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12/07/05 12:39 AM
Re: Hello!

Hello Everyone..
My name is "Chatterbox1922" that is my name [my real name is Eileen] cuz I talk so much...not really but some say I do. I just can't help it. After having seven kids what does one expect? I am married and have been married for 22 yrs. and we have five girls and two boys. Joseph is our oldest boy 7 yrs. old he has D.S. [Down Syndrome] and was dx just last week by the school as having moderate to severe autism and then we have our youngest boy Caleb who is 4 yrs. old and is mild to moderate autisic and caleb LOVES TO RUN AND CLIMB and JUMP! I am forever keeping my eyes on him. We live in the lower part of Michigan and we love it here. we were both born and raised here and when we had our first girl we decided to move back to our home town and i am so happy that we did.

thanks for letting me chat...


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