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06/28/06 08:07 PM
Re: real communication, ever??

We had planned to just let potty training be on the back burner b/c we were no where ready to tackle that demon. We spent a month in NC doing hard chamber hyperbaric (HBOT) and around week 2 my son woke up went and pee peed in the potty flushed it and got back in bed with me. He had not been provoked to go nor had we tried showing him how to pee in the potty. We had a wonderful experience with Hyperbaric and are going back for another month in September.

My ASD son was recently diagnosed with Apraxia and we started the Kauffman Praxis program at home and his SLP also works on it with him. Along with the biomedical treatments we have done and now just starting the Apraxia program he is really coming along. My son still can't say "milk please" so be fortunate for the 2 word sentences that you have. He has just started saying "mommy" this year. -Crystal

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