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04/05/07 09:16 AM
Re: IVIG--any thoughts?

Definitely worth a read:


Intraveneous immunoglobulin (IVIG): this type of treatment has been used to treat children with autism. Open-label trials of both low-dose and high-dose IVIG have shown that most but not all autistic children respond favorably to this treatment. My collaborators and I recently found that the high-dose IVIG was better than the low-dose IVIG (J. Bradstreet, V. Singh and J. El-Dahr, paper presented at the International Symposium on Autism, Netherlands, December 28-30, 1999). Clinically, children so treated have shown improvements in language, communication, social interaction and attention span. In a double-blind study, (V. Singh, 1997; unpublished data) the IVIG treatment was found to decrease brain autoantibody titers in five patients (they were positive pre-therapy but became virtually negative post-therapy) who also showed clinical improvement of autistic characteristics. In spite of the success of IVIG, this treatment is not for everyone. Before this treatment is administered, a proper immune evaluation is highly recommended to assess the nature of the immune problem.

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