06/29/06 08:52 PM
Re: Autism Shirts

I guess we live in very different parts of the country. To be Southern Hospitality out here people can really be hurtful. Taking my son to the mall near our home has always been a tragic experience until recently. 4 out of 5 people I would talk to had no clue what autism was and assumed autism was "rain man". That is not true. It's a spectrum I tried to explain and it went nowhere.

Either way when a mom with her children is desperately running through a grocery store trying to keep her autistic child from getting them kicked out as well as handeling her NT child who is upset b/c of the autistic child there is not possible way to sit and chit chat about what autism is. The shirt has been a life saver and has spread awareness. Seeing AUTISM on the shirt helps people understand why the child is acting like he is puts a bug in their head to keep that in mind next time they see another mom with a child acting like the other was. Guess men just don't understand.

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