12/12/05 09:58 PM
Strange Nightime Behavior

We have 2 sons on the spectrum. Our 4 year old has always been a very happy boy, but in Aug. he took this too new heights. He began laughing in the middle of the night for hours straight. We clocked it from midnight to 5:00a.m on several occassions. He seems to be asleep when he's doing it and he does not appear to be able to help himself. Because he is our second boy on the spectrum, Noah has been on the GF/CF diet for over over two years and he's had his yeast levels tested, etc... He has never been a sleeper, but this newer behavior of staying up for 5 hours staight with no break is horrific. We have tried several medications over the years and we just stumbled onto a combonation that seems to be suppressing the behavior. We are just wondering if anyone has heard of anything like this before.
Thank you.

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