Top iPad Apps for Autism and Expressive Language

iPad for Autism


By now, we’ve all heard that iPads can be very helpful to children with autism, allowing them to communicate desires and feelings in ways not otherwise possible. Gone is the keyboard and mouse as the child now has direct control over the entire interface. The devices are considered “cool” and don’t call unwanted attention to a child. 

If you’ve committed to getting an iPad for your child, you already know that it can be a dilemma figuring out which ones are the best and most appropriate. 

Speech therapist Lois Brady uses “iTherapy” extensively with her patients with autism and has authored the book “Apps for Autism." 

Brady has compiled a list of her most highly recommended apps that specifically address expressive language, which include:

* Proloquo2go by AssistiveWare

* My Choice Board by Good KarmaApplications

* Assistive Chat by Assistive Apps 

* Predictable by Therapy Box 

* TapSpeak Button by TapSpeak Apps  

* Sign 4 Me by Signing Apps 

Additionally, for those with PCs, Martin van der Kooij has developed Picto Selector specifically for the
PC, which has also recently become available for MAC. For more information, visit: 

With so many choices, the world of iPad apps can be daunting. It’s good there are professionals like Ms. Brady who have examined every app under the sun and is able to share her assessment and opinions with

If you would like to hear Ms. Brady compare and contrast these apps you can find her valuable information in the video below: