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07/20/06 09:19 PM
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Hello everyone,
My son, Brandon is a 14-y.o diagnosed with Asperger’s last fall, he is a typical Aspie in the social and emotional contexts. As parents we initiated the counseling and diagnosis process, knowing that the issues we had faced for over two years were not “age and stage” related. As his mother I knew there was more to what was going on plus all the differences I’d seen in Brandon and his peers for too many years. After we received the same diagnoses from two different psychologists we notified his school and it then took nine months to get Brandon tested through the school district for special education services. Although he has been determined eligible it was the day before the school classes were over for the year before we had the first IEP meeting so needless to say that is an on going fight to get him a well worked and established plan. The reason for all the hurdles is because to most people our son is just one of those really bright quirky kids especially since Brandon attended Montessori school till third grade, when based on grades and test scores we switched to public schools with advanced placement classes. Right now Brandon is away from home for the first time attending a special summer camp; we have high expectations of his camp experience.

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