Study Links Autism to High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup

A new study released this past week has once again linked the consumption of processed foods to health complications, giving food safety advocates even more cause for concern. The April 10th publication of the Clinical Epigenetics Journal reported a link between high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and autism in the United States. According to the study, the rise in autism rates "is not related to mercury exposure from fish, coal-fired power plants, thimerosal, or dental amalgam but instead to the consumption of HFCS.”

The study, led by former FDA toxicologist and whistleblower Renee Dufault, found that a deficiency of zinc, triggered by the consumption of HFCS and other processed foods, interferes with the body’s ability to eliminate toxins such as mercury and pesticides.

High fructose corn syrup has long been suspected of having an adverse impact on health and has been purportedly linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver disease. The fructose-laden ingredient has even been reported to facilitate the growth of cancer cells.

Dufault made news in 2009 with another study (which was referenced in these new findings), also linking high fructose corn syrup to mercury. Many HFCS proponents and some in the autism community will immediately (and predictively) discount these new findings, but regardless, they still warrant further research.

With autism rates now at a mind-blowing 1 in 88, there are many who are desperately looking for a definitive cause and a silver bullet theory. Whether or not there is something to these new findings remains to be seen, but we must not give up on our quest for the truth.

8 Responses to Study Links Autism to High Fructose Corn Syrup

  1. This is an interesting study in that whilst being quite speculative, it takes quite a wide view of some of the potential factors tied into autism, at least some cases of autism, in the United States.
    The focus on HFCS is an interesting one and follows other suggestions of a link with conditions like depression:
    One of the other factors which should not be forgotten in the ‘fructose frenzy’ is the authors’ discussions on a possible role for PON-1 and pesticide exposure as being another area for further research interest.

  2. Madeline Melo says:

    I don’t consume HFCS but I did as a kid until I figured out it was bad. But did not in the years before I had my son and especially not while I was pregnant. His diet is also hfcs free and also he has never consumed it in his life. He also eats foods that are organic, preservative free and free of artificial colors and flavors. I wonder if once you consume hfcs it stays in your body permanently?

  3. Madeline Melo says:

    I should have mentioned my son has autism

  4. Mayan says:

    @Madeline – although the cause of autism can be blamed on diet, there are other causes. Autism, like other ailments and symptoms are merely a manifestation of an underlying problem. Every person is different, and as such, the same problem manifests itself differently. While HFCS may cause cause autism in some, it may cause depression in others, and cancer in other people.
    In the same manner, the same manifestation may have different causes. Autism can be caused by immunizations, mercury, HFCS, etc. And it could also be caused by gluten or casein (dairy). Your son may be eating healthy and organic, but not every person can metabolize everything – even healthy organic food. Dr. McDougall explains the gluten/casein connection to autism. Check it out here:

    That being said, I don’t believe that your son’s autism is related to your consumption of HFCS. Although HFCS does toxify your liver, it does get processed over-time.

    Stay healthy!

  5. Barbara says:

    “Autism can be caused by immunizations, mercury, HFCS, etc” (quote from Mayan)

    A “study’ within the past two years has shown this NOT to be accurate. The causes of Autism are not known…We just continue to eliminate possibilities through responsible actions.

    When we don’t have ‘answers’…it is easy to grab anything which passes by to become…the reason. We need to keep looking…however when dealing with immunizations…those who decide their children shouldn’t have them are taking giant risks with the horrific diseases which have been irradicated over time in this country and around the world.

  6. Mayan says:

    For every study there’s a counter study. There is a lot of information out there. What I do is read about what each side has to say, throw my own knowledge and experience into the mix, and then form what I believe is the most logical conclusion. Even the most “perfect” study does not necessarily prove what it tries to.

    The same approach can be applied to drawing conclusions about immunizations. Some believe that they are helpful in protecting against scary diseases and may even be responsible for eradicating some. But there is more to the issue than this. New understandings about the importance of proper sanitation, for example, is linked to the eradication of certain diseases such as cholera and smallpox.

    Mercury and other toxic chemicals contained in immunizations can be more harmful than the disease itself. These chemicals interfere with the immune system and nervous system limiting the body’s ability to heal itself. Add that to the toxins infesting our food and environment, and it’s no wonder that autoimmune disorders, obesity, cancer, heart problems, AD(H)D, autism, etc. are on the rise (and getting exponentially worse). Getting an immunization guarantees that you are getting these toxins. Every time! Not getting immunized only puts you at a risk for the diseases, and does not guarantee that you will contract them. It is also reasonable to assume that people who do not immunize their children are more likely to eat healthier and avoid environmental toxins. They are also more likely to breastfeed their children longer which allow the child to get the antibodies from the mother. Put all this together and you get a much stronger immune system and a sharper nervous system. The result is that even when these children are exposed to the disease they are able to fight it off. Now they have naturally acquired immunity to the disease.

    It’s a matter of risk vs. reward. Immunizations have a reward as well as risks. Lack of immunizations also have rewards and a risk.

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  8. Wilson says:

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  • * In 1970, Autism affected 1 out of 10,000 children
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