Raun Kaufman’s Autism Recovery Story

autism - autism treatment center of america - raun kaufman

Below is the audio to an interview we recorded with Raun Kaufman a few years
ago.  Raun is the CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America.

Raun’s story is quite remarkable.  At an early age, he was diagnosed with
severe autism, along with a tested IQ of 30.  Despite a bleak prognosis,
Raun’s parents refused to institutionalize their son, as suggested by doctors,
and created an innovative home-based therapy program.  The end result was a
complete recovery from his autism and integration into a neurotypical academic
setting.  Raun eventually went on to graduate from the prestigious Brown
University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics.  

While Raun’s story is unique and not typical, it demonstrates the potential
of recovery from autism.  In the interview, Raun also addresses the
skeptics who suggest that he never had autism to begin with.  It was
recorded in 2007, but it was reposted as we felt it is important for our
visitors to hear this story, which will offer hope and encouragement to parents
and family members of those with autism.

 Click to Listen Raun Kaufman Interview