06/20/06 01:50 AM
Re: real communication, ever??

>Will real communication ever develop????

a. you already have real communication, he is constantly communicating real things to you in a real way, if you'll learn the way he is communicating to you. He really is, and you'll both be better off if you can do it (of course, I'm sure you are probably already there, but maybe just don't realize it, you seem to be a very good parent. You probably do realize it, actually, you were just very frustrated when you wrote that. We've all been there and know that frustration.).

b. what you mean by "real communication" - Will real communication ever develop????

Maybe. I'm very sorry, but that is all you have to go on right now. He might learn to speak the way you want at 5, 6, 10, 14 or maybe never. But he is learning to speak as best he can.

Don't be discouraged by occasional echolalia, it is speech and something you can work with. It's only perhaps worrying if that's ALL you ever get.

As for the requests "I want milk please" that stuff is great, have you tried using sign language? Also sign language tapes/DVD's? It took us several years, but with the sign language stuff, aided by the tapes which we let him do on his own at his speed, he does use full sentences now for requests....sometimes. (I use sign language to prompt..."please" "I want" etc) Now he does it soemtimes... unprompted. And he now sometimes answers simple questions with yes or no. He is 9 and LFA and very much like your child when he was that age.

Oh, and toilet trained at 5. It can be done. combination of praise, rewards, demonstration, encouragement, only positive reinforcement. It can be done, for many/most kids. Don't despair, don't give up. But potty training is such an important thread it probably deserves its own section.


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