05."

Because of this discrepancy, some are now speculating that Lauren (who was assigned the "08" suffix) may have received some of James’ votes, skewing the final results in the process. 

While all of this is pure speculation, it does make one wonder if there was at least some confusion in the minds of voters who were not fully paying attention to the numbers assigned at the end of the show. Granted, that is ultimately their responsibility, but clearly this does create some intrigue, particularly since Lauren was nearly eliminated last week and up until this week, James had never been in the “bottom 3″ or in danger of being eliminated.

Additionally, it is worth noting that when voting by phone, a generic confirmation message was given and did not indicate who was actually voted for.

What do you think?


UPDATE:  May 15, 2011 – Since we originally ran the story above, many people (on this site and others) have indicated that they either had difficulty voting for James and/or experienced abnormal activity when attempting to cast their votes. Please forward this story along to others and also share any unusual voting experiences below.

Complaints of voting irregularities are not new for American Idol, but if enough people sound off, the mainstream media will pick up on this, forcing Fox and AI representatives to respond.

The mismatch of voting numbers and the contestants’ order of appearance, as described in the original article, along with the large number of voting complaints, should warrant a closer look into this situation.


UPDATE: May 17, 2011 — American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe spoke out publicly on Monday with “So You Think You Can Dance” judge Mary Murphy, only partially addressing the voting issues surrounding James Durbin. He only spoke about the re-arrangement of the singing order last Wednesday night, but failed to address the legitimate concerns that have been raised on this site and elsewhere. Additionally, Lythgoe jokingly referred to some Idol fans as "morons" and "meglomaniacs."  Really, Mr. Lythgoe? Wow.

270 Responses to James Durbin in American Idol Voting Controversy?

  1. Holly Poolaw says:

    I think it was absolutely done on purpose. First year that voting has ever been done that way. They did it so they could up the possibility that a girl could win American Idol. Cause we all know if this hadn’t have happen, James was most surely the winner!

  2. Barbara Torregrosa says:

    James has won the respect of much and he will undoubtly be one of biggest stars we will see in this century. Unfortunately the American Idol program again has lost all credibility in this voting scheme, other competitions say the percentage that was achieved by the contestant with regards to the total number of votes, this has never happened in AI. The other thing is that we are against a bunch of kids who now have access to voting and do not appreciate how hard it is for someone with ASD and Tourrette’s syndrome to overcome all of this and still be the best AI has ever seen. BUT be sure that today, James Durbin has established his own identity in the music industry and I will not be surprised (as it has happened before) that other AI contestants have been more succesful than their own “so called” winners.

  3. paula says:


  4. TeresaR says:

    for pete’s sake – when you call it tells you who you just voted for, so I sincerely doubt this is the issue. When they get to the top 5 or so, someone always complains about voting controversy. If you couldn’t get through on the phone you could always vote online. This is the first year that’s been offered, and it’s great. So I don’t buy any of this as “controversy”.

    Is James good? Yes, he’s very good. Not as good as some past performers. The top 4 in this group all were on the same level, and any one of them could have gone home. Do I think Idol purposely booted him off? Not a chance. Am I disappointed he was voted off? Yes, I am.

  5. TeresaR says:

    well I’ve been corrected, it doesn’t say who you voted for (I don’t vote on the phone, I use the website), but that still doesn’t convince me it’s a “controversy”. They tell you the #’s plain and simple.

  6. carole young says:

    If there is even a remote chance this happened then I say America needs to vote again.

  7. Larry Christian says:

    A-I sucks it is flawed for sure. never watch again………..

  8. lorislp says:

    There’s no way Lauren should be in the top 3! I believe this theory to be true. Dialidol.com had Lauren’s raw numbers in last place with Haley getting the most votes and James 2nd…but for people who used the phone…after weeks of competition, we ignore the #s and go by the order in which they sang…producers know this…

  9. scarlett gates says:


  10. J says:

    In a very odd way, being voted off AI might be the best thing that could happen to James.

    Even the good winners in the past had to get through the first round of drivel that the AI producers require after they win. (Ever listen to David Cook’s first album?) Everyone else that gets a contract isn’t constrained by that. Daughtry is evidence of the great things that can happen to Idol “losers.” Jennifer Hudson is another.

    James, good luck to you. You far outclass most of what I have seen on AI in years.

  11. carol says:

    James Durbin is a entertainer. He has the whole package. The others could sing, but not entertain. Their performances were boring. James Durbin had the whole package. I will never watch Idol again.

  12. AnneMarie says:

    I would totally go to a JAmes Durbin concert and buy a CD of his music. He si a great singer & entertainer. I have never felt this way toward any other Amer. Idol contestant and I hope he goes far.

  13. AnneMarie says:

    Correction: He IS a Great Entertainer!

  14. Cheryl says:

    I was shocked to see that James went home. It was so sad to watch his reaction. He should be in the top 3 if not be the winner. I am not sure why it was him, maybe it had to do with the change in voting #’s. I voted for him on line everyweek. I hope someone gives him a record deal, he is a very talented man! Good Luck James! I will buy your record when you make it. :)

  15. Mary says:

    I tried for three hours to vote for James, kept getting “all circuits are busy”. Each time I tried to redial my call went to a p0rn site. I was able to cast one vote for Scottie…just wanted to see if it would go through. WHAT WENT WRONG??

  16. Carla says:

    James is the number one entertainer for this years American Idol. Haley has an awful attitude and so stuck on herself EX. if the camera came or comes her way she is into it. How many contestants did she approach as they were eliminated on their given nights. No she was looking for the camera and if it is on her! Scotty …very talented………Lauren very talented…American Idol needs to revamp the voting system. Why change what worked for years? I will not watch the rest of the season. James, I am praying you will get a real deal and beat out the final three with a great contract and CD.

  17. yvette says:

    100% agree. AI was wrong to send James Durbin home. Please bring James back for a revote.

  18. Leah says:

    This discussion is going on everywhere all over the net. AI needs to really do something about this, people are upset everywhere.

  19. joay says:

    If they do not fix this mess I will be forced to stop watching the show… James was on fire, the votes were rigged – I could not get through on line to vote!

  20. GALE HINSON says:


  21. Sandra Hayes says:

    I, too, think James is very talented and I am shocked by his elimination. It takes the edge off the competition now. Who cares? My concern, however, is that American Idol is a family show. I thought it was in very bad taste for the producers to allow their guest performers a platform to perform X rated lyrics and antics. As a viewer, I was appalled and offended by what was otherwise a wonderful show by some very talented young people.

  22. Paula M says:

    Every week since voting started, I called to vote for JAMES on 2 phones continuously for 2 solid hours with NO problems. But Wednesday, on 1 phone I kept getting a busy signal & the other a message “all circuits are busy-try your call later”. Only a handful of my votes went through. James was robbed of my votes!

    At the time (as many others did) I thought that the lines were busy because of the massive amount of votes he was getting. But now I am CONVINCED that the voting system was “rigged”. I feel they purposely manipulated the system to make sure JAMES received the lowest amount of votes by blocking some of the calls and screwing with the numbers and sequence in which they sang!


  23. Jodi Nelson says:

    I am a James Durbin fan all the way along with thousands of others…what I want to know is why is it when I tried to vote both by phone and computer, my vote wasnt going to the one I voted for James. I also had problems with not being able to get through along with others. Can you please tell me why I was not able to get through to vote for James but turned around and called back to vote for Scotty to test it and it went straight through!!! How do you explain that one??? AI better take a good look at what all the complaints are and should do something about it…or your going to lose alot of viewers..

  24. Kim says:

    I had been voting for James in previous weeks and am usually able to get hundreds of phone votes in for him in the two hour voting period. However, that night I was only able to get through on his phone lines a few times. Each time I called I either got a busy signal or the phone would ring, then go silent. When I was able to get through, I did not listen to the entire recorded message you get, instead I quickly hung up to try to get in more votes, so I don’t know if it said the correct thing or not. Some other people are saying the recording they got said thank you for voting for contestant 3, rather than contestant 1 which was James. There was quite a bit of confusion – Thursday morning I posted in the American Idol forums about my problems with the voting for him – but I never imagined that so many other people had the same problems and he would actually be eliminated. After the elimination, many people started posting complaints on the American Idol website, which they have yet to addressed.

  25. brittany nielsen says:

    They should a recount it’s only fair.James is great, Scotty is good,haley is ok.

  26. Kerri says:


  27. Tristan1966 says:

    They change the numbers up after numerous season’s. Who is to say that the problem was us, the American people who did not pay attention but, the producers knowing from the past how the numbers lined up and someone in production made the mistake? It is a really easy fix, come forward, admit to the mistake and let America re-vote. Prove that this is truly American Idol and fix this tragic error. I can honestly say that if something is not done fox has lost our families viewing of their station. I have been a fan since the start of Idol and am outraged. The fact that Casey going to the hospital was in a “People Magazine” 3 weeks before announced on the supposed “live show” really made me question Idol from the start as it was, and now this? WOW!

  28. Char Deufel says:

    The save was new to Idol…Now they need a recount…Bring James back so the finale can be exciting. Total bore with Scotty…yawn…Haley…can’t stand her and Lauren would be a good match up with James. James was robbed. This show is such a joke anymore.

  29. Jane Elizabeth says:

    Not only is AI going to lose millions of viewers to this screwed up voting controversy, they will lose millions more for putting on a sleazy Lady Gaga (who is no lady). The judges, along with all of America knew that it wasn’t James that should have gone home. Fix your mistake Idol! America is waiting..but I for one will not be watching anymore.

  30. Veronica Macramalla says:

    My husband and I voted for James continuously on the West Coast on Wednesday night. We, together, made 523 phone votes (!) and attempted to make 86 votes that either did not go through (meaning, we dialed 01 and then 05 and were met with dead air, hung up and redialed, or got the ‘all circuits are busy, try your call again’ message)–easy to count because the iphone does it for you. :) Then, I tried voting online. When I clicked to vote for James, the picture that popped up afterwards was Haley’s.

    I am sure there were problems with the voting, which is why Idol said on Thursday that they were going to “make changes” to their online voting system.

    James and Scotty are the only two contestants who were NEVER in the bottom 3. It makes no sense at all.

  31. gina says:

    I actually find it hilarious that people are saying all Haley does is scream when in fact that is exactly what James does. Not only does he scream but more often then not he is not in key. He is not the best American Idol has ever seen, not by a long shot.

  32. Carissa says:

    I definitely believe there should be a recount and James should get another chance. There is no way he could have possibly been voted off. Do what’s right!

  33. THANK GOODNESS…..I’ve been TRYING to figure out how to post on this site because the FIVE VOTES I CAST FOR JAMES ALSO WENT TO HALEY! Wasn’t James Number 5??? Every time I voted for contestant number 5, the recording said, “THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR CONTESTANT NUMBER ONE!” I can’t believe this! Even if I misunderstand the number for James, it shouldn’t have gone to Haley! I don’t know why James would have been #5, but I’m almost sure that’s what it said. AMERCICAN IDOL CANNOT BRUSH THIS PROBLEM UNDER THE RUG! Does anyone in their right mind think Haley could have beaten James????!!!!! James was robbed of his votes, and we have to keep demanding that Idol investigate and do this voting over!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who wrote about this because it has really been bothering me.


    Elaine van der Linden


  34. Candace says:

    Who do we call or write? I’ve heard from too many people that their votes for James Durbin went to Haley, this needs to be addressed. 30,000 people showed up in Santa Cruz for Durbin Day on Saturday. We are all boycotting the show now and for good! James should be in the finale, he was never in the bottom!!

  35. Rick says:

    Unfortunately, I doubt anything will come from this…..this has happened many times before in other seasons and even when the press got involved, nothing happened.

  36. Ruth says:

    In response to Rick – he’s probably right but we can all decide to MAKE something happen. James & every person suffering from Autism or Turret’s deserves our continued support. Maybe we could try posting our concerns on the AI website, form a ‘James Was Robbed!’committee…..possibilities are endless. James, if you happen to read this – there are so many on your side. You showed great courage, strength, determination and best of all, your love for fellow contestants shined right thru the TV screen. May God bless you with a fabulous singing career!

  37. Sue Schreiber says:

    This is EXACTLY what I thought! The order of the singers was different in the second set of songs. There is NO WAY Lauren would have beat out James!! This is a travesty! James had his homecoming anyway, because we demanded it, and Fox must know he got cheated! 30,000+ people turned out for James. He is our Hero and always will be!
    He was the favorite! Everyone knows that. Thursday’s outcome was shockingly disappointing and devastating for all James’ fans!

  38. maureen h says:

    I agree that they really meesed things up with the voting change………….and I agree that it should be Lauren and James………..dump that Haley …she has BIG attitude problems and is totally inconsistant in her singing choices……….It should be Lauren and James……………sorry Scotty, but I think that Lauren and James shoudl be 1 and 2………………and American Idol really messed this up

  39. vane says:

    Wow! i cried when i listened that James was sent home, I cannot vote from my country Chile but James was the favorite of everybody i know watches the show here, I think AI wants to preserve an image of perfect kids that’s why Clay and Adam didn’t win for being gay and now James is not good for them because of his syndromes, there is discrimination. I remeber when Randy and Simon wanted Archuletato win (he was the disney kid kind of guy) and they made D.Cook Cry with their mean comments.
    As someone said it’s good 4 James to be voted of because he would do the album he wants and not being a product, just be himself A STAR, LOVE U JAMES. i hope scotty wins :)

  40. sonia nelson says:

    he had the best voice!!shocked!!left tv room when heard the result!!

  41. Mary says:

    Why is it so impossible to accept that something went wrong. There are too many complaints to ignore. If this problem with James is not addressed I will cease to watch…we diligently try to cast votes and are unable because we cannot get through or they go to another person. Come on, I have never had a problem voting in other seasons.

  42. Mary says:

    Can someone tell me how we can get the right people to listen. I wrote a letter but most likely Randy Jackson will never see it. They want us to vote but never respond to discrepancies caused by the voting process. I am so disgusted.

  43. kathi justman says:

    Getting booted was a blessing in disguise. He will get to produce his own songs and control his own talent.

  44. Sue says:

    There may not be nothing done over this but we have the right to let our voices be heard America. American Idol needs to do something about there voting system and it’s the only fair thing to do to bring James back!!!!!!

  45. Kim says:

    I will never watch AI again!! This is outrageous!!! James was the best!!! This show has lost all credibility and with this kind of outcry there should be a revote!!! I will buy your cd and hope to see you James when your career blows up!!! You are one talented guy and deserve all the best!!!

  46. msjane says:

    I posted on James FB page, but will post here also. 5701 was busy for 2 hours and I got thru for 2 votes. 5705 rang , rang, rang, rang, and I was able to get in three votes. Both numbers told me “Thank you for voting for contestant # 1. So did my five votes go to James……I assume cause he sang first that he was # 1….It is very Frustrating with four cell phones we were able to get in only 5 votes……We are not ATT&T carriers, It is not available in our area…….So maybe that is the problem. I was able to go on line and gave all of my 50 votes to James, but got disconnected several times…..but was keeping track as I voted so I know that I posted over 50 to make sure they all went in for a total of accountable 50

  47. Sue says:

    I have seen this happen time and again, and the real Idol winner ends up going home, that’s why I stopped watching way back when Clay Aikens was up against this black dude (forget his name)….clearly Clay should have won hands down…and where is this other suppposed Idol today???? Pffffft!! They should be doing a recount RIGHT NOW, because they KNOW that their way of picking winners was flawed when they changed the order. Even when James ends up bigger than life….I will still hold A.I. at fault for his loss and never watch again. They fixed it good IMO. Now THEY are the losers.

  48. teri says:

    American Idol, you screwed up and you need to fix this. Look at all the attention this site is getting and the American Idol site for James. Your best move would be to bring James back for a redo. That’s it. Bring him back.

  49. slmcfish says:


  50. Carol & Ed Andrews says:

    I tried voting for James Durbin as soon as the lines opened for voting at the end of the show. In the two hours of voting I was only able to vote one time for James. My husband tried voting from the second line in our home and he was never able to get through. We have re-dial on our phones and his numbers were constantly busy or gave the “off the hook” sound. If the voting isn’t “fixed” then you need to look at this issue. I did try the other three performers and all of their lines were open. Thus I cast a vote for each of the other singers despite wanting my votes to count for James. There are so many of us that experienced an inability to vote for James Durbin. If “Voting” is to be fair for all four then James deserves a fair re-count. I suggest bringing James back and then let two singers go the following week. First…Please see what is wrong with your “Voting Lines!” I belive in Fair Voting and AI appears to have the lines staked against James as a contestant on that evening.
    Ed & Carol Andrews

  51. Angi says:

    I am so glad I found this website! It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one having problems with voting. That being said…while I was shocked & extremely disappointed to see James voted off, and I still believe wrongly so, whether by AI’s error or some other fluke…I think it may be for the best. James was by far the best on the show this season & will go far; however, look at past “winners” of the show. How many of them have gone on to become “stars” & are well known??? Only really two have mad it big, Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood. Sure, others have made albums, etc etc, they never made it big though. The other idols who have also made it big were NOT the “winners” of AI. I truly believe with James’s talent that he had contracts being throw at him the second he was voted out!! I’m sure there are many producers just trying to get him to sign with them!!! =)
    I agree the voting sucked, that it was rigged & nothing will ever be done about it. In the end though, I know James will do great things & I for one will be getting his CD’s as soon as they come out & I will be going to his concerts. As for the others (except Casey), I won’t waste my time or money on them. I am honestly done with AI because of all of this & know I am not alone in that. Will I ever watch again? That will depend on what they do to ensure things like this don’t happen again. What’s the point if my vote doesn’t really count?!?!
    James, if by some odd chance you read this, know we loved you & voted for you every week! =) And we will definitely be keeping an eye for your CD!!! =)

  52. Lucky says:

    Whatever happenned with the voting and confusion is water under the bridge now. The AI process will move on and a winner will be chosen. We all know the true winner is James. Even though he was robbed of the hometown parade and Idol prize, his amazing talent and passion for music will drive him to the top. He has impressed producers and movers and shakers in the music biz now, and I have to believe the offers must be rolling in for James as we speak…Don’t stop believin’ James!

  53. Sharon says:

    I really think the votes got messed up. It does not seem possible that James was never in the bottom three, then gets voted off. What was the reason for changing the order of performers and not match the numbers to call. Maybe a return for James and a double elimination next week. They would all compete equally that way. GO JAMES, you are my Idol.

  54. Veronica Macramalla says:

    Send a short note and the link to the autism site to all the major newspaper editors in the United States, starting with the LA Times, then other Los Angeles, Studio City, and other local L.A. papers, then other major California papers (in Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco). THAT is what gets attention! I bet there is a link to a list of all of them online somewhere (used heavily during the 2008 Presidential election). Then, email the television stations, starting with L.A. (This was just posted on the AI James Durbin forum, too.)

  55. Janice Van Horne says:

    Someone asked who to contact regarding these phone and internet voting issues: I got on line with the FCC (they monitor many Communications Issues, but also review complaints about bias in the media in this country. I would certainly call this issue “bias” since votes intended for James went elsewhere or nowhere at all. They have an on line “Informal Complaint” that you can fill out and a place to tell them what happened to you and what you think should be done. It is EASY and takes very little of your time. We taxpayers pay for the FCC’s services, why not everyone contact them, make an official complaint and have the FCC help take care of this issue. There are many petitions online to get James back, but there isn’t anything cohesive – we need everyone to stick together on this issue. The biggest issue now is time….let’s get Idol to bring James back before final votes. WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER!!!!!

  56. Michelle Tucker says:

    I have emailed this to every possible address I could find . . American Idol NEEDS to do the right thing.

    To the Producers of American Idol:
    My name is Michelle Tucker. I speak for many. Thursday night’s elimination of James Durbin was an injustice. How can someone who has never been in the bottom be suddenly eliminated? James has a HUGE fan base and I am well aware of how hard we all vote every Wednesday. I have read many post’s on various forums about this topic and I feel the producers need to know something went terribly wrong.
    There were 2 numbers to call, I got through almost every time when using the “05″ number on Wednesday May 11th. The times I was unable to get through I was told by a recording the number I was calling was not valid. (All I did was hit re dial). I called the 01 number and was also told the number was invalid or it went silent. Something is terribly wrong here.
    American Idol is supposed to stand for something. The word Idol alone carries with it great signifigance as well as being a good role model for our younger generation. In our society today the yonger generation needs a good role model they can identify with as well as look up to. James Durbin was the epitome of what I have just defined.
    I am not writting this to put anyone down, granted all the contestants are talented but to see someone up there being disrespectful to some of the greateast artists of our time was disturbing and truly not the kinf of person I would want to represent American Idol. There are many teenagers who watch this show, (I know I have three). James touched everyone’s lives in a way that only few can and his elimination was devaststing.
    So I challenge the producers of American Idol to break the “norm” . . lets his fans voices be heard . . bring him back . . do something you have never done before . . his fans want him back . .shake things up . . make it a moment people will talk about . . let him back . . a save by the fans . . and let there be a double elimination. There is nothing we would like to see more than fo rthis to happen.

    Take a look at the American Idol Forum page for James and see all the petitions going around . . look at all the fans he has . . look at all the people you stand to lose as viewers and think about what it would do to the ratings if you did something that has never been done before and let the fans have a chance to save their favorite when it comes down to the final 4.
    I realize everyone has their favorite and when they are sent home people get upset but this is nothing short of a phenomenon we are dealing with here. From someone who has no experience in television, I honestly believe this could change American Idol: to add this “Fan Save” as part of the process. If I may make a comparison to Survivor? Survivor shook things up by adding Redemtion Island, (once a player is voted off they are sent to an isolated island where they await the next person voted off. The two must then compete to get back in the game). I have watched every season since the beginning (Thank You DVR) and the twist they added this season really has made it dramatically more interesting to watch and has livened the show up.
    So again, I challenge the Producers of American Idol to please bring James Durbin back by popular demand and let us all vote once again to end up witha double elimination. I think you would be very surprised at the outcome and also the increase in ticket sales for the tour.
    They say it only takes one voice to make a difference and this is my time to try to do just that. i will be posting this on James Durbin’s Forum on american Idol page with instructions to let our voices be heard. i hope you all will listen.
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
    Michelle Tucker,RN

  57. Maureen says:

    I too had trouble getting through on James numbers….I kept getting the call could not go through for quite some time…..something definitely was wrong with the voting…..something should be done by Idol. I find it interesting that they let James have his homecoming….first time they ever did that.

  58. Mini says:

    I kinda wish this controversy would die down, as I don’t think it’s good for James. I am a fan of his, I voted for him and ardently support him online. But Idol has had many voting controversies over the years — with more proof than this — and nothing has ever come of a petition. And I fail to see why Idol would purposely want James off the show. He was good for ratings, the judges adored him, Nigel Lythgoe (who runs the show) reportedly loved him, and the studio audience loved him. They have no reason to want him off and the massive amount of praise (and occasionally overpraise) he received was consistant with that.

    James has a career to get on with. Winning AI is not really that much better than coming in fourth, and we don’t want to make him look like a sore loser. Let’s just support him and tell our friends about him and buy his single/record.

  59. Janice Van Horne says:

    Maureen (and everyone else), when I heard that Idol decided to “let” James go home for his parade, concert, etc., my gut feeling (and my intuition usually is right on) was that was done to placate James’ fans. I immediately called a family member and they felt the same….this was something that Idol has never done before. According to something I read this morning, Idol decided to send him to Santa Cruz because the City of Santa Cruz and the police department “begged” Idol to let James come home. My first feeling was something stinks here and like I said before, we have to be a cohesive unit, stick together and get James back for at least a re vote. How many other people felt the same way about James being sent home? (I’m happy for him that he did, but not happy about the motive Idol had for it)

  60. Phyllis says:

    to Mini: this is more than just about James durbin…this is about the integrity of the American Idol voting system and about other singers not getting screwed in future seasons. To turn a blind eye to obvious voting problems is just plain wrong….indifference is DANGEROUS!!!!!. How many more times does this need 2 happen before American idol and ATT fix this?

  61. Janice Van Horne says:

    Mini, for once this issue is backed by tons of evidence and LOTS of people and the issue is not one of “sour grapes” or disappointment at the outcome on Idol. It is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by the FCC or other agency that oversees media bias. This could have possibly been software or hardware error on Idol’s part, but nevertheless it was in reality unfair and the result was bias. THIS time it needs to be addressed. Even if we can’t get James back on for a re vote, we need to get the agencies that oversee FOX in this instance to slap them upside the head and get their attention. Myself, for any future seasons of A.I., I am done. No more.

  62. Cara says:

    On last Wednesday night, my family definitely had difficulties voting for James at the 01 number, then we dialed the 05 number and were able to vote many times. I absolutely believe that Fox and American Idol executives should launch an investigation into the complex and unfair voting systems. As a result of having difficulties calling in the votes, I started voting on-line for James Durbin, voting endlessly until the expired time. On Thursday night, it was a huge shocker that James Durbin was voted out. To me, James Durbin is a natural star, versatile and a gifted singer, singing every song so beautifully with all his heart and soul. What good are the judges’ comments, when they do not count? American Idol has become a popularity contest, NOT a SINGING Competition. My family will be boycotting American Idol and will not be watching or voting going forward. Extremely disappointed that James Durbin is not going to win the 2011 American Idol award.

  63. Shelby says:

    I was at his homecoming. They managed to still draw at least 30K even though it was rather impromptu going down to the wire. Some came in from 3-4 hours away.
    What perturbs me the most is after all of this via many of the social media outlets while the Scotty fans in particular reached out on the pages supporting James to also be gracious and offer some sort of consultation all the Haley ones did for most part was brag and taunt. Classy is as classy does for both of them.
    Results night in the duet James showed he can even sing country. I am with the posters that feel in long run this may be best for him. He won’t get fixed into an Idol mode and can make what type of music he visions using any elements that he likes.

  64. Tiffany says:

    I do think this is true and something did go wrong with Jame’s line Thursday night. When I called to vote for him, I too had trouble. Except, I encountered different problems and have friends who also encountered different problems. I couldnt get throuh on the phone, at all. I must have called a few dozen times to try and get through, on both numbers, and both were saying that the line was busy. I figured that the line was just busy because so many people were voting for James. (Which would make sense) However, that must not be true, because he was sent home. (Which makes NO sense) My friend said that when she called for his number 01, she got a recording that said, “Thank you for voting for contestant 3.” James wasn’t contestant three. So, something most definently was wrong with his line and I do not think this should just be able to go unnoticed. Something needs to be done about this because James Durbin did NOT deserve to be sent home Thursday night. MANY were shocked at this outcome, even James himself. Jennifer Lopez was crying her eyes out and both other judges were speechless. Shortly after the show, facebook was loaded with things about James being eliminated. Things such as, “Why james?” and “James was the best, he shouldnt have been sent home. It should have been Hailey.” This was the first person to get eliminated that caused so much commotion and reaction out of people. So, it only makes sense that the lines were either rigged or defected that night. So many people loved James, SO MANY. I just don’t understand how in the world this happened. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. Its only fair!

  65. Janice Van Horne says:

    To everyone reading these replies: Do you realize how powerful the internet is? Look at what happened in the Middle East, leaders are being driven out just from facebook and twitter communications. We need to e mail, twitter, etc. FOX/Idol, the FCC, anyone that we can get to listen to us asap since time is an issue here.

    ps My granddaughter has just been diagnosed with Aspbergers. I so wanted James to place at least in top three because his exceptional talent, his bravery, his confidence warrants being out there forever so that kids in the future with syndromes like Turrettes and Aspbergers will know that the word “impossible” does not exist. James was given to all of us as a gift – I wish more people would see that. We also need to e mail Michele Obama and let her know what an example James is for the children of this country. I would love to see him invited to the White House.

  66. Mini says:

    I understand that y’all mean well, and I’m sure there were plenty of people who couldn’t get through for many contestants. That’s what happens when there are 72 million votes. (I voted mostly for James, but voted a little bit for Haley and had more trouble getting through for her. Of course, I was using my cell phone for her because I didn’t want to cut into voting for James, and cells are notoriously more difficult to get through with.)

    As for switching numbers, many of the Idol faithful believe the order was switched to help James as he went both first and last, opening the show and being the last one on the show. And the #5-#8 switching would have been fair all around: someone trying to vote for Haley might have voted for James, someone trying to vote for Scotty might have voted for Haley, and someone trying to vote for Lauren might have voted for Scotty.

    Good luck if you can actually make something of this, but I doubt it. I just don’t see evidence of anything except confusing numbering (all around) and a HUGE voting night with overwhelmed phone lines (all around).

  67. Cinthia says:

    This is absolutly right!!! AI needs to responds to this and have a re- count!!!!! This is so UNFAIR to James!!! There is NO WAY possible, that someone that has NEVER been on the bottom 3 – is Gone in a day!!! NOT POSSIBLE!!!!

  68. Shelby says:

    Tiffany you’re right, the level of outrage is higher than any before. Pia saw angry retaliation but nothing like this. It isn’t a bunch of teenagers just making noise either. Adults, many of them expressing it in a very well thought out, coherent fashion. It has not let up since Thursday. I think since that night James offical facebook page has like 10K comments the most recent status. People are not going to simply be quiet and forget. If they think that “letting” him come home it going to placate them they think wrong

  69. Ray says:

    Jamess needs a re-count!!! Something went deff. Wrong with the voting system. AI, needs to reapond to this- Bring James back!!!

  70. Janice Van Horne says:

    Did any of you read that Aerosmith has declined to be on the finale of AI? Interesting it would happen now. Perhaps they are disgusted at the outcome of the vote last week? There are other reasons people are floating out there but I think it has something to do with this whole issue and they don’t want to get involved in it all. Too negative for their image.

  71. Mini says:

    The Aerosmith likely has more to do with issues with Steven Tyler than anything to do with voting.

  72. msjane says:

    James was first in the first round of singing.
    James was Fourth in the second round of singing.
    but in the overall total rounds he was number eight
    Therefore causing a voting problem……..
    Where did Idol get the number five position that caused a phone line
    to be ringing and ringing and getting no answer for two hrs.
    Phone line 5705 rang was in my opinion an unvoteable line.

  73. brittany says:

    I want them to bring him back, but I dont think they will. Whoever said james is off-key is wrong. Haley is off-key and she growls. She thinks she is better than everyone else

  74. Liane Grady says:

    This past Weds night is the FIRST TIME I ever had difficulty getting through on the number(s) posted for James. Lots of times I heard absolutely NOTHING on the other end and other times both numbers were busy. I will say I did get through a few times but seems like within 15 minutes of the show ending on the East Coast, I couldn’t get through anymore. Someone of authority needs to recognize and address this issue and not just ignore such an overwhelming amount of complaints here.

  75. J eana Roper says:

    I personal Had trouble several several times trying to vote for Derbin..and it would click right back to a dial tone..I think it was rigged to go to the others..

  76. Christie J. Fox says:

    I too was shocked that James Durbin wasn’t in the final 3 on Idol. I voted for James from day 1. Enjoyed his singing tremendously. He’s a professional and very talented. I felt bad when things got messed up at Idol. I’m hoping someone will step up and give him the singing contracts he wants and needs for his career and future.

  77. Bonnie Fulton says:

    I voted several times hitting redial for JAMES on line 5701. All of a sudden, I heard the recording saying, Thank you for voting for contestant # 3 on that same line!!! This is not the first time where Idol has has a miscount if you google it you will see. THey have done a recount before! and please tell me how James went home…Read this, posted beofre the results show: Prediction: Top 4 Elimination
    Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2011-05-12 16:03
    Is it the end of the road for the much touted producer’s favourite Lauren Alaina? This weeks poll is interesting in that James Durbin, Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery are only separated by 2% of the vote, ranging from 27%-29% while Lauren Alaina languishes in last place on 16%.

    Who you actually want to see go home is a different story though as Haley Reinhart takes 46% of the vote in that poll.

    James Durbin appears to be the strongest contendor for the title at this point, topping the favorite poll and being the least wanted to be eliminated this week.

    Results are soon.

  78. Kevin Lieberman says:

    Are you kidding? If he was that popular he wouldn’t have been voted out now would he? He didn’t even place 2nd or 3rd. He was way behind. No one I know likes him. His voice is too shrill and he’s too self important. He was getting more votes based on his disabilities rather than his abilities. The guy plain and simple wasn’t that good. His vocals were a train wreck. But people were too busy sympathizing with him because of his disabilities they excused the fact that he couldn’t sing on pitch.

  79. Tracey says:

    Yes TeresaR it does tell you who youve voted for (im just going by what ive heard as im in Australia and unable to vote unfortunately. The problem being that quite a lot im told, millions in fact, texted or called the number they were told was for James and were told “thanks for voting for Haley”, so obviously votes that were supposed to go to James were sometimes going to Haley, which therefore is wrong, people are paying money to vote for their favourite and when that vote isnt going to who it supposed to, then something is wrong.

  80. Charity says:

    This whole thing sucks. James has never been in the bottom 3, but Haley was, HOW MANY TIMES? Yeah, I believe when I called for 01 they said thank you for voting for contestant 3. Wtf?? Personally a long time ago a rule should have been made that everyone can only vote once!!!! That is only fair!!! Not only that, those assholes with the website called Vote For the Worst, don’t help matters. They are over there bragging that by all the rallying together they did to vote for Haley, ended up getting James kicked off. That’s messed up. I love you James and American Idol sucks. They just don’t want a “rocker” to be the “All American” Idol. Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and now James. Wow..interesting.

  81. lynnmcv says:

    I have not voted for years but, yes, in the past, if a person was number 5, in a 4 person event, their next number would have been 5. I can see how some would have voted for the wrong person. I dont think AI did this for some cynical reason but I do think they should address it and maybe have a revote. Let James perform again next week, what would it hurt?

  82. Lesliej says:

    I don’t think anything will come out of this – voting was definitely a problem since I my texting was not always going through. It is unfortunate that Idol, once again, messed it up for a bright contestant. Same thing happened to Adam in AI8. I think he’ll be ok. He has the talent to go on. I know I’ll be buying his CD once he releases it. The other 3 not much to say, just that we’ll see who gets remember once this is over. My guess it’s James.

  83. Julie says:

    If there was an error, it should be corrected out of fairness. This doesn’t seem right. James was our favorite.

  84. Julie says:

    I agree with everyone who says that it was a deliberate move to keep James out of the Top 3, and get Haley in. There is no logical way that someone who had NEVER been in the Bottom 3 would suddenly get voted off the show, while someone who had been in the Bottom 3 FOUR times would suddenly make it into the Top 3. No way, no how. Something hinky went down, and it cost James the official title of “American Idol”. I say official title, because James is and always will be the TRUE “American Idol”of Season 10.

  85. debbie crowe says:

    Well I tried to vote for James 6 times texting and recieved 1 confirmation. There’s something wrong here Lucy!!! Bring him back. He is the BEST idol contestent ever. This is just wrong!

  86. brittany says:

    People voted for him because he could sing not because he had ld

  87. Charity says:

    Hmmm…apparently links get taken out, so just go to Vote For the Worst dot com. It says a lot about some shady stuff.

  88. michele meger says:


  89. Vickie Banks says:

    I too had difficulty when calling. I was never able to get through on the 05 number. I had better luck with the 01 number but did run into the same problem that others have mentioned–dead air; which made me hold on longer than I wanted before trying again. I sure hope my calls/votes went to James and not another contestant.

    James would tell us not to give up on American Idol. He is very grateful to them for everything they have done. He is a class act.

  90. amanda hendra says:

    i love you James very much you have inspired me but sad to see you leave i can not stoping crying because of america this vote is so messed up and out of their minds don’t like you america but love you forever James

  91. Veronica Macramalla says:

    In response to those who say James Durbin was ‘just not that popular,’ please google ‘google trends’ or ‘trending’ and when you get to the google trends page, type in ‘james durbin, haley reinhart, scotty mccreery, lauren alaina’ and hit return. Then go over to the far right and pull down the menu to ‘last 30 days.’ It shows google search traffic for each contestant over the past month (google searches and news articles published about each). It is shocking. That blue line (Durbin’s) is above all the others for the entire month, particularly in the last few days.

  92. Susie Stewart says:

    American Idol messed with the way it has always done things, this is wrong, James should get another chance and if he don’t I will be done with American Idol after ten years of faithfully watching.

  93. Lisa Lemons says:

    James Durbin should not have been voted off. He is the best one you had on there. There should be a redo and he should get another chance. He hd over 100,000 fans. Haley has around 40,00 fans. It seems to me this was not done right there was a mistake in the voting. James is one of the most popular ones. he should have wenthead to head with Scotty in the finale. He shoud not have been voted out, he was never in the bottom three. This mistake should be corrected. Alot of people could stop watching this show over this. Bring Back James!

  94. Jared says:

    Haley is one of the worst so called singers I have ever heard. If I want to hear growling and screaching, I’ll watch a few cats fighting. I checked out the facebook fans, and guess what, James has the most, followed by Scotty. The girls are way behind and it doesn’t look like they will catch them. James Durbin rocks, I don’t care what sort of music you favor, you must admit James has it goin’ on and will go on to be much bigger than who ever wins this so-called competition.

  95. Micki. Stebbins says:

    I agree that something went terribly wrong. It does not make since that James was all of a sudden at the bottom….this should definitely be looked into. I’ve decided not to watch the show anymore and ther are so many doing the same!!!!

  96. Shannon says:


  97. Rhonda Holt says:

    I think its so great so many are coming forward with voice to be heard on this voting scheme! I too think it to be quite odd that they switched the idols numbers orders last Wednesday! This thus confusing voters sending Lauren and Haley to the top and James and Scotty to the bottom 2 then James was voted off.. If you follow or have been the the voting sites the percentages each contestant was in you would see every week James and Scotty were always neck and Neck and then Lauren followed by Haley! Then Haley did creep up to and over Lauren a few times..But Never once was James or Scotty on the Bottom and should have been that last 2 Contestants on AI.. James Should of won! I love Both James and Scotty due to they are both very talented and have such great hearts! And adore Lauren as well..And I think the singing talent is the key but to be a true American idol you have to have your true heart and soul in it to win it.. And this is why James was/is truly amazing!! And after the last few winner who never made it past a few hit singles did not make it nearly to those whom are bit talents and artists today, and we should remember this, and if there is a scheme going on the one who falls is the one who is planting them! After the few years as We all now can see its been the second to the 4th place contestant who are not truly the American idols winners… That saying maybe AI found them but it was their own heart and talent and us fans who truly make them who they are today!! Don’t worry about James coming back to AI! If you ask me he has already won and done much better without it! And as a few of the second to 4th place contestants have said and do say it was you/us who helped make them where they are today..I do hope in this whole incident that there will be an investigation and maybe they will find a mishap or fault somewhere so the finger will be pointed at them to change the way the voting system works so we do get the true right winners who deserve the AI Title! Just keep letting your voice be heard and our hearts follow James to keep his dream alive for many
    years to come!!;)

  98. yvette says:

    I also read on one of the threads that the James Durbin fans are calling American Idol – fox tomorrow to lodge complaints and to let them know how they feel about what is going on. I can’t believe all the buzz that is going on.
    The numbers are 1-310-369-1000 and 1-323-575-8000

  99. Rhonda Holt says:

    We all have been so upset over this whole ordeal.. I researched and have been noticing things ran by the producer Ken Warwick and have some concerns! And I was amazed and stunned!! This guy was not happy towards James when he would not sing the song Ken had chosen for him and James said i am uncomfortable with that and feel i need to do what i preform best!! well the before performance, Ken came on and clearly with a disappointment on his face Stated that James was taking a huge risk with that song choice…Then when James came out and performed with Zakk Wylde singing Sammy Haggar’s (Heavy metal soundtrack!! With a standing ovation and only amazing comments form the judges even Zakk Wilde former lead guitar player for Ozzy Osborn gave James an amazing compliment to James performance.. Now if you ask me I truly think that something is going on and not right with Ken Warwick and how he is staging the show…If you do some research as i did you will clearly find this from former idol contestant Crystal Bowersox, who has Type-I diabetes, fell ill due to diabetic ketoacidosis on the morning of the girls performance night for the top 20 week and was hospitalized.[82] The schedule was rearranged so the boys performed first and she could perform the following night instead. Later she revealed that Ken Warwick, the show producer, wanted to disqualify her but she begged to be allowed to stay on the show… This guy worries me and does not have much care or concern for these contestants with these kinds of statements and since he is owner/producer maybe we should be looking how he is truly running the show..I think each contestant should be treated equally and fairly and should get their correct number of votes given by their fans and they should win the AI title in that order, and if anything has failed to go wrong out of kens control it is only fair that he in all honesty look into this recalculate the votes and fix the mistake awarding the James the votes he was truly given…This would change the out look on the whole situation making AI seem like they are doing everything they can under any mistake that could of be known to happen to be fairly fixed for the contestant and us disappointed fans making American Idol much more enjoyable known this are done honestly and any error or mistake shall be investigated and properly fixed for the shows future to come….I do truly hope they can fix this whole mess or at least investigate it enough to find if there was by chance an error made that American Idol/ken Warwick would with gratitude come forward and fix any mistakes that may of been made possibly bringing James back and giving this another weeks run in the show allowing all 4 contestants Fairly to replay their singing competitions…

  100. Delana Cantley says:

    Obviously there is a problem with Idols voting system. But, the biggest question of all is why the change in the # sequence? I heard Ryan Seacrest say to be sure and get the #’s right that they were being done different; but, what about the voters who may have missed that? Why do the voting one way all season and then change it all of a sudden? Doesn’t make any sense. I really think this is pretty dirty on American Idols part. I don’t see any purpose for the change unless they wanted to screw someone out of votes. Idol may lose a lot of viewers because of this.

  101. Kim Purse says:

    something is definitely not right, how is it that James has over 115,000 fans on facebook and Haley has 37,000, yet James’ gets voted out over Haley? The fact that James sang 1st and 8th may have caused confusion to the voters, and many viewers have stated they couldn’t get through on his lines. I think it’s only fair to bring James back and have a double elimination. I will no longer watch American Idol if they don’t take responsibility for what happened last week!

  102. Lloyd says:

    let it go – he lost. I too was shocked and kinda mad, but in the end, it really has no effect on the world we know. Instead of a guaranteed contract, he gets one that can be negotiated, a solid fan base, the ability to write and produce his own songs, and a venue to do it from for the summer. Sorry folks, the man behind the curtain on AI is that after you reach the top 5 – there really is no loser.

    Way to go James for bringing the Metal – you will be missed, but not for long.

  103. Rhonda Holt says:

    Here is something i came across that just may be helpful!! Worth a try!;)

  104. Amy says:

    I had a problem using the 5701 number for a while in the beginning. It would click and then I would hear dead silence waiting for something to happen and then nothing, so I would hang up and try again. After several times of that my husband and I both started getting a busy signal and that lasted for quite a while. Finally we were able to get through and voted many times for James like always but I am still wondering how many people had the glitch problems in the beginning stages of the votes. I don’t believe for a New York Minute that Haley actually got more votes than James…..something is WRONG here American Idol…….FIX IT!

  105. yvette says:

    I may not be able to bring him back but I can call and do my part and let American Idol/Producers know how I feel…That much I can do…

  106. Rhonda Holt says:

    In all hope and prayers, if enough of us get thru Fox about bringing him back and the complaint of mislead votes, In found error I hope they turn around and bring him back in an event they will hold another week and allow them to all perform again and then get the votes they rightfully deserve this may also bring a very high view rating for Fox and America Idol making it on of the most viewed by fans in AI/fox history.. Anything is possible is we just put our heart and voice out there!!;)

  107. Veronica Macramalla says:

    I wrote earlier, but wanted to restate that in addition to calling Fox tomorrow, you can also write/email letters to news outlets (newspapers, television news, particularly in Los Angeles, Studio City, Burbank) and let them know how you feel. I wrote many emails today when I realized that it’s not just the unfairness of the voting glitches, it’s also the fact that so many of James’s fans have autism spectrum or Tourette’s or other disorders, many are children, and for THEM to encounter these voting difficulties would have had an even more upsetting/confusing effect. If AI is going to rely upon viewer votes, AI needs to be responsible and accountable for the accuracy of its voting practices. Take ACTION–it’s the antidote to feelings of powerlessness we are all awash with every day.

    Dear x,

    I wonder if you are aware of the voting controversy regarding phone and online voting glitches experienced by voters and reported on the Autism Key website, and elsewhere: [and here I just quoted this thread address] (brief summary and comments). This is made all the worse because, of course, many voting for Mr. Durbin are, themselves, autistic (and even more confused when phone voting for Durbin and getting a voice response of ‘thank you for voting for contestant x’ when ‘x’ was not his contestant number, or when a picture of another contestant popped up after voting online for Durbin). Although it’s unfair to ascribe intentionality to the show for the glitches in its new online voting system, its phone glitches appear to have a long history of neglect.

    As a psychologist [and here I put in other stuff I do and am, including admitted fan of Mr. Durbin, and one of the 30,000 at his Boardwalk concert yesterday], I am very concerned about the results of this voting issue on the autistic spectrum (36% of our citizens, according to the latest broad-based study) and Tourette’s population, who deal daily with frustration, rejection, powerlessness, and confusion.

  108. joe snyder says:

    my family has watch your program for years alon with alot of our freinds fromwork everyone had the same response. some how a mistake has taken place in voting. we all know somthing is wrong , so do the proper thing and fix it or take a terrable chance on loosing almost all your followers . very simple just admit a mistake and fix it . thankyou

  109. Elvanetta Dozier says:

    I truly think something happened in the voting system. I think AI needs to make some big changes with the voting system.

  110. Shannon says:

    Wow Gina Really……..you seem to be the only negative one here. Very brave of you to make a comment like that but inaccurate!!!

  111. austin says:

    i noticed some people who have said that kids shouldnt be able to vote because we cant appreciate people with tourettes to come this far 1. yes they can i know tons of kids who not only appreciate it but james was there favorite james was also my favorite, and i have tourettes OCD, ADD , and ADHD i know how he feels i am 13 i play guitar and have won every talent show i have entered doing it (thats 3) i can play eruption by eddie van halen and he has just pushed me to do even better (eruptions not even the hardest song i can play)

  112. Avila says:

    James Durbin fans, American Idol is touted as a peoples show. So let’s throw down the gauntlet and make a real peoples difference in the show’s history. If you think something was wrong with the voting system/process last week and James should continue on the show, email Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly at

    kevin.reilly@fox.com. You can also call him during business hours at 310-369-1000, or if you call after business hours, you can leave a message: When prompted, press 1# to access the dial-by-name feature. Spell R E I L L Y on your keypad, press 2 for Kevin Reilly, leave a brief message for him.
    Lets show American Idol what real people power is and give them a true look at the fan base for James Durbin. James has fought against the odds on his own all his life. Let’s pitch in and help James beat these odds. Post this on blogs, Facebook, Twitter or any place you can think of. We need to work fast so cast your vote now.

  113. Maryann says:

    To the producers of American Idol:
    I’ve watched Idol since its inception. It’s a family affair, and we gather with our grown children and watch it together. If James was eliminated fairly, we’d just be disappointed, but that’s not the case. If Idol wants to maintain any degree of integrity, you need to take responsibility for this “phone glitch” by bringing James back and having a double elimination next week. If you don’t step up and take responsibility, you will be losing thousands of viewers and, subsequently, hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue (if that is what is most important to you). And don’t make the mistake of thinking that the people that frequent these boards are kids who play on the computer all day. Read the posts. There are adults from every walk of life – lawyers, teachers, nurses, social workers – and others who feel passionately that James was unfairly eliminated and are willing to stand up and say so. They are adults who can and will turn off AI and influence the ratings. They are adults who can and will boycott companies who advertise on Idol – Ford, Coke, etc. – for themselves and their kids. They are adults who won’t put money into the pockets of a dishonest organization.

    James is the greatest talent that Idol has ever seen and, unless Idol makes this right, you will be losing thousands of viewers over this. Don’t underestimate the power of people when they unite for a cause. Idol’s ratings will plummet, and people will tune in to other reality shows, because people don’t like being played. Remember, it is supposed to be a REALITY show, and it is REAL that he was never even in the bottom three, and it is REAL that the phones were throwing his votes to other contestants. Technology is much better now than when Daughtry was eliminated – these things can be verified.

    I hope you don’t make the mistake of thinking that creating this stir will increase your ratings. You will see the opposite. When people treat me unfairly in my personal life, I write them off and don’t bother with them. People will do the same to American Idol unless this is made right. Do what Michelle is suggesting above – implement a “Fan Save”. It will show that the fans do have a voice, and that Idol is not running the show for its own agenda. And, if the buck is what’s most important to you, it will also increase your ratings dramatically, as people will feel that they are being listened to.

    Please consider it. But if you choose not to, remember there is strength in numbers, and many families like mine will be done forever with American Idol.

  114. Janice Van Horne says:

    I so agree with Avila and will be making lots of phone calls tomorrow. I have already filed a complaint with the FCC and think more people should. It didn’t take much time and I did it on line. They are the ones that monitor the media and do get involved in bias issues.

    I hate to admit this but I do read the National Enquirer once in a while and just happened to pick one up today and there is a NASTY HORRID article about James in it. It’s the May 23 issue. Hateful people. Horrible. I can’t even tell you how upset I am. We all know they sell their dirty paper that way, but who set them up to do this now??? It looks like they were contacted by a former stepfather…wonder who set him up to do this = I’m sure he was paid a lot. (FOX/Idol, AT&T??) OMG.

  115. Jason Garner says:

    What a Travesty, So what American Idol Didn’t want a Amazing kid win because of a mild turrets twitch which made him so unique and america fell in love with James just the way he was and cause they thought they would sell more records with the FAKE Lauren Alaina they destroy what self-esteem that took his whole life and this show to overcome working to this Amazing end where he was going to win and change his self doubts and show him he is a Super Star and Our American Idol!!! If Idol refuses to Reinstate James and Boot Lauren then I know a lot of Americans that will be boycotting Idol including a few Judges?

  116. Rhonda Holt says:

    I am so amazed with the love and so much care so many fans and myself have for this incredible talented young Rock star! he has touched more lives on Idol then anything i have ever seen or read and i have never seen so much and so many loving comments about James…Amazing..And if they could only see how much he means and how many fans who truly love and believe in him that is enough right there to know he well got his number in voted to win… I only hope this opens there eyes and they are over whelmed with letters, calls emails and so much more that they will bring him back as a tribute and surprise to the millions of fans who love him so… If voting error and mistake is found to be true it would be great if fox and Ken Warwick can work this out to have a special one time show and public apology with a surprise bring back of James Durbin it would change so ratings and so many would view this event it would be heart-fully overwhelmed and the greatest thing they could ever do for the show.. Bring James Durbin back and let there be one more special week so they can all do their singing competition and redo the votes and give them honestly what the vans voted for… This would be one great wonder and be the best and most viewed show that night in many years to come.. And there ratings would sky rocket and it would make the show so much better then it ever was before… We can only hope and pray that they listen and read and give this very special event..

  117. Cathy says:

    I think that this whole thing concerning James being voted off is so not fair. James was the strongest one all the weeks of the competition, Haley was on the bottom once or twice, and it is not fair that a strong competitor like James gets booted over a nasally, growly showoff like Haley. When James was voted off, i saw all the other contestants at first, look sad not Haley, alot saw her smiling etc, another reason not to make her a top three .. I think that American Idol was such a good show, i have watched it almost since it began, but not anymore, something needs to be done, the producers if they have any morals or heart should address this and bring back James for a do over, and I can guarantee then that he will be voted to stay on- this is not fair — Another thing which is kind of perculair is giving James his parade etc at his hometown, he is not the top three so why did they give him this- hmmmm, sounds kind of strange, trying to make things look better after they screwed things up for him?
    Many people have had trouble with his voting on that day, i voted via the computer but did not have any trouble, but it needs to be addressed because so many people are saying the problems they had…
    I hope James can be brought back on to the program and do a revote, BUT if he is not allowed to come back on to the show, well I will no longer watch American Idol and will continue to boycott the show and its sponsors. Shame on you American Idol!

  118. arlene says:

    I, too, had trouble with the 5701 line. It was programed in both my cell and home phones and had been used previously. But that night I got messages such as “Your call cannot be completed as dialed” (this was the most frequent) I finally gave up and used the 05. Why can’t the recording verify the name of the contestant instead of just number? It’s a comfort to hear “Thanks for voting for Hines & Kym” when I call DWTS. Speaking of DWTS, they have the right idea. We get as many votes are there are remaining contestants. Last week it was 5 votes per phone line or email address. This week it will be 4. AI voting is a disgrace.

  119. Rhonda Holt says:

    Very well said Mary-anne Thank you! I hope we can get what you said and many others in and make them listen and give James and the fans what they deserve.. The Special return of James Durbin!!!

  120. Linda Perry says:

    The trouble I encountered voting by phone has been on my mind since Wednesday night and I am so relieved that it is getting the attention it deserves.
    Just wanted to report that I also had a problem using the 5701# for awhile in the beginning of voting Wednesday, May 11, 2011, then often during the time while making the calls. I would hear a buzy sound for quite a while, or dialed a call to hear it ring then silence. I also was told “thank you for voting for contestant #3, etc. several times. I would always hang up and try again.
    Something was very wrong that night. I have voted every time since voting began and never had a problem before this last Wednesday night.
    I stand behind this statement one hundred percent.

  121. Rochelle Buchanan says:

    On voting night I went on the American Idol site and people were posting that they were have trouble voting for James. My heart sunk. This didn’t come about after he was eliminated. AI really needs to look into this. I had a gut feeling all day Thursday that my favorite was going to be axed. I hope AI reads their forum posts from Wednesday, the proof is there.

  122. Janice Van Horne says:

    I’m huge into remaining positive about what we want – James to return. I am trying everything to get that to happen. BUT I just spent some time on line and discovered that all of these issues date back to 2004 and the FCC has been called upon every time there is suspicion of error or purposeful vote tampering. According to my research, the companies involved in this program all stand to make a heck of a lot of money no matter what the outcome is. Apparently the FCC tends to consider Idol as strictly a contest instead of a game show and that’s where it ends. Makes you wonder how much they are getting paid to stand aside and let such atrocities happen. These issues, exactly as they are happening this case, have been going on for years and no one has ever been reinstated on the show. People have all but begged to get the voting results after each vote and Idol will never release them. We are getting played, folks. People back many years said they were going to stop investing their emotions into this show…..I hate to say it, but that’s probably our only choice here. As I said, I’m trying to do everything one person can do to get James back – after the research I did tonight, the odds of him getting reinstated on this show are almost nil. These folks that run these shows including the sponsors don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but the money. I am still dealing with the recent loss of my husband and one thing for sure, after shedding many tears over the outcome of this last vote, I am worn out emotionally and in the future will not watch another one of these type of tv shows. I will say that my Mom instincts kicked in when I saw how unfair all of this was and wanted to protect James every way possible. Let’s hope maybe this time something positive will come out of this.

  123. alet smith says:

    I watch from South Africa, I was so shocked that James is voted off. It is wrong. It is like here is South Africa in 2009 that our favourite came second, but after recalculated and votes that did not went through received 2 days after the final.

    No way. Bring James back. He is the winner

  124. Nicole says:



    Fox 310-369-1000

    818-748-1100 Fox and Fremantle media’a

    Ryans # (877) 811-7926


  125. Steven mac says:

    Please go back and read through the comments for lots of suggestions on what to do. The ai forums for durbin also have suggestions. It’s so disturbing to realize that if able people had such trouble voting, people with add and tourette’s and other difficulties would have been even more affected by the confusing voting situation and problems. I would think ai has to abide by the ADA act just like everyone else. For shame!

  126. Martha says:

    I think we are all in agreement that an injustice has been done. Sometimes I wonder if it is not on purpose on AI’s part just to cause drama to get more people to watch. Regardless of that, a very talented and well-loved young man has lost out on the very possible and real chance of becoming the next American Idol! Considering the fact that he went from never in the bottom three to being voted off is just insane. It truely is a shame when nothing can be done about this. Idol has lost me as a fan of the show.

  127. Landi says:

    hey there, you guys must bring james back. the is the best and deserve to come back. so please people bring james back. please.

  128. caroline says:

    Was so thrilled when IDOL relented and allowed James to go to his celebratory homecoming in Santa Cruz on Saturday. That in itself tells me IDOL knows something went awry. No matter what happens now, I would still love to see James since with Stephen Tyler in the finale. And, with James out of the running, he now is out from under IDOL’s control and their mandatory contract that runs for five years (?? unsure of the number of years).

    I was thinking too of all the connections James has made while on the show, with Jimmy Iovine saying James’ “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” was the reason he (Jimmy)got into music in the first place. All those producers were probably waiting in the wings just hopeing James wouldn’t finish so one of them could snag him. I think James will have a much LARGER career, especially money-wise without IDOL.

    I felt the same dismay when Adam Lambert failed to win over Kris Allen. But then, most of America realized Adam prevailed anyway. On the cover of the “Rolling Stone,” for Pete’s sake!

    I pulled up Google Trends and entered the four names (James, Scottie, Lauren and Haley) and the searches for James were off the charts. Go to Google Trends and see for yourself.

    Never having cared for metal myself, James showed me a different side of that. His MUSE rendition was amazing! You go James! The world awaits your amazing career.

  129. Texasgal says:

    I think that who is supposed to be there is there. Lauren is a phenomenal singer and earned her postion in the top three. They put the numbers in front of the singers while they are singing, while they are talking to them, and again at the end of the show. I think as always there are sore losers. Just like in his last performance on the show, James showed that in spite of the hype around him because of his choice in songs and his scream he is not that great of a vocalist and there is nothing unique about his voice or vocal abilities.

  130. Cintexas says:

    Teresa’s statement that they tell voters who they just voted for is flawed. Yes, they do say “thanks for voting for contestant (#)” but they do not say a name so it is VERY likely that some people voted in error… but I find it sad to bring a very young 16 year old girl into this type of controversy. She is a delightful young lady (as I can see on TV) and has a HUGE talent. James was my NUMBER ONE Idol but I will NOT BE AGAINST the others. This whole thing is WRONG (how Idol did it) They should never have put Lauren in this situation… there are MANY PEOPLE who vote for her, too…. I voted several times (mostly for James) then several times for both Lauren and Scotty … Lauren has plenty of fans… has anyone considered that some people voted #7 for Lauren which the votes may have gone to Haley (since Lauren sang 7th)???? It’s not just a one way controversy. The whole thing stinks! American Idol MADE this controversy … shame on whoever thought this was a good idea!!!!!!

  131. Kathy says:

    I truly believe that James Durbin needs to be brought back on the show for another week. From what I am hearing there was problems with the voting. James has overcome many obsticles to be where he is today. I have no doubt that some record company will have the brains to sign James up. I would like to see him sing with Steven Tyler.

  132. angie rodriguez says:

    I had problems trying to vote for James too every time I called the line made a beeping sound the the call would disconnect my friends who voted for James had the same problem and some of them said I they could hear on the line was part of the recording and the line would drop

  133. Donna Wiegand says:

    James Durbin is the best singer and entertainer that has ever graced the stage of American Idol. He consistently gave an excellent performance every time he sang. He is multi-talented as well–a genius for sure in the music world. I truly believe that a mistake was made in the voting process and that he should never have been voted off Idol. I will continue to watch American Idol, but hope the producers get their act together in the future. They should bring James back and let America vote again. I would go to his concerts and buy his CD’s, but do not feel the same for the remaining artists except for Scotty. He will get my votes now.

  134. Jeff says:

    I noticed it right away that Ryan was asking people to vote for james call 01 & 05 when he really sang in the 01 & 08 possitions. I am from Canada and con not vote but I was as sure as I heard it that there would be some trouble arising over this. I hope for the sake of an Honest and awesome show that American Idol will own up to there errors and do what is rite.

  135. Dorothy Seay says:

    James, I was so upset Thursday night that I cried. I don’t ever recall being that angry and that upset. I voted for you every week. I want to know how this could’ve happened. I too want a re-vote. You are my inspiration. My son has autisim and ADHD. I know what it’s like to raise someone like that. He’s now 9 and it does’nt get any easier. Thanks to you, I now have some hope. I love you. I hope and pray things work out for you.

  136. angie rodriguez says:

    Call this number if you feel ther was a glitch in the voting
    310-369-1000 , or if you call after business hours, you can leave a message: When prompted, press 1# to access the dial-by-name feature. Spell R E I L L Y on your keypad, press 2 for Kevin Reilly, leave a brief message for him. Lets show American Idol what real people power is and give them a true look at the fan base for James Durbin. James has fought against the odds on his own all his life. Let’s pitch in and help James beat these odds.

  137. Chris says:

    Easy solution… just vote online and there wont be an issue… and make sure you all vote for anyone BUT Haley…. she doesnt deserve it.. James deserved to be there and she was such a smartass with her little smirk, I want her gone gone gone!!!!

  138. Veronica says:

    This is NOT a forum to campaign for other contestants; it is a forum to report problems you had voting for James Durbin. If you read the article and whole thread, you will see there were lots and lots of problems people had voting online and via phone. You will also see actions you can take about it.

  139. Nicole says:


    Please sign this petition! WE NEED JAMES BACK! WE NEED JUSTICE!

  140. gregory says:

    I have a theory about all of this and it is very plausible.

    I believe the upper brass at american idol were uncomfortable at the prospect of having an idol winner with severe facial ticks, autistic disorder, and an affinity for heavy metal music….not exactly a marketable brand.

    bottom line is James does not fit the mold of a bubble gum/pop “american idol” and because of this, they snuffed him out before he got too close to winning.

    i have seen a lot of devious things done over my lifetime when a lot of money is at stake, so I wouldn’t be surprized if there is some truth to this.

    Too many problems reported by voters for something not to be afoot here…

  141. Amanda says:

    Hahaha, I don’t know whether I believe this or not. They almost had the top 3 perfect, until Haley joined it. Now if the controversy was that Durbin’s votes were going to Haley’s line, I’d believe it. I mean, really… how else has she stayed there? She sounds like an animal in heat with her disturbing growls as her fake attempt to add extra rasp into her voice.

    But ideally, in all fairness, America should be granted a second chance to vote properly with the correct numbers. Otherwise, I think American Idol is fixed.

  142. Catherine Caseri says:

    I myself voted online and did not have any issue’s but have hears many people on Facebook that had issue’s. I am going to post this there and so those who had the issue will have a chance to reply here.
    I agree that this should not have happened and am a firm believer that if Nigel had set the process up as he did on So You Think You Can Dance where the judges have the final word we would have a whole different set for the top three.

  143. Janice Van Horne says:

    Gregory there is more truth in that than you know. I agree with you. It’s sad because there is a lot of prejudice out there and people just don’t understand what disabilities are about. James knows we are out here trying to help him don’t forget that.

    I do think that the National Enquirer should apologize for what they said about James in the current issue. Or they need to be sued. I hope James’ family or management will help this happen.

  144. David Horton says:

    I tried voting for James and got a few votes in but then started getting a recording saying “your call cannot be completed as dialed” then I started getting sent to some “sex line” !!!! FIX THE VOTING IDOL OR GET OFF THE AIR !!!

  145. Glee says:

    How can American Idol allow this to continue? I was looking so forward to going to the tour but I will NOT give those bas****s a single penny to pay all of the Wrong People! Who knows what else was done from the beginning, shame on you American Idol, I’m heartbroken!

  146. Tonya Justice says:

    I have tried several times of text voting for James and got No service countless of times and I normally vote over 100 times plus go online and vote which I seen someone post that they voted online for 4 hours. I could only do 50 votes and then it wouldn’t let me no more. American Idol had this rigged they don’t want to see a rock star make it to the top. They should call their damn show AMERICAN SUCKIES or AMERICA GETTING SCREWED FROM VOTING…I LIKE WHAT RYAN SAYS EVERY VOTE COUNTS SO MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE WELL THAT DOESN’T MATTER EITHER DOES IT RYAN CAUSE U CAN VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE AND STILL GET SCREWED…I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS GAY SHOW AGAIN….

  147. Julie says:

    I dialed 1-866-436-5701 on both of my phones and kept hitting redial for 2 hours, so there was no mistake that I was only voting for James. Seven of my votes went to the wrong people – 5 to contestant number 2 and 2 to contestant number 3. I’ve been voting on Idol every season and never had this problem. Also heard message that call couldn’t be completed several times. Idol should bring James back on the show and do a re-vote and also close down the “votefortheworst.com” site.

  148. Linda Weaver says:

    I’m a 60 year old who doesn’t do facebook or tweet. I voted for the first time ever the other night for James and the phone line was busy, busy, busy so I gave up. James is a remarkable young man and a great role model. His singing brings back wonderful memories of the ’60′s!! We saw him on Saturday at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. He was so happy to see his home town support. If phone lines aren’t supposed to be “busy” when a person calls in their vote, then I think American Idol should address this situation and bring James back! Other people at the beach on Saturday said they had the same problem and couldn’t get through.

  149. Jennifer says:

    I was trying to vote for James and was having alot of trouble and now I know why! I think that all this was set up so that he would get voted off and i don’t think that is right! He has performed very well all these weeks and had great comments and things. I think i will not watch american idol anymore if this is how it is going to be!!!

  150. Julie says:

    Hey, everyone, a James supporter called Fox today, and they said to email and call, because the producers are going to make a decision this Wednesday about possibly bringing James back because of all the complaints of voting problems. You can email Fox at “askfox@fox.com” or call American Idol at 1-323-575-2626. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE AS POLITE AND RESPECTFUL AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR MESSAGES, SO THAT THEY DON’T THINK THAT JAMES’ SUPPORTERS ARE RUDE AND HATEFUL. Thanks, and LET’S GET JAMES THE RE-VOTE HE DESERVES!!!

  151. Julie says:

    From me to you Julie, thanks for the info you just posted at 7:33 PM. I’m going to post your comment and all of the phone numbers and email addresses above on my Facebook profile, on the James Durbin walls and on Twitter. There needs to be a re-vote. I’ll also mention the importance of being polite, as that gets anyone further than being an ass. :-D

  152. Rhonda Holt says:

    James will be just fine! He is already on his way to making his dreams and ours comes true!! If he does not make it back on AI that will be just more bad viewers and publicity for them!! But all of this has made him even bigger now that he was voted off… Because is is now truly Americans favorite and most loved Idol!

  153. Stephanie Moreau says:

    James was moved in the line-up for one reason: Ratings. The numbers for the voting sequence should have followed making James 08. Neither Fox nor Idol will correct this injustice. They do not have the decency. James however will go on to become a superstar and I can only hope Idol will just fade from the airwaves. If Fox wanted a teen Idol show they should have just created one. Or, did they?

  154. Dr sheila campbell says:

    When I voted for james, it was either busy or it said “thank you for voting for contestent # 2″ when I was voting for contestent #1!! Several of my patients and family members reported the same. I eventually gave up.

  155. bb says:

    If they ask for a recount regarding JD,then I demand a recount for Season 8. Many Adam Lambert fans brought up the voting controversy,but AT&T and Fox did nothing about it.

    Opening up a can of worms,if you ask me.

    Why is James getting such special treatment?? Why don’t they recount Pia’s numbers too,if that’s the case!

  156. Steven Neely says:

    Looking at my Iphone, I text voted 30 times for James using 5705 on May 11th starting at 9:08pm and over the next few minutes. I did not receive a confirmation text at all. I do have a text confirmation when I used 5701. There is no doubt 5705 were not confirmed for James. The guy should be put back in the competition and American Idol extended an extra week for the voting glitch.

  157. Mardi says:

    I have voted online all season as well. When I tried to vote online last Thursday, staring shortly before 10 pm pacific time, ATT online voting was down “system overloaded” So I phoned. When you call in, you do not hear the contestant’s name, just the number. Anyone who hit the same situation online would likeley turn to 5701 as I did, and get busied out as I did. The dial the alternate number, which I believe many people deduced to be 5708.
    Do I think it was deliberate? No. Was it wrong? Yes.

  158. linda says:

    I too kept getting busy signals trying to vote for James – All circuits are busy and busy signal. Any other week I could get lots of votes in for him. I dialed non-stop and it never went through. I also think the competition was fixed for Lauren to be in Final Two with Scotty. Dial Idol showed Haley with the least votes. Something is fishy. James was so passionate. He wasn’t all metal. He showed he can sing anything. They need to bring James back for a revote. I’d love to see them pair him up with Paul McCartney on the Finale.

  159. Malissav says:

    Facebook fans; James 124,272 Scotty 116,479 Lauren 49,519 Haley 40,614.

    I would suggest that everyone call into AT&T, Coke and AI to voice your concern. We need to blow up the phones on these people! There was a number circulating that I called earlier today to leave a voice message for AI and now that number is not doing anything. Either we already maxed out the limit of voice messages allowed, or AI has stopped the line to prevent further comments.
    Here is a good number to call for Fox and hit this guy at the top. He is the main one from what I hear. ‎1-310-369-1000 Kevin Reilly: kevin.reilly@fox.com
    I would ask anyone going this route to please keep James in mind and don’t let them think we are bashers. Keep it polite and respectful.
    I will not put another minute in viewing the show anymore. Its a shame that they are allowing this voting issue to go on for so long. I know AI, Fox, AT&T, Coke and any other sponsors see our posts and hear our voice. For all of those companies to flat out ignore us is plain crap.
    I am sad to see James leave, as he was the best contestant of the season. I am happy for him, as he won’t have the restrictions on him as a winner. So he will be able to make some great CDs! I think they should offer a recount, then let James decide what he wants to do. Either get back to the competition or leave in 4th place. At lease he will show the James-haters that little Miss Haley wasn’t talented, just a plain bitch with an attitude. All the remaining contestants are not ready for what is coming up, they are far too young and immature to handle the fame.

  160. Emily says:

    I love James Durbin! I listen to his songs every day! I agree with all of these comments. He should’ve stayed on american idol. There’s talk everywhere about bringing him back and I don’t really know if that’s true or not, but I’m not taking any chances. I heard that if enough people send emails to askfox@fox.com talking about this controversy, THEY MAY BRING HIM BACK! (Make sure to be polite and thoughtful while emailing because you wanna sound supportive :) Let’s all help to bring him back)

  161. donna says:

    I initially tuned into Idol this year for steven Tyler, I have been a faithful viewer also. James Durbin caught my attention from the first time I saw him, and yes I do believe the voting numbers are wrong, it’s all over the internet. You can clearly see in the playbacks his number as 01 and 05, and I remember watching the show that night, and saying to myself, why are the singers out of order in the second round? I distinctly remember, because Haley just got some well deserved critisism, then she was up again right away….but like everyone else, got duped into the numbers that were shown on screen, even though I voted online….hmmmm….I still remember that was a strange night, because I have never seen them sing out of order before. I hope this is corrected, I’m sure you at FOX, can clearly see your own mistake and own up to it, if what I have seen with my OWN eyes is correct!

  162. donna says:

    Sorry, but also, I already bought my tickets for the concert thinking James would make it further. It’s going to suck if I have to hear 10 country songs, and 3 songs from James……just saying. I went to Adam’s tour with AI, and he was awesome, hope it’s the same for James :) Thanks…bring on some Zep James :)

  163. jan says:

    James was outstanding each and every week. I too had problems with AI’s phone system while voting for James.

    I found it totally amazing that James went from the lead choice of the voters each and every week to being voted off the show, especially since he is the only one out of the four that can successfully sing any style of music, as well as with perfect pitch!

    I believe that AI owes it to James, as well as the American people, to seriously look into what happened that night with its voting system!!!

  164. Paula M says:

    Not only did I have problems voting from 2 phones on Wednesday, but my mother did too. I have called and sent emails(polite ones)to voice my complaints. I am hoping that FOX won’t ignore our concerns and will admit that there were voting system problems after last weeks show.
    If the voting controversy issues are not addressed in some manner by FOX soon, the credibility and integrity of American Idol(and FOX)will be lost forever for many fans and viewers.
    The sponsors, Coke, AT&T, and Ford, should definitely be concerned too. This situation will have a negative effect on them as well if not resolved in some manner.
    The moment I first saw James audition, I was absolutely amazed! His talent is unmatched and what gift to the world he is with such heart. I was absolutely heartbroken for him on Thursday. And even though I know this is probably a “blessing in disguise” for him,(because AI won’t be able to control and try to change him) I AM EXTREMELY ANGRY WITH THE WAY HE WAS CHEATED OUT OF MY VOTES AND THE VOTES OF MANY OTHERS.


  165. bj says:

    I had trouble voting for James via the phone. I would dial 01 (James) and then hit redial after the first confirmed connection. After a few times I was appalled when the recorded message changed to ‘thank you for voting for contestant 3′. I redialed manually and then had the same thing happen after a few votes had been cast for #1. I felt frustrated and then angry… and wondered if the votes were being skewed to the other contestant, and why, and who or what was responsible? In the results show when James was said to have the fewest votes and sent home I felt outraged and unable to believe the result. I can’t help but think the reason is that James votes were sabotaged. There are far too many reports on this site and on others that reflect problems with the phone votes. It isn’t fair to voters and of course it is extremely unfair to the contestants. How can A.I. expect to retain viewers if there is a doubt about the credibility of the results? I for one will not watch the rest of the season if this issue goes unaddressed and of course, I will not watch another year of American Idol. I have watched all the seasons but this is the final one for me.

  166. Joy :LaJeret says:

    Just an observation. James is 21. Scotty 17, Haley circa 18 and Lauren 16. Age discrimination going on here? Producers want perfect people sex sells.

    I will not watch AI again. Fraud is:” deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage”.[1] In the broadest sense, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraud

    America, do you really think the biggest producers are honest upright Americans?

  167. Jules says:

    I watch the show from Australia so I can’t vote but I was devestated when James was eliminated. James is an inspiration to people everywhere…sure he has Asperges and Turets aparently, but who cares? That boy is a real performer/entertainer and he was the only one in the final four who was genuinely interesting to watch. I have now lost interest in the whole competition. Tough luck American Idol. I must say though that I thought the judging was great this year and I really enjoyed the positive criticism given by all three. Jules

  168. Cherie says:

    I agree with everyone else something happened with the voting because I tried for a very long time to get through on both of the numbers for James and it was always busy or said all circuits are busy. James is clearly the best out of the last 4 and he deserves a fair shot. I am so disgusted that this has happened to such a great performer that I don’t even wanna watch American Idol ever again and I use to look forward to watching every wed and thursday but after this scam I don’t think I will ever watch it again. Unless American Idol does the RIGHT thing and gives James the chance he rightfully deserves. He has WAY to many fans for him to have been voted off after NEVER being in the bottom 3. Do the right thing American Idol and give James Durbin the chance he deserves.

  169. Lynne says:

    A return by James and re- count is in order,
    Fox and Idol know that something was wrong
    intentional or not. The unprecedented hero’s
    homecoming would not have happened otherwise. If it had been
    any of the other remaining contestants voted off last week I highly
    doubt they would have reconsidered a homecoming for them
    and footed the bill.
    James should be offered the choice to return or not.
    We already know he’s a winner!! If given the chance and voted the
    Winner he should be givin the choice whether to keep the title or not.

  170. Breanne Hamm says:

    I honestly believe that James IS THE AMERICAN IDOL!! He is the best of the best!! Randy said it himself, it was his contest to loose, and somehow he lost it due to something that American Idol pole voting system. I do NOT believe that the Fans of James Durbin let him down and did not vote their asses off for him!! I know I did. BRING JAMES DURBIN BACK, do the right thing AMERICAN IDOL… BRING JAMES DURBIN BACK!!

  171. Marina says:

    Hey, everyone, a James supporter called Fox today, and they said to email and call, because the producers are going to make a decision this Wednesday about possibly bringing James back because of all the complaints of voting problems. You can email Fox at “askfox@fox.com” or call American Idol at 1-323-575-2626. You need to also call Kevin Reilly head of Fox at phone # 310-369-1000 (then punch in the name Reilly on your keypad, then #2) You can also email him at kevin.reilly@fox.com. We need to get this problem fixed, this is really wrong. It is just going to happen again. We need all the emails and phone calls we can get. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE AS POLITE AND RESPECTFUL AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR MESSAGES, SO THAT THEY DON’T THINK THAT JAMES’ SUPPORTERS ARE RUDE AND HATEFUL. Thanks!

  172. LambertsLabelle says:

    I remember in season 5,where I was voting very active for Taylor Hicks,every time you came through you heard the voicemail of your contestant ..in my case saying “Hi,here s taylor Hicks!Thanks for voting!” I think that was a wonderful and personal solution,you were shure for whom you re voting AND you heard your Idol s voice. The votingsystem of AI is very questionable sice ever!
    But we all know you dont need the title to have a career.Have a look at Daughtry,Jennifer Hudson,Adam Lambert! Its up to James now to make shure it happens.

  173. Meg says:

    I agree with what Scarlett Gates stated -Haley does have an attitude. When Randy criticizes her performance you can just see her attitude. I thought she should have went along time ago. Although I don’t listen to the type of music James sing he is definitely the entertainer of the group. I believe he will do great whether he is on Idol or not.

  174. kimberly says:


  175. Steven M says:

    Just wrote a letter to Kevin Reilly–thanks for the address. Here’s the letter, FYI:

    Good Morning! I’m writing to admit I’m a first-time viewer of Fox’s American Idol this season, and to express my concern regarding the many voting irregularities last week, the result of which was clearly unrepresentative of the population who voted for Mr. Durbin. I’m a cognitive scientist, who worked at xxx for several years, and now teach cognitive psychology at xxx. My wife and I voted many times for Mr. Durbin by phone, attempting to use both the -01 and -05 lines. The -05 line produced dead air or a busy signal each time we tried it. The -01 line was busy, a strange fast busy signal, about 45% of the time. We did get some votes in, but spent a significant amount of our time trying to get our calls through. Once, we received “thank you for voting for contestant #2,” which was not Mr. Durbin’s contestant number. My wife then immediately switched to try to vote online, but couldn’t get a single vote in. The click to vote did not seem to respond. We then stopped voting, since we felt our votes might be being tallied for someone else. Apparently, many did the same, as evidenced on various forums beginning last Weds. night.

    So many people had problems voting this time, I think perhaps your voting system was overloaded by an unprecedented number of calls and texts, which were subsequently dropped or re-routed by the system rather than counted. If viewers begin to unconsciously equate their experience with voting in some of our worst Presidential elections in history, that would reflect rather badly on your network. Although it is ‘just’ a show, many people find themselves invested in it (which accounts for its popularity), and I’m sure none of you would like NBC to develop a similar show and market it as ‘Like American Idol–only fair!’

    Seriously, I’m also concerned about the population of people with ADHD, ADD, Tourette’s, autism spectrum disorders, and all the other disorders affected by distress–when those people voted, they would have become even more confused and distressed than we were. (Although in years past, these would be a relatively small percentage of viewers, these days, unfortunately, it appears the incidence rate has skyrocketed to nearly half of the population of teenagers and young adults in the U.S.–and Mr. Durbin was their hero.) These days, we all need a hero, and not one who has a rightful victory taken away by technology, our modern archetypal God.

    I trust that you will quickly find a solution to the voting controversy, and restore fairness and integrity to the show. Thank you for your consideration.

  176. LeeLee says:

    I am from Canada and have always enjoyed American Idol. In my busy schedule it was one of the few shows I went out of my way to watch. I must say that my husband and I were not much a Durbin fan at the begining, but by the time he sang maybe I am amazed…he had my attention. I did not want to see him go. I think he is a true inspiration for people with aspergers and autism, a condition close to my family. I really looked forward every week to see how well he could excel and when he did his Muse performance, I was blown away. Yes, he had an emotional week but like the judges said, technicially it wasnt perfect but captured the audience in a way that was truly heart warming. I truly understand how hard that was for someone who is over-emotive. He represesnts the Journey song accurately which is why he chose it “don’t stop believing!!!! I wish I could have voted!

    I hope that AI will get to the bottom of things if there was a major technolgy glitch, sure I can not think of a more unfair way to go, especially this late in the competition. I commend him for his strength when being eliminated. Allowing a heros’ welcome in his home town is a start, I just hope it is not a ploy to get the angry viewers to tune in Wednesday, hope and then be dissapointed.

    Either way James should be proud of him self and continue on to provide the life he wants for his georgous family.

  177. LeeLee says:

    I also think that AI needs to be careful about there image because even the judges saying there is a bias against women this season and then those that claim that when dialing for James being contestant 1 and the message saying thank you for voting for contestant 2 who was hailey…come on! and then for those that couldnt remember the number and selected number 8 because James closed the show, Lauren would have benefited. There is a reason why logical voting orders should never be changed. I do think that this could potentially damage thier reputation if they sit back and do nothing.

  178. Janice van horne says:

    To Steven M: your letter to Fox was brilliant!!! I am sending you & your wife a great big hug!!

  179. Nicole says:


    We gonna keep fighting for James!

    Love, The Philippines!

  180. Janice Van Horne says:

    Amazing! I just got a call back from Fox after leaving a message for Reilly at Fox. They said that the written word means way more than an actual phone call in this instance. They said to use this address, explain what the problem was and how you want to remedy it. So e mail the following like crazy!


  181. Darcy says:

    Something really needs to be done about this. Not only was it confusing but this is a contest that is supposed to be voted by the people who watch, appearantly the votes don’t seem to matter when there is a mix up as they call it. I’ve heard over and over that people will not watch anymore after James was voted off. We all know that he was worthy of staying and should be brought back!! I’m sure there is some way that they can fix this problem and bring him back as he so much deserves!!!!!!

  182. Janice van horne says:

    I just saw a message on Facebook that the decision has been made not to bring James back. Have any of you heard that?

  183. angie rodriguez says:

    The only thing we can do is Email Fox..askfox@fox.com
    I just got off the phone with a lady from Fox she was very nice and said if we get enough emails in then they can do something to fix the problem on Wed’s voting numbers but you have to email …Please email your concerns about the voting glitch and also include what organizations you belong to…

  184. Steven M says:

    Janice, FOX has not decided what to do yet. Ignore facebook postings. I think fans of other contestants are nervous about all this and may just be making some stuff up.

  185. Robin says:

    I’m sorry but people need to really be honest with themselves. James’ performances the last few shows has gotten progressively worse. The last performances were THE WORST!! Nearly as bad as Danny Gokie’s Dream On scream! The final 4 is not the night to screw up…but James did and it cost him. And WFT did Adam ever do to James and WTF did Gaga do to him? He won’t get my sympathy or support by trying to shift the blame on others and on his disability. My son has asbergers and he’s never used it as an excuse for personal failures.

  186. Veronica says:

    This is a respectful and polite forum. It is not a place to bash a contestant. If you do not understand what this thread is about, please read the article (and update) and the other comments before posting an opinion. Thank you.

  187. Veronica says:

    I just got a very nice response back from vote fair dot org: ‘Thank you for reporting about the American Idol voting irregularities. I just updated my website, making use of what I learned from you. Again, thanks! If you want better coverage of this unfairness, I suggest that you call [gave a phone number of a reporter who wrote an article about James] (He listed his name and phone number at the end of another article about James Durbin.) Or maybe you know of another newspaper who would be interested. If the story is reported in a newspaper, then the fact can be added to the “American Idol Controversies” page (and season 10′s page) on Wikipedia (and a link to the newspaper article will be included). Again, thank you for calling attention to these voting irregularities!’

  188. Marshua says:

    American Idol, what a joke! I am so ashamed of you! Jennifer & Steven, come on, so you got to showcase your stuff, was that why you caved into the system of voting James off, so you could sing & strut on AI stage???? Karma is a bitch, what goes around, comes around! James Durbin out did you, he out sang all of you, every week. You only wish you had his talent! You can’t keep a good man down! Ya no what I think??….You all are scared of his greatness! He took America by storm, like you wish you could. Rigged!!! Rigged!! Rigged!!!!

  189. Marshua says:


  190. Lisa Michaels says:

    GO HALEY and GO JAMES!!! I will be buying their music in the very near future no matter what the outcome is here.

  191. Kathleen R Cooper says:

    I thought James was amazing and he was the reason I tuned in to watch American Idol. At this point I could care less who wins.

  192. Lisa Michaels says:

    I know if Scotty or Lauren will the title I will never watch Idol again. This is straight up wrong!! Love the show THE VOICE!!! It is taking over some of these fake reality talent scams. This way America does not pick poorly. It is based on someone with real talent!!!

  193. Steven mac says:

    Let’s keep the focus on the article and our own voting problems. Fox is listening to that. Tweet this thread if you know how to. Sadly, I do not!

  194. Johnny says:

    since week 1 lauren and scotty have been consistently getting the highest amount of votes its no wonder theyre in the top 3 they are great singers as was everyone else in this season. week after week peoples votes started going to haley because she is amazing and has had the best voice this whole season. i dont understand how she “screams” if anyone its james doing the screaming. calm down everyone it would be the dumbest thing in the world if they did a recount he left he was fun while he lasted im sure he’ll still have a great career. GO HALEY!

  195. Sean says:

    Steven, just click the light blue “Tweet” right above the picture, just below the headline at the top of this page. It will prompt you to sign into Twitter. Once you’re signed in, you can click the Tweet button to post this to your account. Let’s get this page circulated!!!!!!

  196. teri says:

    Email kevin.reilly@fox.com and give him your voice.

  197. Jack Riley says:

    Please ignore the spammers trying to advocate for their chosen contestant; they have not read the article nor the comments and don’t realize no one here is interested in their campaigning–that is not why we are here.

    If you choose to write to askfox at fox dot com or to Kevin Reilly about voting probems you had, please be respectful and polite and express who you are and your difficulties with voting. I work with ASD kids, and several of them were just devastated when their votes did not go through, and gave up. It’s just a shame.

  198. Mayra says:

    Get over it and pay attention next time. That’s all.

  199. dian says:

    There was definitely something strange with the voting i had terouble on line when i clicked on james head haleys head lit up and i had to move the crusor over further… also the numbers confused alot of people who arent even responding to this….if there is any decrepancy it should be done over soooo bring james back….do the right thing

  200. Janice van horne says:

    So exec producer of Idol thinks we are morons….he’s speaking to huge cross section of America, including and most importantly those with disabilities – what an unclassy & below the belt maneuver to make at this very sensitive time in American history. We are the very reason he is an executive Producer – we are the ones that are putting his bread on the table. Well if Idol goes down the tubes it will satisfy me knowing he will go with them. Adios Nigel

  201. Bonnie Fulton says:

    I love the people with their heads in the sand who, after millions of posts here and web wide about the technical difficulties, still tell us to pay attention next time when we are voting! Those people have a bright future with AI and/or FOX since they are so good at IGNORING FACTS! Evil is what happens when good people do nothing and that is why I will not be “getting over it”!

  202. Trish says:

    Huge James fan here. Do i believe an injustice has been done, why yes i do. Something just not adding up here, i smell a dirty rat.

    James was consistent the most thruout the show. He is a marvelous singer and talent. But something to me is just not adding up right

    Perhaps it is now time that we the fans make our voices be heard to the producers and to A.I. and perhaps maybe even the jusges.

    Someone with the disabilities that James has, it is so remarkable that he get get up there and peform the way that he does. There is aspergers in my family, and i see what this disability does.

    I wish James all the best luck in the world. I enjoyed Wednesdays evening because of James, could not wait to see what he would do new.

    I simply do not believe that James the most consistent of the bunch, had the least votes, i simply do not buy into this.

    I think we the fans, need to let Idol know just what we are feeling, without seeing the actual votes and who got what votes, they can tell us anything.

  203. Janice van horne says:

    Is Nigel (AI exec prod) so immature that he’s resorting to calling people (US) names? Shame on you Nigel.

  204. Trish says:

    I agree with the above poster. I believe the VOICE is going to be a huge hit and a success. I love the unique platform of the show, and i truly believe it is all real, there is no faking anything on this show. I am a fan already. And if American Idol does not change it’s ways, i may just stop watching it. Too many times the person who should win, with the best voice does not, why is that. Does American Idol itself, have an image of who they want to fit the idol bill, if so, why bother voting at all.

    I was upset about what happened with ADAM, NOW JAMES, something not right with this picture, But when Ryan made the statement that he did about Chris leaving at the 4th place, i knew James was going to be voted off, somehow i knew, although i still voted.

    I believe they are now having their sites on Haley, the writing is on the wall, to be the next Idol. Help us if she is.

    They do not realize with what James has and the disabilitys that he does, how good this wouldd have been if he had made Idol.

    I am beginning to see how personna and image, means everything to this show, now talent, or the best singer. The producer is an idiot.

  205. linda bailey says:

    I truly think FOX needs to take a good long look at the voting system they have implemented. If there is ANY doubt, they should have a do-over. James is truly the most talented of the bunch….So entertaining, and when he sang Don’t Stop Believing, he slayed it. Was the performance of the night. Never been in the bottom three, and knocked out? Come one FOX…Really???

  206. mary perez says:

    My mom and i got through only 2 times each for James and then it was a busy signal for the rest of the two hours!!! What the heck!!!

  207. Alyce Nopson says:

    I spoke with a exec at Fox and she said to send an email to askfox@fox.com. She said do not contact American Idol because they will do nothing. She stressed the point to send an email to Fox because if they get enough emails they will do something. She also said to pass the word along because there is power in numbers. So if you haven’t sent an email please do so. Let’s do everything we can do to right the wrong that has been imposed on James Durbin.

  208. Jack Riley says:

    Thanks, Alyce. That is good info–and several people have gotten the same message from Fox.

  209. carol says:

    Please stand behind James and boycott Idol. Actually, since James left there is no reason to watch!

  210. Janice Van Horne says:

    Was surfing some of the sites mentioning James’ name this morning and it could be a rumor but one thread said that EXTRA! said that AI will be showing James’ homecoming on air. Also that Haley is going to sing Zepplin and it’s be authorized by Zepplin. We’ll see. If true, just another attempt to shut us up. KEEP E MAILING LIKE CRAZY!!

  211. Janice Van Horne says:

    It still smells like you know what if they show his homecoming on tv. Again, my gut feeling is that this is a huge attemt to placate us.

  212. Jack Riley says:

    Please continue to email Kevin Reilly and askfox@fox.com with any difficulties you had voting last week. I, personally, am no longer watching the show.

  213. Trish says:

    Thanks for the information, already emailed Kevin a couple times already expressing my displeasure. I’m sorry i have seriously been thinking about this with friends. No way James got the least amount of votes.

    We have been talking, and feel for some reason that James did not fit their criteria of what a idlol should look like, shame on them, if this is the reason.

    I think idol has gotten to be a popularity contest more then anything or the talent itself. This time they have gone too far, i don’t trust the voting at all, and i am not buying their voting system.

    So very obvious they want a girl to win Idol this season, the writing has been on the wall at James expense. I honestly with friends, don’t trust the integrity of this show any longer, i will not be watching.

    The only thing we can do as voters, is to continue to express our displeasure of the outcome of James being voted off, and that we do not believe he got the least amount of votes.

    My phone line for James was busy so much of the time, if that were the case, that would mean, he was getting votes, otherwise, why the busy signal. Sorry guys, something not right in LA LA LAND.

  214. Janice Van Horne says:

    Just thought I would share this with you all:

    And it wasn’t just the female stars who were reeling from Durbin’s unexpected ouster: “hard to find a template for how hard I took James Durbin’s elimination. am weirded out by my own reaction..beauty befouled..justice undone..” tweeted writer/director James L. Brooks.

    He’s an academy award director.

    The very negative people posting comments on this site should do some research. I don’t think the three remaining people on Idol would have gotten a posted comment like the above.

  215. Louise says:

    WAKE UP , PEOPLE . JAMES DURBIN was voted off ? Are you crazy or what? iF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TALENT IS please don’t vote? We are tired of COUNTRY music but AMERICAN IDOL never gave JAMES, CHRIS DAUGHTRY,ADAM LAMBERT, BO BICE A CHANCE & NOW THEY HAVE PROVEN that they don,t like METALMUSIC/ ROCK MUSIC/ POP MUSIC ! I bet if they ask SCOTTIE or LAUREN to sing a metal or heavy rock song , they will go down! I’ll never watch this show again ,My friends also voted for JAMES & they won,t watch it anymore, BYE,BYE AMERICAN IDOL .

  216. Mandy says:

    Shame on the fans that couldn’t follow the directions on which numbers to dial. It was pretty clear more than once what the numbers were!

  217. Veronica says:

    This is an autism forum, with people posting who know others with autism, have ASD, or a friend or relative with ASD, or are concerned about those with ASD (who may well have trouble ‘following directions” on voting that others find easier, particularly given strange and unpredictable responses from phone and online voting technology). Please read the article and thread before posting.

  218. Rob in California says:

    I voted on the 05 line and, when I finally got through after a lot of times of silence when the line was answered, I got a guy’s message saying thank you for voting for contestant number 2. James was 1. I want to know what happened. James rocked it. That was the first time I tried to vote. Not a good experience.

  219. Janice van horne says:

    Veronica- yea! You go girl!! My granddaughter was diagnosed with autism recently.

  220. Janice van horne says:

    Does anyone have any idea if our efforts are going to be recognized by Fox or are they just going to placate all of us with a snippet of James’ homecoming on Idol tonight?

  221. Sheri says:

    What I have learned from this, is that a number such as 1st, 2nd or 3rd is just a “label”~ Cause James Durbin finished 4th and he won as far as I’m concerned.

  222. pete says:

    Watch James Durbin ROCKET to stardom ! He has it all. I will buy his music for sure. Who really cares about ‘Idol’. His affliction makes him even better. He has a tender heart and a kind spirit plus…. the Dude ROCKS !!!!

  223. pete says:

    BTW, I agree with louise. I stopped watching ‘Idol’ after James was voted off. Scotty and the rest are wonderful artists and I love their music too, but James should have been a clear winner in my opinion. Keep on James.. I will buy every CD you make :)

  224. Jack Riley says:

    You can already buy several of the songs he sang on ITunes. I’m doing that tonight instead of watching the (blank) show.

  225. Janice Van Horne says:

    I am not watching idol unless James is on it but I have to tell you out of curiosity I turned into a text-feed of Idol just a few minutes ago (I’m in Calif ) and several people were doing a running commentary of tonights show. The general feeling of that texted feed was that this was the worst final 3 Idols they have ever seen. Too bad top 3. James was the whole show. Good luck Idol. We love ya, James, Heidi and Hunter!! They even mentioned on their feed that a ton of votes were lost when James was voted off. Really??!!

  226. Brandon says:

    Theres a problem with tonights voting.
    Each time I voted for Lauren it gave my votes to Haley.
    I hope Idol catches this mistake before it’s to late.
    Scotty and Lauren should be in the finals, if they are not, it’s rigged.

  227. Brandon says:

    This voting blunder thats happening tonight may be what happen to James last week. James was absolutely robbed and clearly should have made it to the finals.

  228. Trish says:

    I think Shari sums it up best, what is in a number anyways. Adam, Chris who is the most talented, and doing better then the other.
    In so many of our eyes, James already is a American Idol.

    For the people who think he does not have a disability, shame on you, for unless you walk in this young Man’s shoes please do not judge him.

    The same illnesses he has, is in my family not immediate but in the family.
    The family member acts just as James does. The tics are noraml and not made up, how dare anyone who thinks this. This is not something you wish anyone to have, for i have seen what it does do to families. The person also has high functioning autisim, and there are different forms of autisim.

    James does not need to act to get noticed, so anyone who feels this way, your theory, does not hold water.

    I’m not worried, James will probably do better then the idol winner.

    But still talking to a lot of people online meeting new people, and they say there was something fishy with the phone lines, not me them, and there are a lot of them.

    Still so over this show.

  229. Dave says:

    I know no one who didn’t vote for James. Every seemed to always vote for James. I don’t even want to watch the show now. Thankfully Haley is still in there — she has the heart and soul for it.

  230. Yen says:

    And now, in AI official forum, they deleting posts and thread that express the wish to bring James back.

    They are trying to making people voiceless since they do not want to admit being mistaken on Jame’s elimination

  231. LeeLee says:

    I couldn’t watch last night’s show based on principle! I watched the initial 2 minute homecoming section for James. I was shocked at the audiences reaction, they were almost about to boo the show. I was not impressed with Secrest’s “don’t feel sorry for him” (At Secrest’s defence I thought he looked like he was doing something that he was being made to do and didn’t necessarily really agree with it. I think he was a James supporter just based on how he has respectfully treated James in the past)

    I thought was disgusting and totally was done to placete fans…but I ended up getting more upset because I felt it was thumbing thier nose at the public that voted. I turned the TV off immediately. It did not matter if I was a fan of James or not. I felt that lacked tact and respect. They were better off to do nothing at all.

    Online on the blogs about “What do you think about Season 10 there were 2 pages of entries and only 1 or 2 entries that do not indicate being upset about James elimination.

    This is not about being upset because your favorite idol got voted off, it is about fixing what is broken.

  232. Eric Wehrman says:

    I am a big James Durbin fan and not just because he is from my home town Santa Cruz. Although I thought this season there were a lot of good and talented singers on the show, I thought he outweighed all of the rest. Usa Today just recently released a poll that indicated that 80% of Americans across the country polled said they did not think that James should be eliminated.
    I know that most likely nothing can be done for James before the finale, but if someone could let me know how I can help in encouraging the media to pick up on all this, please let me know. I have lots of time and would be more than willing to fight against the manipulation of Idol.

  233. VeroK says:

    Eric, there are lots of ideas up the thread and more comments on the updated article on this site. I will write more later, too!

  234. juggalotus says:

    this is insane you should be judged by your talent not some producers idea of what will make the most money i feel the whole phone line situation is a conspiracy to eliminate any music that doesnt comform to what will reach the largest amount of listeners therefore more mainstream more money for a.i.

  235. juggalotus says:

    james was the best no matter what the votes said you all have ears

  236. Tom says:

    Eric, I totally 100% agree with you that somehow Idol needs to be held accountable for what happened because James had far more talent than anyone else. It was totally rigged, James did not fit the Idol image and that’s the only reason he didn’t win. He never was in the bottom 3, hardly got any negative feedback, the judges pretty much said he was going to win, and they to get voted out, is uncalled for!!!

  237. Texasgal says:

    That James Durbin was the most talented of them all is simply you guys opinion and no more. This group of contestants had a lot of talented people in it and for people to act the way you are because the person you wanted to win did not is atrocious. And for you to say that it was rigged because he had tourettes syndrome and was not typical is simply supposition on your part you have no proof at all. Your insults to the ones who beat him are dispicable. He is as big a sore loser as you all are; he not only acted angry but made boasts and has boasted even more since. and it was never said by any judge that he would win it absolutely they told more than one person that they had a chance to win it; yall have twisted things to try to fit your petty attitudes.

  238. Jack Riley says:

    (Oh, my…) For those responding to this article, who have read it and the comments, there is a new article on this site called “James Durbin Voting Complaints Yet to be Addressed.”

  239. Mark Weigel says:

    If you really want to support James, download his songs from American Idol on iTunes, and buy his first commercial album when it comes out. The bottom line, the performer that sells records will have a long and banging career in the music business. Those that don’t, fade away quickly and are never heard of again.

  240. Steven Mac says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Mark! Have done. Just posted this over on the new autismkey thread referenced above: Take a look at what vote fair dot org slash americanidol dot html wrote on their website about the voting! Very illuminating and disturbing.

  241. juggalotus says:

    to all you james haters whats a recount revote going to hurt if its supposed to be that way then it will be the same unless your worried that one of your picks will be going instead there shouldnt be a problem if i was a contestant i wouldnt want to win that way have some pride in yourself A.I.SINGERS

  242. Eric says:

    I don’t know if this could be organized, but I was thinking that a protest outside the Kodak theater where the finale would be filmed is an idea. Of course; a peaceful protest.

  243. VeroK says:

    Eric–great idea. Flashmob dot com may help.

  244. terri says:

    i also thought something was strange when they changed he numbers….james is fantastic and because he doesnt fit the american idol mold he will become a bigger star than he would have had he won..it has happened more times than not…only a few of the winners are major stars more of the runners up have become much bigger stars….my vote was for james…now it is just a nice competition with no excitement…..\\

  245. Texasgal says:

    People cant disagree with you without you calling them haters; LOL. Just goes to make my point that yall are just sore losers. They cant bring James back because America voted and he lost end of story. He may make it anyway and that will be great but he lost and that is it. As far as a recount the votes were not miscounted; if anyone called the wrong number because they could not understand the numbers in front of the performers even thought the numbers were put up in the show ove and over again in front of each performer, then they have no way of telling and as far as that goes there could have been many who were voting for one of the others and their vote went to the wrong number. yall have no way of knowing.

  246. juggalotus says:


  247. pearlblackharley says:

    yea between nigel and fox,it is in the hands of who cares people.
    you put up a show to get the public involved,then when they question you call them idiots,WHOS THE IDIOT LYTHGOW,AMERICA ISNT ENGLAND,AND WE STILL GOT KISS THE QUEENS FEET AND YOU AINT NO KING.BOYCOTT LYTHGOE SHOWS FOREVER

  248. Eric Wehrman says:

    @Texasgal: As a James Durbin fan, I appreciate your comments and your opinion. You are right: James being the best singer is only an opinion. If voters voted him off, than I respect that it was the decision of America.
    However, fan or not of James, you must admit that something looks wrong when someone who never has been in the bottom 3; suddenly dooms into lowest person. Some say that some people just gave sympathy votes to someone else. I could maybe buy that, but then the is the circumstantial evidence of the numbers being changed also the unusual drop in votes. Maybe it was the viewers fault, but it does sound like it was planned by producers to make the confusion. What makes me most suspect that is the producers to address this. Whenever someone won’t respond, they look very guilty.
    Anyways; my main issue is that if viewers next season should have the confidence to know that this will not happen again. That’s my take on it; at least.

  249. Andrea Gamas says:

    The American´s will be deaf because I don´t know how Hailey stay and James gone nooooooooooooooooooooo is posible I´m sorry bat nooooooooo James you are a star I hope win Lauren or Scotty bye from Montevideo Uruguay

  250. elsper says:

    There was something awfully wrong when voting for James Durbin. Really happy to find this site as I too had a problem with voting Wed. May 11, 2011. Some other family & friends also had difficulties.
    My experience: there were two numbers for James ending in 5701 and 5705, the 5705 was confusing as James had performed first and last on the show and the contestants numbers were usually in order of performance. Dialed the 5701 had “busy” signal for at least 10 minutes during this time would hang up and try again. Also “busy” signal off and on through the hour I was voting. Also several times when voting received a message “thank you for voting for contestant #3″ (Scotty) also dialed # and line went dead. On the 5705 # the line always rang busy, but tried for a short time. I have sent an email to askfox@fox.com and also sent a copy of the email to a reporter at the Santa Cruz Sentinel by the name of Wallace Baine
    Wallace Baine has reported on James Durbin and his journey with American Idol. He is a wonderful suppporter of James and has written up every performance of James with glowing details. Wallace Baine also helped Santa Cruz win support of American Idol producers for their “Durbin Day” parade.
    James Durbin gave stellar performances each week and was never in the “bottom three” and then to be voted out is uncalled for. AI needs to be held accountable for what happened to James!

  251. Trish says:

    I think we need to give it a rest. James is now ok with what has happened and his fans should be too or we will come off as snobish, and brat like and that is not James.

    Be happy for him, for i know as some of the others, he will go far and get a contract. When your as good as James was, nothing going to stop you.

    Anyways, does not matter now what has happened, nothing is going to change.

    So many times in the past, those who have come in 3rd or 4th place, have done so much better then the idol themselves. Be happy for him, and do realize wihtout Idol, we would never have known of James.

    I come to realize, in life somethings you just cannot change, and though in my first posts, i was so very upset, had a change of heart, cannot go back in life, just ahead, and James will move forward. God Bless Him and the others.

  252. Christine Ready says:

    I find it amazing that American Idol keeps saying WE ARE WRONG(the voters)
    but yet people are still writing about this…Every webpage for Durbin every interview posted online has the same comments… There has never been this much controversy over a contestant being voted off since the show started… Daughtry was a big upset.. Lambert was an even bigger upset than Daughtry anybody that has listened and seen Adam Lambert performances knows he should have won.. fan base was there but they waited till finale so people could not complain like this…

    Not one doubt in my mind that James will have a great career and probably a better one than whoever wins this season which is usually the case..

    James for everyone that has emailed posted comments and called American Idol on your behalf..PLEASE SHOW THEM THE HUGE MISTAKE THEY MADE….


  253. Cyndy Roscillo says:

    I voted numerous times for James every week, On several of those occasions I was told thank you for voting for contestant, then the number. It WAS NOT James! I rechecked the number dialed & it was correct. He was without a doubt the most talented performer they have ever seen, & will probably ever see. Why would you want to go on a show that cheats you out of votes? They need to make this right. I haven’t watched since this travesty & won’t. I know I am not alone.
    And for the record, I am over 50. Not just kids watch AI!

  254. Veronica says:

    For James’s fans, he was at Hollywood and Vine today; there are pictures posted on the American Idol website, James Durbin forum. Apparently, he stayed long after the other 10 contestants left and made sure all of his fans were given some attention. I just found a new website (I think he must’ve just launched it today), james durbin music dot com. You can subscribe and his voice confirms your subscription. I’m glad he got right on this and is making the best of the attention he’s gotten, despite being voted off of AI in a complete travesty.

  255. Eric says:

    I hate to say this, but I’ve been thinking that maybe the judges should be the only ones allowed to vote on contestants. Sure; the the fun of voting would be eliminated, but at least you would not have to worry about the show rigging the results again.

  256. I also had a problem with the 5701 number, it kept saying this call cannot be completed as dialed, I would try and try and still nothing until i tried the 5708 number. I am going to go check out his new website. this weeks Idol is so boring without him and Haley.

  257. Darlene Hendershot says:

    I agree with the comments about bringing James back…too late now, but I think he deserves better then he got! I like Scotty and Lauren, but they are young and have a whole life ahead, and James was very good too, and at an age that I believe seems more realistic as far as places Idols have to perform? Ok, I feel better now having said what I feel:-)

  258. Veronica says:

    Dianne, if you voted -5708 you voted for Scotty, not James (he was 5701 and 5705)–and many, many people made that mistake. :( I’m not sure that site I posted is his; it might be something started by a fan to make some money selling merchandise; not sure. There is some good stuff on there, though.

  259. Rick says:

    Actualy, 5708 was Lauren and you all are proving the point of the confusion that was created the night of voting.

    I am done with watching this show until Idol shows more transparancy with their voting process and results.

    No 3rd party auditing firm means we just blindly accept the “results” they give us?

    IMO, the fix is in from day one and the producers are going to make a winner out of who they feel will make them the most money.

  260. Rick says:

    Anyone happen to see the Drudge Report this morning? He has a “source” saying Scotty has won American Idol and received almost double the amount of votes as Lauren. How is it possible that the results have been made available? Again, something is FISHY with this voting process!

  261. jack says:

    American Idol did this on purpose cause they had no show, James was the show, so to have some sort of competition they needed to eliminate him, everyone I know picked him as the idol. Scotty is good but he was not chosen to be the Idol. This was a set up, something very unjust in my opinion, happened and it wasnt the choice of the fans.

  262. Darlene Hendershot says:

    James did a fantastic job last night on idol…just shows how good he is. He will come out on top(i hope and pray). Its like politics isn’t it?

  263. Darlene Hendershot says:

    Rick, didn’t see any reports, but its strange how things went!

  264. Darlene Hendershot says:

    Point taken Rick…now I know why my friend is boycotting the show!

  265. jofromcanada says:

    I stopped watching AI after James was taken off. I decided never to watch it again after lithgow made his stupid statement. What a jerk.

  266. Dan Sleeman says:

    James Durbin probably the best tallent ever on American Idol. Choose your songs wisely you could be great.

  267. roy says:

    James Durbin is a much better entertainer and singer then Scotty. He should have won the crown – I hope and think he will go far with his talent. I will never watch this show again because I don’t think the voting will be fixed to ensure true talent vs popularity will prevail.
    If they fix the voting the show probably won’t stay on the air long.

  268. Darlene Hendershot says:

    I agree Roy. The comment about them not even being old enough to drive, or vote…get a Ford of their choice? I don’t get it! I think young people should be noticed for their tallent, but let them have to be of legal age to be on Idol? Thats how I feel about it anyway. I pray James makes it big!

  269. Texasgal says:

    Those were “jokes” in good fun “not” to be taken seriously about being too young to drive or vote; that has nothing to do with their talent and they are both bery talented and you should honor them for winning instead of whining because the one you voted for did not win.
    They are both old enough to drive the cars they were given and you should be happy for them instead of jealous. They are both very sweet and honorabel and won their place by their own hand not some cheating or rigging. There have been many years that i called to vote and could not get in but once or twice that is how it goes. Being a sore loser is bad enough but then to go so far as to say they should not be given a car and should be older to be able to compete is pathetic.

  270. veronica says:

    will never watch idol again, complete unfairness with james dURBIN, COME ON GUYS, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TALENT IS? WELL I AM A MUSICIAN SO I KNOW, IM SURE OTHERS WILL AGREE WITH ME; do not watch!! my recommendation.

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