06/06/06 10:33 PM
Re: Strange Nightime Behavior

Laughing for no reason is a big sign of a yeast infection. Have you read the Karyn Seroussi book called "Unraveling the mystery of Autism and PDD"? If not you really should go and purchse it.

Most kids who laugh at night or for no reason are usually responders to the gluten free/casein free diet and to supplements. Most ASD kids who crave milk, carbs, and cheese means they have a gluten/casein intolerance and usually has had many earinfections as an infant and has been on too many antibiotics. Hence the massive yeast infection.

Go to my son's website and scroll to the bottom. When we started treating him for yeast he started pooping thousands of yeast pellets a day.

Also you can read more at or or

We did the Organic Acid Test from Great Plains Laboratory (they are BCBS PPO so if you have BCBS insurance it should be covered) and my son's yeast level was 821.74 and the reference range was 0.0-47. His was severe and we've been batteling it for a long time now.

Also go to sign up for a free email... click on "groups" and type in the group search GFDFKIDS
You will find thousands of parents who's kids laughed at night and they all eventually had to go on the diet. Your normal pediatrician will not be supportive. It took me giving my pediatrician book after book after book for him to come onboard. We also see a DAN! doctor in Cleveland, TN.

Good luck!

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