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12/09/05 04:18 AM
Re: Aspie Diagnosis

We didn't get a diagnosis until our son was over 5 years old. This was mainly due to reluctant referring by the family doctor and assessment waiting times.

I don't know if there any stats with the info you want, but any diagnosis can be changed if found later to be incorrect.

'Some of our doctors'. How many doctors are you seeing? Paediatric consultants are the ones really that can do the correct diagnosis. In my experience family doctors are often reluctant to make a referral!

Have you had a diagnosis? Do you think it's wrong?

I am not that experienced but I would say that although autism can be diagnosed at a very early age maybe asperger's takes a little longer to pinpoint, but I might be mistaken. 4 seems a reasonable age to me. As I see it the diagnosis should only be made if the signs and symptoms of the condition are there regardless of age.

Good Luck

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