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02/02/08 03:12 PM
Re: your instinct

Hi Lynn.
I am the mom of a 6 year old ASD and 2 younger boys 4 and 2 (neurotypical). I got the doctor to write seperate prescriptions for the measles, mumps and rubella.YOu would then send the scripts to a pharmacy (I sent mine to Hopewell pharmacy in NJ there is a backwait for the vaccine but your child can wait) You would simply get the measles vaccine sent to you and the doctor would give the shot. 6 months later you would give the mumps etc.. There is some kind of protocol I can find for you. This makes so much more sense then giving these babies all 3 shots at once. Find yourself a pediatrician who will write you seperate scripts. Don't take no for an answer. I wish I would have done this with my year old. We lived in Sweden for a year when my son was a baby and they did not even give MMR shots until the kids were 3 years old. Wish I took their advice.
Good luck!

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