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12/06/09 12:16 PM
Re: need help with behavioral isues

Be sure not to give any more attention than is necessary to the challenging, aggressive behaviors. This means, give minimal eye contact, and only do what is necessary to block your child from harming himself or you. Give no emotional reactions. Have something that is reinforcing for your child that he can have after the task is completed. Be sure to provide prompts when necessary as he is going through the task, and fade these prompts out so he can become independent with the task in the future. Provide positive reinforcement and descriptive praise through out the activity when he is engaging in positive behaviors. Be sure to reinforce immediately after the activity is done successfully (even if there were aggressions that you needed to block. Just insert a few directions to get some clean responses from him before delivering reinforcement) It seems that these times of day are aversive to your son, so he'll need assurance that he can get reinforced when the activity is done. The reinforcement needs to be HIGHLY motivating for HIM. SOmething you know already that he LOVES. Hope this helps.

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