Neurofeedback for Autism

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback which employs electroencephalography (EEG) and functional neuroimaging processes to focus upon the central nervous system and the brain. By using monitoring devices attached through sensors on the scalp, neurofeedback detects, amplifies and records brain activity, pinpointing areas of the brain that are either hyperactive or disconnected.

Neurofeedback training (NFT) can be initiated as early as age one or two and may provide a foundation for treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
Doctors believe that autistic brain lack the basic “pruning” skills that are a natural process of early neurotypical brain development.

NFT helps remediate brain imbalances of excitation and inhibition through the careful guidance of a trained practitioner. Nerves with high connectivity are
assisted with advanced NFT approaches that facilitate coherence. Deficient active nerves are brought to a level of normal function that helps build rapport
between the brain and body.

Often, the trainee is not consciously aware of the mechanisms by which ensuing positive changes are accomplished. They experience no pain during the
non-invasive, drug-free experience.

While not definitive, a recent scientific study does suggest that improvement in the condition of children with autism after undergoing NFT is actually because it addresses a co-morbid condition of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Although the study acknowledges that it was limited in scope, it casts doubt that NFT is appropriate for ASD alone.

Like Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD frequently goes hand in hand with autism. Few children with autism escape concomitant problems. The heartening
take away is that improvement in one area carries over into others.

For more information on neurofeedback and autism you may choose to attend this free webinar.


Susan Moffitt is the mother of high functioning twin sons with autism. When not advocating for them, she pursues her multiple creative passions of fine art,
piano composition and writing. She is the author of "Upstream," a compilation of poetry, fiction and anecdotal tales that deal with raising twins
with autism. For more information, visit