The Real Cause of Autism

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This is a theory and involves a culmination of extensive research,
consultations, personal experience and logic. I urge everyone to do their own
homework so that another Dr. Wakefield incident is not replicated.

autism is on the rise and has been since the 1960’s. Granted, the newest
screening techniques and awareness have made it look more like a jump than the
reality of a steady surge.

has no borders and we must focus our attention on all of the similarities that
exist globally.

causes that affect the global rates may include carbon pollutants, factories
billowing heavy metals into the air and water, auto emissions, Chernobyl-type
incidents and other environmental factors. 
All of these may play a role, to an

metals laden in the human body do indeed cause genetic mutations. Heavy metals
in the brain wreak havoc. The auto-immune system reacts by attacking the
brain. This could all cause neurological interruptions, indeed.

not arguing that these don’t play a part, but since we are not all affected,
there must be another factor.

a woman with high levels of testosterone. I produced two spectrum-disordered
boys. My youngest daughter is earmarked for bi-polar syndrome and my oldest
daughter’s son is showing signs of toddler bi-polar. All three of these boys
have the same birth date and all three were above average, extremely cognitive
and healthy babies.

that the vaccine myths have at last been dispelled, the correct answer can be
linked to hormones, birth control and chemically-produced hormones. This is not
a conspiracy and cannot be undone.

twenty years ago, we realized that although our recycled water could be
made bacteria-free by processes that would make our water safe, our
filtration systems were not and are not enough to remove hormones and other
numerous chemical substances.

recent media-assisted push to stop flushing old medications down toilets
and start
depositing them in drug boxes
such as mailboxes outside of courthouses and
other government buildings is no coincidence. Certain drugs and drug compounds
remain in our water supplies and we are in turn replenishing them back into our bodies
over and over again.

incidence of infertility has also been on the rise during the same time as
autism. It has been proven that over time, men and women (especially
child-bearing women) that have higher levels of hormones will have issues. 

If a
woman gets pregnant while on birth control, is that not harmful to the fetus?

we getting the big picture?

is no way around it — we are genetically mutated and the cause is
overwhelmingly linked to HORMONES.

acquire hormones through our poultry, beef and even our water supply, which is
the basic lifeline to everything we put into our bodies. As a result, we are
seeing the devastating consequences.

least four chromosomal disorders have been linked to autism. Males with autism
have higher levels of hormones than typical males. Higher levels of hormones
exist in the wombs of mothers bearing autistic developing fetuses than those
carrying typically developing fetuses. All of these facts are researched, proven
and known but unfortunately, the vaccine myth has turned society’s attention
away from them.

“modern world” began sending shipments of birth control and hormone-related
drugs to numerous third world and underprovided nations some fifty years
ago. In well-intended efforts in trying to control population numbers, we were
imposing our modern medicine on the rest of the world and it worked, to some

began taking birth control in unprecedented numbers. Through women’s
urine, these hormones went into our water systems. Incapable of filtering these
massive amounts of hormones, the recycled water re-entered our atmosphere,
environment, homes and bodies. The fact that hormones have a long half-life
(the time it takes a drug to completely leave the body) does not help matters

is also been proven that spectrum disordered males tend to have effeminate
characteristics versus typical males and disordered girls carry higher levels of
testosterone. These results continue to point toward hormonal imbalances as
being the culprit. Additionally, the uneven balance of males with autism vs.
females with autism (four times as prevalent) also points to a hormonal link.

was in fact, the drug companies who were responsible, but it’s not something
that we can undo. We now have to turn our research facilities into therapy-based
facilities for the generations here and the many more to follow. The genetics of
the planet are mutated and there’s no stopping the spectrum disordered

the while, the answer was right in front of our noses. 
It was developed for the agricultural world, it has been in our purses,
under our pillows, in our drawers and handed out like candy around the globe.

spent far too much attention vilifying life-saving vaccines rather than looking
in our own homes. This was self-induced and we are still doing it today.

the drug companies stop making hormones? Will the agricultural markets give them
up? Will filtration systems around the world ever be capable of ridding our
water systems of chemicals that are genetically changing the human race? I
certainly hope so.

IS the answer that has eluded us.

Let’s stop diverting attention away from the real issues and start encouraging drug companies, scientists, engineers and governments to do what they can to effectively remove or reduce hormones.

your part and only buy poultry or meat that is hormone-free. Let’s lessen the
damage. Let us not get side tracked again and lose sight of the real need. The
affected kids are already here. The adults are here. The age of man-made
hormones, particularly in birth control, has brought on the age of autism.

in the process of trying to control the population, we have genetically
rearranged it forever.

is my theory. A theory that actually makes sense – globally.