12/08/05 11:41 PM
Re: Question about my son.....please help!

Hi Jen,

Have you tried Integrated Play Groups? When facilitated with an SLP they can have great results. It basically involves using typical peers usually 2 and 1 student with autism.

Is there anyway to involve "tapping" appropriately? Perhaps a drum or a game like musical chairs that revolves around his tapping? Everyone freezes when he stops. Help him understand that he is connected to the people around him even if he isn't actually face to face with them. Having an adult with him initially, naturally explaining what is happening? "Look, they stop moving when you stop!" or "Tap ok 1-2-3 STOP".. Tapping can be used to teach him! Teach him to count through tapping! Tap letters of the alphabet. Take turns tapping on different things with him, loud and quiet. Teach him turn taking and to wait using tapping. Incorporate Red and Green lights (or construction paper) you can transfer that into cross walks. Incoporate it into his ABA. This is what I consider an obsession. It's his main interest? Why not USE it! Perhaps he'll be the greatest drummer of all time! Or a great teaching reinforcement tool! Same with the bouncing. Teach him to jump "fast" and "slow" "high" and "low". Take turns. Teach pronouns. "I jump" "You jump". Use visual schedules to explain what you are doing and for how long.
Just some thoughts! You may have done all of this already! Or it may be totally inappropriate. Oh and yes I think it's fine to be gaining in some areas and not in others. Eventually it will all come together. I figure you have to understand what is being said before you can construct things to say? Great Luck!!

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