06/29/06 07:50 PM
Re: Question about my son.....please help!

Forgive my long post but the response about diet not working is putting me on my preaching stump:

Biomedical using DAN! approach coupled with an intense educational program {we do an ABA home program} WILL show improvement!!!

If I could do it over... I would start with the Elimination Diet {google it}, Houston's Naturaceuticals SCD Enzymes, and liquid Aloe from Warren Laboratories. Watch that your supplements are SCD versions... {that prevented our success for a long time}

It took us a long 1 &1/2 years to figure all the food sensivities that Ryan (3 & 1/2 years old} has.. Basically it wasn't until he was 3 years old that he had a normal bowel movement {prior: picture diarrhea up to his neck or down to his shoes, sometimes 10 times per day.} With each diet and finetuning of a diet we saw some improvement [GF/CF, SCD, modified SCD and today "Cave Man" diet] Now Ryan has perfect bowel movements as long as he maintains his current regimen and diet, ANY hint of grains (including rice and potato), casein, nuts, soy, corn, sugar, egg, or poultry and he regresses in his bowels and in his overall behavior... To give you an example, Ryan grabbed a handful of popcorn and about 4 hours later he was flapping, running in circles, and screaming at the top of his lungs... , the next day massive diarrhea... it took 5 days to return to baseline... A handful of dog food {gluten} had him screaming owy owy for hours through out the night... the next morning massive gas and diarrhea took 7 days to return to baseline... A fingerful of icing and 1 hour later he uncontrollably spun everything {including himself} until he feel asleep 7 hours later... immediate mild diarrhea... took 2 days to return to baseline.
I can go on... as long as he stays on his diet, he sleeps through the night and has perfect poop and is making amazing progress {please note he could be the DAN!/ABA poster child given everything we do... but without diet/normal GI function... for him nothing can improve}
I think the actual thinking from the DAN! doctors (my husband being one) is that even without noticable bowel problems (diarrhea or constipation} most of ASD kids have some degree of inflammatory bowel problems that respond to some extent to diet changes. If you start to feel overwelmed by how hard you think the diets may be... rethink... if you can find which foods your child is unable to process the rest of your life will improve 10 fold... Once you change your view, the work to do diet is not that hard... we cleaned house and only "legal" foods are within his reach... that makes the process much simpler.
It takes me only 10 minutes to prepare a meal for him.
Ryan he eats only organic beef but mainly lamb and lots of carrot juice {beta carotene research looks great in other neurological diseases.} He can only handle a small amount ((<4ozs non-box type only glass no concentrate grape or pineapple}} of other juices {we use organic grape juice for popcicles}
Mainly he eats and snacks on frozen organic blueberries, strawberries, rasberries... and can have dehydrated "just tomato" organic fruits and Target brand organic fruit strips... lots of fresh organic apples and bananas, peaches, mango, cantalope, grapes, watermelon, blackberries... He went from little muscle tone and being "failure to strive" to in the 50% weight/height and good muscle tone in less about 6 months. In other posts I keep saying he is 4 but he is 3 & 1/2 {his sister is 4 ((4 & 1/2)).


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