The Real Cause of Autism

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Disclaimer.  This is a theory and involves a culmination of extensive research, consultations, personal experience and logic. I urge everyone to do their own homework so that another Dr. Wakefield incident is not replicated.

Globally, autism is on the rise and has been since the 1960′s. Granted, the newest screening techniques and awareness have made it look more like a jump than the reality of a steady surge.

Autism has no borders and we must focus our attention on all of the similarities that exist globally.

Possible causes that affect the global rates may include carbon pollutants, factories billowing heavy metals into the air and water, auto emissions, Chernobyl-type incidents and other environmental factors.  All of these may play a role, to an extent.

Heavy metals laden in the human body do indeed cause genetic mutations. Heavy metals in the brain wreak havoc. The auto-immune system reacts by attacking the brain. This could all cause neurological interruptions, indeed.

I’m not arguing that these don’t play a part, but since we are not all affected, there must be another factor.

I’m a woman with high levels of testosterone. I produced two spectrum-disordered boys. My youngest daughter is earmarked for bi-polar syndrome and my oldest daughter’s son is showing signs of toddler bi-polar. All three of these boys have the same birth date and all three were above average, extremely cognitive and healthy babies.

Now that the vaccine myths have at last been dispelled, the correct answer can be linked to hormones, birth control and chemically-produced hormones. This is not a conspiracy and cannot be undone.

Over twenty years ago, we realized that although our recycled water could be made bacteria-free by processes that would make our water safe, our filtration systems were not and are not enough to remove hormones and other numerous chemical substances.

The recent media-assisted push to stop flushing old medications down toilets and start depositing them in drug boxes such as mailboxes outside of courthouses and other government buildings is no coincidence. Certain drugs and drug compounds remain in our water supplies and we are in turn replenishing them back into our bodies over and over again.

The incidence of infertility has also been on the rise during the same time as autism. It has been proven that over time, men and women (especially child-bearing women) that have higher levels of hormones will have issues. 

If a woman gets pregnant while on birth control, is that not harmful to the fetus?

Are we getting the big picture?

There is no way around it — we are genetically mutated and the cause is overwhelmingly linked to HORMONES.

We acquire hormones through our poultry, beef and even our water supply, which is the basic lifeline to everything we put into our bodies. As a result, we are seeing the devastating consequences.

At least four chromosomal disorders have been linked to autism. Males with autism have higher levels of hormones than typical males. Higher levels of hormones exist in the wombs of mothers bearing autistic developing fetuses than those carrying typically developing fetuses. All of these facts are researched, proven and known but unfortunately, the vaccine myth has turned society’s attention away from them.

The “modern world” began sending shipments of birth control and hormone-related drugs to numerous third world and underprovided nations some fifty years ago. In well-intended efforts in trying to control population numbers, we were imposing our modern medicine on the rest of the world and it worked, to some extent.

Women began taking birth control in unprecedented numbers. Through women’s urine, these hormones went into our water systems. Incapable of filtering these massive amounts of hormones, the recycled water re-entered our atmosphere, environment, homes and bodies. The fact that hormones have a long half-life (the time it takes a drug to completely leave the body) does not help matters either. 

It is also been proven that spectrum disordered males tend to have effeminate characteristics versus typical males and disordered girls carry higher levels of testosterone. These results continue to point toward hormonal imbalances as being the culprit. Additionally, the uneven balance of males with autism vs. females with autism (four times as prevalent) also points to a hormonal link.

It was in fact, the drug companies who were responsible, but it’s not something that we can undo. We now have to turn our research facilities into therapy-based facilities for the generations here and the many more to follow. The genetics of the planet are mutated and there’s no stopping the spectrum disordered pandemic.

All the while, the answer was right in front of our noses.  It was developed for the agricultural world, it has been in our purses, under our pillows, in our drawers and handed out like candy around the globe.

We spent far too much attention vilifying life-saving vaccines rather than looking in our own homes. This was self-induced and we are still doing it today.

Will the drug companies stop making hormones? Will the agricultural markets give them up? Will filtration systems around the world ever be capable of ridding our water systems of chemicals that are genetically changing the human race? I certainly hope so.

This IS the answer that has eluded us.

Let’s stop diverting attention away from the real issues and start encouraging drug companies, scientists, engineers and governments to do what they can to effectively remove or reduce hormones.

Do your part and only buy poultry or meat that is hormone-free. Let’s lessen the damage. Let us not get side tracked again and lose sight of the real need. The affected kids are already here. The adults are here. The age of man-made hormones, particularly in birth control, has brought on the age of autism.

And in the process of trying to control the population, we have genetically rearranged it forever.

This is my theory. A theory that actually makes sense – globally.

14 Responses to The Real Cause of Autism

  1. Benedetta says:

    That is interesting.
    I was on birth control pills when I first got married and then I was off fo them for a full year before I had my first child.
    I never went back on them and never had any problems becoming pregrant, my husband had a lot of self control and condomes worked for us. Five years later we decided to have our second child.

    Both of my children reacted to their DPT shots, I rechallenged them with the DPT shots, because first of all I was too stupid to get the connection, and too trusting. Symptoms like high fevers of 105,or going to the doctor right a DPT shot the doc discovering a heart murmur when there was nothing before, and a boot shaped heart becaue the left ventricle of the heart was swollen,or Kawasakis (for both of my kids six weeks later after the DPT shot for both of them).

    But it could not not be the DPT shot, since the docs and other really smart people said the vaccine autism mythical link was dispelled.

    But still they reacted every time. My daughter now has bipolar, My son had a stroke right after the third DPT shot, and now has a mild autims PDD-NOS, epilepsy, and tourettes.

    You are not far off though, about hormones involved with that mess because when the hormomenes kicked in both of my kid’s symptoms of depression, worse mood swings between mannias and depression, and more violent seizures did appear.

    Dr. Wakefield hmmmmmm be careful there is just really something sinfull to kick a good man

  2. Brooke Gorham says:

    I am unsure of this. I have never been on birth control, and have a child with autism. She was sick for a month folliwing her shots.Unless there is some sort of hormones in the vaccines I am not sure of your theory. Mr Wakefield in my opinion was brave.Everyone who has tried to come forward has had a smear campaign put out against them. Read Cailous Disregard.I dont get why all of these parents say hey our child was normal had a vaccine and now they are not and people discredit them. If i told you she had a cold you would believe me.Why is this differnt ? Yes its hard to believe they would knowingly do this, but I guess to them its better to hurt a few and save a hundred.I apprecaite your research but disagree.

  3. Chris says:

    First, I’d like to point out that what you have here is a hypothesis (and an untested one at that), not a theory. It’s unfortunate how freely people toss around the term and in doing so undermine the weight and significance of what a scientific theory actually is. Second, there is currently no scientific data to support the claim that the use of birth control has a direct correlation to rates of autism. Though there is evidence to support a myriad of other biological side effects of birth control, including feminization of male amphibians due to birth control finding it’s way into watersheds, increased autism rates are not one of them. Can you actually cite one scientific study showing a correlation between rates of autism and the use of birth control? Because I would very much be interested in looking at that study.

  4. Glen Montgomery says:

    Please….. I can show correlation between the rate of use of birth control and autism it is prima facia. The problem is no one will do a study on this because they are afraid of the impact of feminism in the world.

  5. Chris says:

    Correlation does not equal causation. That is statistics 101. I just saw a great graph using real data that showed a correlation between chocolate consumption per country and the number of Nobel Prize laureates. Does that mean eating more chocolate causes people to become smarter? Of course not. With little effort you can find a correlation between almost anything two things. That’s why studies are conducted to determine if the correlations are meaningful. And I fail to see your argument as to why studies (that you are aware of) haven’t been conducted. If you know anything of the science community, undermining feminism really isn’t anything of which they are concerned.

  6. Lesley Gurney says:

    If we are attracted to our partners by smell,of which we are not aware,and nature is doing this to make sure corrective genes are brought together to produce a better and healthier offspring the use of contraceptive pills may be altering the original smell of the woman. This may lead to the wrong gene pool mix in producing children. There seems to be an escalation in a number of sicknesses like asthma etc. This escalation seems to have started around the time the pill was being more widely used. I think this is worth researching although it would not be popular with drug companies who produce the pill.

  7. Barbara says:

    This article is fascinating…. I have felt this since I was a teenager and first learned how birth control worked in our bodies..

    The fake ” hormones”cause your body not to release the egg that was suppose to “release” that month. Instead it gets “recycled” and can become stale or defective (Hate to use those words and I don’t mean to offend)

    What are genetic disorders/birth defects/mental retardation often linked to? 1. Older mothers= due to OLDER EGGS = Higher chance of defect.

    Now even YOUNG mothers have”OLDER EGGS “which (because of the use of b.c. pills) were suppose to be released from the body years or months prior = Higher chance of defect.

    Multiply this by how many months you have taken the pill. Some women have taken it since they were 12 or 13. This is scary. I always felt in my heart that it was not “natural” to do this. I always knew. I am now 24 and have no children yet but am so thankful I have not been putting that crap in my body all these years and harming my future children. Doctors have pushed it on me year after year. I said no each time.

    Thank you for this amazing input. I am 100% with you.

    Here is the scary part….Why wont the government acknowledge this correlation? This is SO Sad! All for money and pure greed! This makes me sick! This is also the reason why women are so sexualized in our society now a days. Because they can be. They can sleep around and not suffer the consequence of getting pregnant because they are on the pill making them more like “men” and constantly eager to have more partners. If birth control ever goes away I know for a fact girls will stop sleeping around. Why? There are consequences again aka getting pregnant. With birth control the risk of consequence goes wayyy down. Wow what a shame. Never try to “control” the natural order of things. It will not work.

    Also Lesley Gurney’s comment above about the gene pool and how BC pills/hormones change our “smell” so fascinating and so true. I feel so helpless.. This is what is causing all of these messed up people. What can we do to help? Everyone thinks I am “odd” for not taking B.C. pills and I am so glad I didn’t let it bother me. Please get off BC pills if you are taking them !!

    <3 B

  8. bill chechel says:

    You see no causal relationship between birth control and autism. I think there should still be a study. There has to be a reason for increased rates of autism. I am surprised that in this day and age we are still in search of a possible cause. Perhaps it is our unwillingness to investigate every possibility.

  9. I respect your theory however, I am a certified C.E.A.S.E Therapist and Homeopath –, and I have seen autistic children recover to normal when their vaccines and/or drugs that they have been exposed to whether in the womb or within the first two years of life, (vaccine schedule) have been detoxed using C.E.A.S.E. protocols. My own son, who was severely autistic, (whom by the way, I witnessed become more and more autistic with each vaccine), has recovered substantially with Homeopathy/Isopathy and Ortho-molecular medicine and of course, healing the gut, which is the first step. Sure wish I knew back then (1995) what I know now about vaccines and drugs (antibiotics, pitocin) – I would have never exposed any of my kids to them. Children, that I know, who have not been injected with any allopathic vaccines, never developed any ear infections were never being dosed with rounds and rounds of anti-biotics, are incredibly advanced in all areas of functioning. I still believe that vaccines and other allopathic drugs, play a huge role in autism, as do anti-biotics and other drugs such as Pitocin (artificial oxytocin (labour inducing drug). The fact being, that when these vaccines and drugs are detoxed, the autistic child improves significantly. I believe that the brains of these children, when exposed to so many drugs, shuts down and goes into “safe mode”. Once their “leaky gut” is healed, their brain and over-all body functions improve to normal functioning, all systems work the way they’re supposed to and all the “symptoms” of the autistic state disappear. it’s also interesting to note that when GMO’s started to appear in the food supply, in the 1990′s is when the autism rate jumped as well. Vaccines also contain GMO’s as well as many other toxic substances. So why do boys develop autism at a ratio of 4:1? I believe it has to do with estrogens,their blood type, susceptibility, and then the trigger. Blood type A boys induced by Pitocin are at a greater risk of autism. Or shall we call it Toxism? Boys do not detox as well as girls due to their estrogen levels. And by the way, autism is definitely not a genetic disorder – absolutely impossible to be. It obviously has to be caused by environmental toxins.

  10. Alyssa Stanghellini says:

    Are there any readers out there who have never taken birth control OR antidepressants and has a child with autism?

  11. Linda says:

    I believe that all of the eggs in a girl are created while she is developing in the womb of her mother. So, if her mother took birth control pills or ingested some other types of hormones, her eggs have already been exposed. It is a multi-generational problem.

  12. Bonnie says:

    Another example is Elliot Rodger, Mass Murderer from Santa Barbara (Isla Vista) who has Aspergers.

    He was conceived while his mom was taking birth control.

    Her medication for treating an illness interfered with her hormonal birth control that month and Elliot was conceived….

  13. Erica says:

    Why can’t there be more than one cause for autism? Why can’t it be vaccines, hormones from birth control pills, hormones in the water supply, hormones in the food supply, and toxins in the environment. Cancer has more than one cause and is a very complex and devastating disease. Also note that there is no place that the autism rate is zero so despite not taking birth control pills or vaccines autism is still prevalent in many areas. If we open our minds maybe we can figure this out together.

  14. Educator says:

    I have been a professional educational consultant for over 50 years, and a great-grandmother of 21 children as well. I have taught thousands of students in that time from ages pre-K to university and adult. I agree with the writer, and also with the last comment made by “Erica” who feels we should research all causes together. I have taught many special needs children: some were born with their conditions and some were not. No one has mentioned that many children acquire their conditions due to their home environment. It is not just chemicals that handicap our dear children. Unfortunately, sometimes it is their parents’ behavior that does. People do not want to hear this terrible and sad fact, but someone must be strong enough to say it. It is not the majority of kids to be sure, but God help them — it is WAY more than you would think.

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