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06/19/06 10:25 PM
real communication, ever??

Can somebody please advise me??? My son was diagnosed at 2 1/2 on the spectrum. In some ways I'm lucky, he is very high functioning (as autistic as Bill Gates I was told). He does play with other children and will initiate. But communication really holds him back. He is now 4 but prefers to play with 2-3 year olds becuse they don't ask questions and don't speak so good either. He has a rather large vocabulary considering he had none at 2 1/2 but he cannot put more than 3 words together. His dad and I try to get him to say sentences before we give him what he wants ("I want milk please") instead of saying "milk please" but his brain just can't seem to do it. When asked a question he has to make a choice he always says he wants the last thing said. He is a parrot a lot too with repeating many things said to him and other times he will say the same thing over and over and over when it has no relationship to what is happening around him.

Will real communication ever develop???? We get so discouraged and our "experts" sure don't seem to be able to encourage mom and dad too well. I would love to hear from a parent who has "seen the light" at the end of the tunnel and has a child that does speak and communicate.

Also, as weird as this sounds, can somebody give pointers how to potty train an autistic child??? He just can't get it together even with rewards.

Thank you!

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