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07/05/06 10:14 PM
Re: Question about my son.....please help!

Can I jump on the preaching stump as well? I started the GFCF diet when my son was almost 3. It did wonders for him...huge jumps in test scores and he stopped walking into walls and tripping on thin air. He started to sleep, he NEVER slept through the night. He stopped getting into his diapers and smearing feces everywhere. The screaming and vomiting stopped. He looked at me! I believe that all asd kids should be tested for celiac disease THEN decide whether or not to try the diet. Even if they are not celiac, the diet may work. In our case, my son was NEVER tested even though he had GI issues from the day I had to stop nursing him at 3 months of age. It took his little sister's vaccine injury at 3 years old to test HER for celiac and she was positive. I now feel confident saying that he needed the diet because he IS celiac. FYI, even on the diet though, he had 4 more years of diarrhea. When I finally convinced the knuckleheaded doctors to scope him he had eosinophilic esophagitis...allergic inflammation in his esophagus! Tried meds for 2 days but diarrhea was so bad I just couldn't do it...we did IgG food testing and eliminated ALL offending foods which cleared it completely. What should you do for your child? Research the pros & cons. It really isn't hard to feed nutritious food. You don't have to bake...the cave men didn't. When in doubt, give it a 6 month trial. You could be pleasantly surprised.

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