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02/09/08 07:26 AM
Re: Daughter starting GF/CF diet soon

Hi guys,
Thanks for all the above information, my son Joel has not been diagnosed with Autism, but is still being assessed. He was not speaking at the age of three, so has severe speech delay.
He is 4.5yrs, only eats wheat and dairy since he turned 1 approx. I have been hoping he would grow out of it. I took him to an allergyist at 3yrs, who told me he may have an intolerance to wheat and dairy, but I couldn't stick to the plan, it was very distressing at the time.

I have since realised that the wheat and diary are probably causing most of his problems, ie, ear infections, speech etc (I have eliminated most of his dairy over last 2 wks).

So...thanks again, will be taking him off all gluten products (hubby a baker, this should be fun!) and see if this improves things. Not looking forward to all the tantrums that will come with taking him off wheat though! Wish me luck! Thanks again

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