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01/01/07 12:14 PM
Daughter starting GF/CF diet soon

Hi, I have a beautiful, loving 36 month old daughter who was diagnosed with autism at 23 months. We are doing all the therapy's (ABA, Speech, OT, PT, special needs preschool, suplements). We started all the therapies about 4 months ago, and at the same time started the supplements (DMG, Omega 3's, Super new Thera, zinc, etc), and we have had remarkable improvement in all aspects, especially speech (she went from 5 words to about 300!).

Our doctor now wants up to try the GF/CF diet and I am feeling overwhelmed. 95% of her diet is wheat or dairy and she won't ever try anything else. I'm not the kind of mother that can just say "oh well, if you don't eat this, you will just have to starve"......I've tried supplementing a few foods, and she won't have anything to do with them....Her main staple is Mac/Cheese, yogurt, pudding....any suggestions?

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