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01/14/08 07:26 AM
Re: Daughter starting GF/CF diet soon

My son has just turned three. He wasdiagnosed at the age of two and a half. He has been on GFCF for around 5 months now. It is the best thing we ever did for him. He was addicted to Milk (the Casien) and peanutbutter and bread (gluten) that is all he would eat. What we did first was take him off the easiest thing first (the milk - casien). We replaced his milk with water. We were ready for a fight on our hands. It was three days of uphill battle and perserverance on our part. Then he didn't miss the milk anymore. Then we did the Gluten. We replaced his bread with Lamb and Chicken and all kinds of fresh veg. (Our son refuses to eat fruit). Use only fresh spices for her and only sea salt no other salt. Sea salt has not no iodine in it.

He started eating like a child posessed. He ate enough for two adults initially. (This was due to withdrawl, their tummy becomes like a bottomless pit). Have food available for her she is going to need it. It eventually subsides and she will eat normally again. Expect her to eat like a crazy person for the first month. Please don't give her anything with Soy, it is so bad for our kiddies. Keep the diet baseline for the first few months so she can stabalise. That means Lamb and veg for breakfast, lunch and dinnner. You can do chips the first night wth the potato etc then cut it into chunks etc and so one. Give her nothing that has Maltodextrin in it and nothing with corn or corn starch. If you want to give her crisps to eat then buy her the Lay's lightly salted crisps. Those are the only crisps that don't have corn starch in them. She will love them. I can send you a really easy cookie recipe that is totally GFCF that she will absolutely love.

My son has gone from being totally high (gluten and casien cause an morphine like effect in his body) to so with us.

It's tje best thing we did for him once you get into GFCF it is really easy...I sounds overwhelming but it really isn't. It will be the best thing you could do. My son has full eye contact with me (like a normal child) he is aware and he responds to his name. He was non verbal and has started to speak. He calls me Mommy and his Dad Daddy. He calls his baby brother by his name. The tantrums and minimal and he has started showing and asking for what he wants. His therapy outcome is amaizing....

GFCF is worth the effort.

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