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03/06/07 09:53 PM
Re: (Sorry, long) Any thought appreciated

You have wrote so much that it's hard for me to compare to my son Sammy item by item... my younger son Sammy was diagnosed in 2/05 when he was almost 4... he'll be 6 in April. But I can honestly say that your son is way ahead of Sammy when Sammy was Sammy was 5.

The upside is that Sammy has dropped most of his autistic behaviors and his only current challenges are social and language delays... but he understands and speaks two languages... we notice improvements almost on a daily basis now.

You can go to my website below, which I built in 9/06 and am still updating occassionally. I hope you find it helpful... if you have any questions, please let me know.

Good luck!

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