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01/14/08 07:43 AM
Re: I'm feeling frustrated

Firstly Autism is not a Death sentence. You have firstly done the right thing by putting him in a program as soon as you can. Time is not on our side with Autism, the quicker the intervention the better.

When I found out our son was Autistic I wanted to die. You feel as if you have raised this child for two years and then he is not who you thought he was. Fact of the matter is he is exactly who he always was, he hasn't changed. This is where your expectations of the child you thought you had need to be reassesed. He still loves you as his mommy and he needs you to accept him and help him with all the strenghth that you have.

I am not saying this is easy. It is damn difficult. But it is more difficult for your son that it will ever be for you. Never give up on him. We found a way and so will you.
It will require very hard work on your part and even harder work from him. He will always give it his best - you'll see, so you owe it too him to fight this alongside him. Remember that Autism is who he is and not wbat desease he has. All he wants is for you to try and help him understand this world. Our "planet" is like a foreign land to him, you have to help him understand our "language", "Customs" and "Culture". It is like taking him and putting him in a country were he understands nothing. His brain has an amaizing capacity for learning. The method is very different to the way we learn things. You need to excercise patients, understanding and empathy for him. If you feel frustrated can you imagine how your son must be feeling..... You owe it to him to show him your strength and belief in him. Trust me he feels and hears, he just has trouble expressing that. Get the ball rolling you'll find a way around the money situation, we did. It's a huge adjustment but well worth it.

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