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06/09/06 11:32 PM
Re: Question about my son.....please help!

Have you tried giving him DMG? or TMG? It has very good results in the language area. I put off giving it to my son because he never lost speech and I was not sure what it would do for him. When I finally did give it to him, he became much more socially aware and socially appropriate. Things I'd been asking him to do for years, he suddenly started doing without any prompting whatsoever.

For DMG to be effective you need to dose according to your child's weight. There is a table in Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments, by Jon B. Pangborn, Ph.D. and Sidney M. Baker, M.D. Start low and increase gradually to theraputic levels.

The book is available at this website:
Autism Research Institute

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