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12/12/06 07:41 PM
I'm feeling frustrated

Iím feeling a little depressed right now and could use some support and ideas. My 3-yr-old son was diagnosed with autism last September and Iíve spent the year since then gathering as much information on the disease as possible, finding out about my local resources for special needs kids and seeking moral support from other parents in the same boat. Through many heartfelt discussions, my husband and I have decided to put our son through an early intervention ABA program and will begin this January. Iíve slowly learned to accept all this but now I have to confess Ė Iím feeling pretty low about how much time Iíll need to commit to see my son through this form of therapy. When my son was about to enter preschool, I was so excited at the prospect of going back to school, getting my certification in teaching, but now all that will be put on hold. I feel very stuck and also fearful at the monetary strain given that Iíll have to be at home, at least for the first part of my sonís program. Weíre getting a little help from the state but since I wonít be working, Iím not sure how much we can stretch our budget. How do you other SAHM do it?

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