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02/11/11 05:29 PM
Re: Daughter 22 has Asperger &graduating from College

Hi Minnie,
Hang in there . Many like myself have made it, so can she. That she is getting her degree demonstrates that she is obviously bright. I am 67, was not diagnosed until 60 (!). I have a great satisfaction with my life, even as difficult as parts of it have been. At this point, if I were able to relive my years, I think I would choose to keep my "disability." Your daughter has obviously "got it" mentally. Our "disease" usually equips us with gifts that most "normal" people do not have. In many cases, this includes the ability to focus to a degree far beyond the capabilities of most other people. Issac Newton locked himself away for many weeks when he wrote his Principia Mathematica, which revealed the magic of Calculus, enabling man to reach the moon. There is general agreement that he was one of us. I spent a lot of effort during the bulk of my earlier life trying to be "normal." Finally, I decided I was who I was and I should work on my strengths.
She has a further advantage of being able to know what her obstacles may be.
Best wishes,

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