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06/28/06 07:59 PM
Re: Autism Shirts

And how do you expect to talk to 2000 people a day when you have a time schedule with grocery store, therapy, and being out and about living you r daily life in time to get home to clean, cook, and out your kids to bed without it being midnight? I assume you are the worker not your wife otherwise you would understand that it is impossible to educate so many people about autism in a 30 minute conversation on how your child acts and what autism is. In my opinoin and many others opinion it is a wonderful way of spreading autism awareness. Otherwise people from afar just look at you in disgust. I'm not in disgust. What kind of comment is that? When a person sees the word autism on the back it may trigger something. Hopefully from seeing that one word it will stick with them and their knowledge will increase on the disorder.

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