The Ingenious Mind of John E. Robison

Last week, the Science Channel (a division of Discovery) aired an episode of
"Ingenious Minds" and took a closer look at the life and mind of John
E. Robison. The show gave a fascinating glimpse into Robison’s trials and triumphs
growing up with both Savant Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome.

At the age of 16, Robison dropped out of high school and pursued a career in
engineering, where he excelled in many areas, despite his lack of a formal
education. Robison didn’t require schooling because his mind can quickly master
subjects that take neurotypical individuals years to learn. However, in exchange
for those technical gifts, he has suffered from crippling social skills,
which severely inhibited his ability to fit in both as a child and as an

In his early years, Robison racked up an incredible resume that included work in
the areas of sound technology, special effects, toys, nuclear testing devices and
medical lasers.

Robison is yet another example of a long list of individuals with autism that
have greatly contributed to our world through their unique gifts. For the most
part, he has overcome many of his earlier challenges and is now a New York Times
best-selling author, speaker and autism advocate.

If you missed "Ingenious Minds" on the Science Channel last week, you
can view the episode in its entirety below.