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03/09/07 06:00 PM
Brain Problem

Hello everyone, first message on this forum!

I've known about my AS since I was around 14. I've been diagnosed since I was 10 (my mother didn't tell me).

I've had a lot of support with my issues and so have overcome most of the problems associated with AS.

I recently moved into a house, total culture shock. The day I moved in something weird started happening with my brain.

I've tried to explain this to many people including two doctors because I've been feeling this for a number of months now and I hate it.

When you are really, really tired you feel detached and retracted from the world, like you arn't in full control. Similar as to when you have drunk a little too much but arn't drunk yet. I get this constantly... 24 hours a day!

Has anyone else experienced this? I hate it SO much, I don't know what's caused it or how to get rid of it... I'm at my wits' end...


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