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06/25/06 01:14 PM
Re: real communication, ever??

Hi all!

Thanks so much for all your input.

To those that have advised using sign or PCS we have tried them. PCS didn't work as my boy was born with some vision issues that eventually straightened out mostly on their own and with some surgery. He has ocular albinism (too little pigment in the retina--caused constant eye movement-nystagmis) and to top it all off got a lazy eye too. The nystagmis straightened up on its own and surgery helped the lazy eye. But the vision was not good enough for PCS until he was about 3. So we did sign and he picked up on it very quickly at 28 months and until words developed we did sign. He has many, many, many words as I discovered when compiling a word list for the school system, just can't put them together into sentences. I do get very frustrated as I want to be able to talk to him and have him let me know what's going on in his little mind. As being his mom, my instincts do let me know what he wants with his way of communication. I had the OT ask me how I knew what he wanted before we discovered signing and I had to answer "It's because I'm his mommy".

Good news, we went to the Reno Rodeo last night with him for the first time. I was afraid the huge crowds and noise would just send him over the edge and went knowing we might have to leave. Well, he really did well! He only freaked out at the noise of the adult rides and did not mind the crush in the grandstands. He did enjoy the horse riding and bucking. We did have to leave before it was over because he was getting very tired about 9:30 and would have slept on my lap if it weren't for the noise. Typically the rodeo goes from 7-10:30pm so it is late for the little guys. But there were no meltdowns like we expected! Woohoo!

It's very encouraging to read others have been where we are at right now. Thanks for the potty encouragement too. We have the potty training almost down pat with running around the house with no pants on as somebody doesn't like helping mommy clean up the puddles. I never thought having to help clean up a mess would be the enforcement needed to get him to pee in the pot, haha. Usually he likes helping wipe the table and stuff down so I figured wiping the floor he would take as fun too but guess not, haha. The big jobs he got pretty much immediately as I guess it's easier to tell when it's coming on. It's the training to pull his pants down and go potty that is proving very hard. We have yet to succeed with that on anything. Thanks for the encouragement!

Alice-Daniel's mommy

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