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06/07/06 01:21 PM
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>Here is my question: Is it typical for an autistic child to progress in some areas, such as eye contact, and physical contact, but remain stagnant in language and play skills?


BTW, your description of your 4 year old is almost exactly the profile of my now 9 y.o. LFA when he was 4.

We did lots of floor time, parallel play, and not letting him zone too long on one thing. One thing I would do would be to imitate what he was doing (looking at pine cones, rocks, whatever) but at a distance, and very slowly getting closer, prompting him to take an interest in what I was doing and then, as much as he would tolerate it, doing it together. It took years but it worked. He now does parellel play at school with kids all the time, at playgraounds and such, and frequently does 1 0n 1 play, usually with games that have some kind of action he likes, such as Ker-plunk and Connect Four. It took time and patience but it wasn't really hard.

As for the speaking, we also do sign language and PCS, the picture thing, very useful at school for learning structures. We also make sure we prompt speech for making requests, gradually lengthening demands to be whole sentences. He still has severe apraxia, but when the motivation is strong enough, he can say "Please I want more Pizza," instead of just grabbing my hand and looking away and saying pizza. A lot of it was just lots and lots of fading of prompts day after day, year after year, and gently reminding him whenever he'd regress or forget.

It all looked pretty scary and hopeless back when he was 4, though.

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