06/18/06 07:22 PM
Re: Our newly blended family

Hi! I have an 11 yo with AS and an almost 8 yo NT. When my aayo was younger he had a LOT of issues with personal space. Funny - it just seems to have gone away over the past year or so. Nothing that we did or didn't do - we would talk about it of course and point out when he was in someone's space - but other than that no big deal was made of it. Over time - with age and maturity I guess - it just went away. We actually just had his PPT meeting for next year and the social worker and speech ladies that run his social skills group just brought it up and said he no longer even needs to list it as a goal because he no longer exhibits the behavior. I guess what I am saying is point it out when he is doing it - show him how to properly place himself apart from others and over time I think he will just pick it up and it will become natural for him
Best wishes!

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